Good Old Baseball Racism

THE HOMERUN RACE THAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW was the topic of an article the I was just reading. Mark McGwire just hit his sixty-third homer, and Sammy Sosa is still sitting at sixty-two. That is not the important point however. In the article: "For Latino Fans, Sosa Puts the 'Home' in Home Run,"(1)  I found this quote,  "Mexico hopes Sosa does it because he's Latino," said Gonzalez, who covers sports for the respected weekly newspaper Zeta. "He reflects well on Latin people."

Latinos are rooting for Sammy Sosa to win because he is Latino. I happen to think that is a valid reason to root for him. I also think that it is a valid reason to root for Mark McGwire because he is white and he is an American. "Our" media today, would call that racist for fans of McGwire, but just fine for the fans of Sammy Sosa.

This double-think, living in the world of different standards for whites than for non-whites, is so commonplace today that most people, especially white people do not even realize it is happening. Anytime a white person makes the mistake of actually expressing a racial idea in public, the liberals are ready with the whips and chains to drive him back into line. (Just ask Jimmy the Greek!) The system is in place and well monitored to ensure that white folks do not ever get "uppity" and actually start thinking that their own country should continue to belong to them, or that their own kids should reap the rewards of what their ancestors did to create this wonderful nation. Like a debilitating drug that is pumped into a kidnapping victim, the liberal propaganda and hate machine saps all the fight out of the whites in America today. The whites are so well brain washed that they police themselves, just like prisoners being used as guards watching to make sure no other convict will escape the chain gang that they have been forced into.

In a forum web site the other day, I saw a post a white woman left where she was so appalled by a pro-white site that she said she had to hurry and "go to a black race site" so she could feel clean again. Is this sane behavior? Or is it rather the clear indication of a severe case of brain washing? The saddest part of all is that this woman is a conservative, as were her fellow posters on that forum. I apparently was the only one who saw the complete idiocy of what she had said.

How could going to a black race site make a white woman be cleaner? If whiteness is dirty, and she is white, she will be dirty forever no matter what she does. It is insane to think rubbing up against other races will remove your whiteness. If you are white, you are white. Live with it. Embrace it. Be proud of it. Stop pretending that you are something else, or that your whiteness does not exist.

If the fans of Sammy Sosa can RIGHTFULLY root for him because he is black and a Latino, then of course Mark McGwire's fans can RIGHTFULLY root for him because of his race and nationality. It is time to drop the double standard! It has been established by the creation of Black History Month that blacks can be proud of their race and race's accomplishments with support and applause from the United States Government. There can then be absolutely no debate for the following! If the blacks can be proud of the small part they took in the Civil War then that much additional pride should the whites have, whose war it really was. If blacks can be proud of their small number of quality authors, then that much more should whites have pride in their huge number of quality authors. If blacks can be proud of their small scientific contributions, then whites should be vastly more proud of the huge contributions that have been made by their race. If blacks can be proud of the jazz they have created, how much more the whites should be proud of their classical masterpieces.

It is time for us to stop being sheep, led around as if we cannot think for ourselves or determine who we want in our own country, how we want to run our own country, and who we choose to give our charity dollars to. We have sat still while we have been slapped in the face over and over again. We have been spit upon, and our father's fathers have been spit upon. Like a giant being abused by midgets we have not lifted a finger to brush aside the abusing little white haters. Strand by strand they have been tying us down, and the bonds grow every stronger. If we act soon the bonds will easily part, but if we wait much longer they will become unbreakable.

We sit calmly, open eyed, watching our land being stolen from us piece by piece. Our land, our industry, our money and worst of all our freedom is being forceably removed from our hands and we will not even use the strength it takes to close our fist in defiance. We grow fat and lazy, and we are complacent thinking that everything will be okay. We bury our heads in the sand of apathy or even religion, thinking that all will be well if we just do not rock the boat.

If you can sit still today and not be stirred to anger, today while your country is being invaded, your race maligned and your heritage stolen, then my sick friend you and yours are dead already.

1. For Latino Fans, Sosa Puts the 'Home' in Home Run  by KEN ELLINGWOOD, Times Staff Writer - Los Angeles Times -Wednesday, September 16, 1998

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