Selling to America...
AKA Selling Out America

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A FRIEND OF MINE RECENTLY purchased a cell phone, and was given an instruction book with the cover that you see on the left. Just absorb the message that it is giving to you. Here are three young ladies, one a Mestizo, the next a White, and lastly an Asian. The White girl has both her arms wrapped in warm friendship around the two non-Whites, but the Mestizo is clearly not reciprocating. She is willing to take what is given, smile brightly as she goes on her own path. The Asian girl is indistinct where her other arm is. Is it around the White girl or not? You are left to guess, but at best it is a half-hearted gesture.

The entire package is the same one being sold to White Americans day after day in more places than you can even begin to count. Open any schoolbook that your children use in any school, and the same thing is portrayed on nearly every page. Turn on the television and there it is. Walk through the mall and nearly every store window will have some variation of the theme. Yes, White America, you have been invaded and it is time you smile and accept it. Give up any dreams you may have of continuing to enjoy the civilization that your forefathers created for you because it is gone. Even thinking warm thoughts about your heritage and the America that existed, before the invasion began in the 1960s, is evil and it will be continually condemned as hate. You have lost, and been conquered. Get used to it. You might as well lay back and accept the inevitable rape of your nation and your people.

I do not so much mind the evil message that is being put out by the enemies of America who control our media. What really bothers me is the way that White Americans lap that vomit up as if it were nectar. They look at imagines like those in the cell phone ad, and either sublimate it without even thinking, or will smile and say to themselves, “My, aren’t those kids cute?”

It is important to also note that this ad was created in the name of a foreign company who has stolen the electronic creations of this country, and using their own low wage scale to produce them, have sold them back to us at such a low price, that all of our similar industries have gone out of business. Yes, they have made innovations, but seriously, any candid observer would admit that those could never have happened without our creative technology to build on in the first place. We invented television, but now we build no televisions. The same is true of radios and stereos. We invented the mass produced car, but now we build nearly no domestically created automobiles. If we construct cars here at all, the parts came from somewhere else and/or the company who owns the factory is foreign. Our steel industry is dying and many of our manufacturing plants, of nearly all types, have closed up altogether, or moved abroad. In the meantime, the Japanese have regulations so that if Americans want to sell in Japan, they must create dually owned Japanese liaison companies, or “joint-ventures” between Japanese companies and American companies. In other words, Japan can sell 100% Japanese products in America, but the reverse is seldom true.

So, as we are slitting our racial throats, at the same time we are slitting our financial throats. If you consider all the strife and rioting that has occurred since we were invaded in the 1960s, and at the same time remember that during it all, America was in a very prosperous era, you just may catch a small glimmer of what lays in store for our future, when we actually have a true depression again. All of the fighting, angry people who today just march, rob, brutalize, or burn down only their own part of town, are going to run rampant through the rest of our society as soon as the tax base of the nation collapses, and the welfare checks stop. What sort of fool can believe that our ever more diverse country with all of its increasingly warring factions are going to play nice when hard times come? Yet, still the propaganda continues to roll on, telling us how happy we should be living in a racial hodgepodge of confused and angry people.

As the White people of America are being saturated with the lies of the diversity- mongers I cannot help but look back in time before the invasion and see how advertisers then promoted their products to the average American. Note the picture of this family on a train. That was the way all advertising was at that time. Everything was promoted as a White product, for White customers. EVERYTHING! It was not hate, it was love for the White people who made, and made up 90% of the population of, America. What is wrong with you or me loving White people? What is wrong with having a White society, as we did before 1965? Nothing!

As I scan through old magazines of that era (1) I am overwhelmed with memories of what my life was like back then. My White school, and White neighborhood were far different from the diverse nightmare that many children have to deal with today. There were absolutely zero racial problems in that town, because there was only one race in any significant numbers in it.

Take your time and comb through your memory and tell me, when was the last time you saw one of these White-hating diversity lovers complain that there is not enough diversity in Africa? What’s that? Never? No, you have never heard that there is too high a percentage of the African population that is of the Negro race, have you? And in Asia it is the same story. None of these disruptive jackals ever complains that the Mongoloid race is too highly represented anywhere on the Asian continent. How can this hypocrisy that is so obvious, and so right out in the open, pass by the average White man so easily? It is an absolute enigma.

And as this lie is being accepted by the brainwashed sheep who sit in front of their televisions every night, this year another 1.5 million non-Whites will pour over our borders, while the number of White people who die will be about the same, or a bit more than those who are being born. Instead of rising up and doing something to save their people and their nation, Whites today are just sitting on their hands watching this disaster unfold as if it were happening to someone else.

However, the “someone else” that it is happening to, is their very own children, and their children’s children. When White America disappears, so will the future for all of our children. And still the Whites in America continue to plant their precious children in front of the poisonous television day after day, destroying their minds and creating apathetic, robots where proud White children should have been.

If this state of affairs is not changed soon, the future is going to be a very bleak place indeed. How long can White Americans continue to be duped and played for the fool? I fear the answer to that question. The fact that they have allowed things to go as far wrong as they have already, makes me worry that they will wait until a war is the only solution left to the problem, and even that may fail! If only they would awaken before such a nightmare overwhelms them. If only they could be reached in time. Only we can do it. Only we.

1. The picture in the article was part of an April, 1954 ad for the New York Central System train company. One of the things that you will note, besides the race of the family in the picture, is the strong message of family, and traditional sexual roles in the text of the ad. That is why divorces were so uncommon then as opposed to now! Americans were not only proud of being White but the men were proud to be men and the women were proud to be women. They knew what it took to build strong families and how to raise law-abiding civilized children.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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