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LET US EXPLORE A HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION. You have a skin rash, rather minor, but it is not going away as quickly as you would like and so you go to see a doctor. Your doctor prescribes some medication for the rash and you immediately fill the prescription in hopes that your rash will quickly go away. You apply the prescribe cream on your rash, and after a couple of days, you find that the rash is worse, clumps of your hair are falling out, your finger nails are turning blue, and the whites of your eyes are turning dark yellow. In shock you run to the little slip of paper that came with the medication, and you read that this cream has listed as potential side effects: loss of hair, skin inflammation, decreased circulation in the outer extremities, and liver complications producing jaundice. It further goes on to say that if the liver condition presents itself, the use of the medication should be discontinued at once. Naturally you put the cream in the trash and call up your doctor. Your doctor says to dig the cream back out of the trash and to continue using it. He even says that you merely need to increase the dose. Now, what do you do?

This hypothetical situation is very much like what has happened with our school system. We had the very best school system in the world in the 1950s. In the name of making things better, we have had Leftist "experts" applying their "remedies." As time has passed, we have watched our schools go from first to nearly worst in the industrialized world. It is clear that the "treatment" is killing the patient. And now we are told that we not only need to continue the treatment, but at a higher dose!

One of the things that the Leftists hate most is any form of standardized testing. Just like any other criminals, these pirates like to work in the dark, and unobserved. Testing shines a light on the results of what they are doing, and makes people look up and ask questions. That is why you hear testing being attacked so continually in the media.

A case in point. There was one test question that was put to college entry students in many nations around the world that highlights what has happened to our school system. (See below (1).) It was a simple problem that an eighth grader should be able to figure out, and certainly any high school graduate should be able to. What were the results of asking that question of the students? Of those entering college in Singapore who were given that problem: 83% of them got it right. Eighty percent of the Japanese students were correct. Of those in Hong Kong and South Korea 78% got it right. Looking at the problem itself, and the results of these other countries, you can see that this is a no-brainer problem. Then why is it that only 34% of American students got it right? Nearly two thirds of all our students got it wrong!

Does that make you angry? It surely should. You should be outraged that our school system has been systematically destroyed by the federal government, under the control of the Media Lords, the School "Doctors." In the 1950s it would have been students from the USA that were in the 80 percentile who had the right answer. Think about that. Think about what has been done to your country and your school system by the people who claim to be interested in your child's education.

That math problem is just one example that is easy for anyone to see. But it is exactly the same problem for reading, writing and all forms of arithmetic. The federally controlled school system is only interested in teaching your children all about the mythological wonders of diversity, the unreal joys of multiculturalism, the nonexistent evils of a White homogeneous society, and the misplaced, god status of Martin Luther King Jr.

Anyone who has done any sort of troubleshooting, whether it is medical, electronic, or mechanical, knows that if you change something in the system, and suddenly new and unpleasant symptoms emerge, you stop what you are doing and go back to the original conditions. If you are using a salve that is killing you, you stop using the salve. If you put a new circuit card into the equipment and suddenly the control panel goes blank, you put the original card back in. If you adjust the throw on a pneumatic cylinder, and a banging noise suddenly appears when you actuate the device, you adjust it back again.

We know that our schools were top notch in the 1950s. We know that we have inserted many changes into that once smoothly operating machine. We also know that all we have to do to restore our schools to the top level they once were, is to return them to the same condition they were in at that time. This is not magic, nor is it an intellectually difficult exercise.

Politically, it will require a determination as resolute as would fit Odysseus, but what needs to be done is clear. We have people in power who must be removed from power, because they stand directly in support of the changes to our society which are destroying it. They will fight ferociously to save the diversity, the multiculturalism, the fictional Black history, and the rest of the changes which have drowned our schools in mediocrity. In fact we would be overjoyed if we could return to simple mediocrity. We have reached the lowest levels of incompetence in educating our young. And still these enemies of our society press on for even more of their "medicine."

The only thing that stands between the United States of America, and third world status, is you, and those like you, who see what has happened. It is time for speaking up, and no longer time for silence. When a fire starts in a building, there is a certain amount of time where you can evaluate the situation, to see if the fire extinguisher will put the fire out, or whether you need to sound the alarm. Well, the fire has taken out the entire school floor of our building, all of the inner city floors of our building, and is moving into the rest of the structure. The alarm must be sounded, and sounded with vigor.

We must decide. Either we take back what is ours, as Odysseus did, or we let the squatters take our wives, our daughters, our land, and our entire history for themselves, to ruin, to spoil and to exterminate. What will it be?

1. The math problem:

Using the supplied drawing of a parallelogram inclosing a rectangle, and the given values, calculate the area of the red rectangle.

As anyone who has been educated at even a rudimentary level knows, you find the area of a rectangle by multiplying its length times its width.

By looking at the drawing, one can subtract 3 from 8, giving him 5 for the length value. The width value is given to him directly, with no computation required! He will multiply 5 times 4 for the correct answer of 20 square cm. The problem is correctly done, without even breaking out a pencil or a piece of paper.

That is what anyone who has taken even a little high school math would have done. Of course any competent high school math student who had taken a bit more math could have gone on to tell you that the area of each of the blue triangles is 6 sq cm and both together are 12 sq cm. The total area of the parallelogram is the sum of the areas of the triangles and the rectangle, or 20 + 12, for a total of 32 sq cm. The length of the left and right sides of the parallelogram are each, the square root of the sum of 3 squared plus 4 squared (which is 9 + 16, or 25), giving us 5 cm. The angle of the ascending side on the left to the base line is the arctangent of 4 divided by 3 or about 53.13 degrees, which leaves the remaining angle of the left triangle as 180 minus the sum of the other two angles or 180 - (53.13 + 90 degrees) which equals 36.87 degrees.

By my senior year in high school, the only part of that information for which I would have needed to break out my slide rule to help determine, would have been the arctangent value.

The point is, that the actual problem of determining the area of the rectangle, is a problem that could easily be done in one's head, or if math were not a strong suit for you, with a pencil and paper.

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