Smoking or Worse?

December 6, 2003

I WAS LISTENING TO NPR YESTERDAY and they covered a story about a group who is screaming to high heaven about smoking being portrayed in movies. They trotted out the statistic that, even when other items, like smoking parents, were factored out, children who watched movies with lots of smoking in it were 3 times as likely to smoke. The spokesman for the group specifically pointed out the movie Chicago, as a primary example of a top dollar movie promoting smoking. In the opening scene the dancer/actress was puffing away on a cigarette and he claimed that would cause 10,000 girls to smoke who otherwise wouldn't have.

Let me explain something about smoking. Although I quit over 5 years ago, I smoked heavily for over 15 years. While I was smoking, I lived a normal life, fathered two sons, and supported my family. Smoking usually doesn't cause major health problems in 99% of the smokers until later in life. Smoking may be a concern, but it is way down on the list of things that we should be worrying about for our children. While I would not promote smoking for children, there are things many times worse!

Let's take the movie Chicago. In that same opening scene that had a woman puffing a cigarette, it also portrayed that White woman dancing around with Black men. What do you suppose that will promote in the impressionable young White girls watching? In one scene after another Black men were brushing up against White women. Which would you rather have your White daughter do: smoke, and maybe die one day in her old age of a smoking related illness; or get tied up with a Black man, having Black grandkids for you, who will grow up to hate you and your society? Just take a look at the careworn and beaten down look that most White women have who are with Black men, and tell me that even in the short term it is not far worse than smoking! And if you care about your race, or even you own grandkids, you have to see that in the long run, smoking is a complete non-issue when compared with race mixing for your daughter.

When we see the billions of dollars that companies pay for television advertising, and then we look at groups like these anti-smoking zealots, it is clear that the television is the single most important behavior modification device ever invented. Anyone who turns his young child over to that box of poison is committing not only a gross act of child neglect, but he is committing serious child abuse! Your child is in your hands, and it is up to you to protect him from those who would grow rich promoting destructive behaviors in our youth. If your daughter sees Black men with White women often enough, there is little you can tell her that will overcome that propaganda stream. It is up to you to stop that stream from entering your house altogether!

The next time you hear some group getting up and making a fuss over what is on the television, remember that what they are complaining about is almost certainly true, but at the same time, the most important problems that the television and movies today are promoting, almost no one is complaining about. That horrible work goes on day and night in nearly all American households. Our children are being brainwashed, and it is destroying our people and our nation. Only you can control what goes on in your own home. Donít delegate that job to the Media Lords.(1) I guarantee that at some future point in time you will be very sorry if you do. And when it is your own children that will suffer the pain of your mistakes, you will find the price of today's stupidity to be prohibitively high.


1.    Who Rules America?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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