Snow White

KRISTIN KREUK STARS IN "Snow White" declares the TV Times for March 17 - March 23, 2002. The picture to the left shows that Kristin Kreuk, who is half-Chinese and half-Dutch, could never be Snow White.

After being exposed to the poisonous anti-White propaganda from the media for long enough you grow to just expect asinine and absurd insults to our intelligence and sensibilities as adult human beings. The very name of this fairy tale flies into the face of those who hate White civilization and the White race. Snow White was a girl who was named for her extreme Whiteness. She was not off-White, or half-White, she was Snow White. The Grimm Brothers' story is about someone that the media wishes to obliterate from the face of the earth: the pure White woman.

Rather than just ignoring the old story, and hoping it will go away, they have gone on the attack against this "blight" upon their domination of White folks. How dare we White folks have any story that highlights extreme Whiteness as something to be proud of? So, they place a non-White girl in the role of Snow White and put it on the Jewish Michael Eisner's ABC national television network, to be carried on March 17, 2002.

The routine insertion of non-Whites into all television programming grows continually more frequent. Asian and Black girls are mixed in with White girls as best friends. Mixed groups of males naturally are shown hanging around the mixed groups of girls. The coupling that comes out of such groups often is racially confused, in an attempt to numb the natural instincts of self-preservation of the Whites who make up the vast majority of the watching audience. This is not news to anyone who has watched a single television show in the last few years.

However, Snow White is a quantum leap up on the scale of racial outrage. It is absurd, but promoted as if it were not. The promotional material for the movie doesn't mention the fact that race was intended as its primary focus, however the picture of a non-White woman playing "Snow White" is statement enough. There is no part of White heritage, culture, or history that is safe from these degenerates. It is time that we defend ourselves, or there will be nothing left to defend.

Snow White is a children's story, and that is just who this perverted movie is aimed at. The children can now think that old Europe, where this story is set, was filled with people who were half-Asian. In other fantasy movies, like The 10th Kingdom, and Robin Hood, they have placed Blacks into the land where Blacks were not to be found in real life. It is pure and simple lying. Dishonesty created especially for our children, and the White parents sit still and let their children watch it. No matter how disgusting, or outrageous the media offerings, our White kids are placed in front of the TV set and turned over to the twisted Media Lords' propaganda.

Will they have Brad Pitt play Kunta Kinte? Will they cast Robert Redford as the lead in the Jackie Robinson story? No, it is only the White race that is in Michael Eisner's crosshairs, and those of his tribal brothers. Michael Eisner also owns Disney, and he purchased it for the sole purpose of using that outlet to program our children's minds with his anti-White propaganda. If you doubt it, just look at the recent offerings from Disney. Everything created for children today is pumping out the "diversity is great" message. Whiteness is not promoted or even accepted as worthy of respect in any movie created by the Media Lords like Eisner.

The message is clear to anyone who will see: Whiteness is going to be forced into extinction, and in the future, the closest thing that will be left to a White woman, the closest thing to any woman being Snow White, will be a half-Asian or half-Black, racially confuse human. The real Snow White will be wiped from the memory of mankind forever.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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