Through the spray, whipped off the waves,
I looked it in the eye,
A storm so big, no hope was left,
I surely had to die.

As hope was dashed, on the rocks,
Which waited out of view,
I heard a voice say clear and deep,
"There's something you can do!"

I turned in time to see it dip,
The trident, 'neath the sea.
But Neptune's voice continued on,
"You'll listen now to me.

"Put your oar, into the foam,
"And pull with all your might,
"It matters not if you are strong,
"Or if your build is slight.

"A hero's made by effort first,
"And courage by and by.
"Success will come my little friend,
"To those who really try!"

I wondered if it was a dream,
False hope to one who's dead,
The waves were high above my boat,
The end was in my head.

But one last time, that voice I heard,
Too big for just a man,
"Try you fool, and don't you whine,
"Don't wonder if you can!"

"Dig your oar and bend your back,
"And save your life this night,
"No battle's glory has been won,
"Till victor chose to fight!

I took my oar into my hand,
And pulled what I could do,
My boat turned round and righted up,
The voice had spoken true.

When you're surrounded by the foe,
And everything seems lost --
Hope is sinking like my boat,
Which like a cork was tossed.

Dig your oar, and pull it hard,
The words I heard are true,
Don't worry if you're weak or strong,
Just do what you can do.

And as if a three point wand,
In your defense is waved,
You will earn sweet victory
Your cause will thus be saved.

Don't ask if you are brave enough,
Don't ask if you are strong,
Don't ask if there is any hope,
Just sing your battle song.

Put your hand upon the oar,
And pull with all your might,
It will be enough and more,
To set your boat aright.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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