Suicidal Apathy


Take a wander around town, any town, your town. What do you see? Do you see well-dressed kids being groomed to take our society to the next level of greatness? Or do you see children who are being groomed to fit well into the ghetto rat's world? Are they clean, neatly dressed, and well groomed, or are they wearing pants with a crotch the nearly drags the ground, or whore outfits with short skirts and/or breasts exposed to the world? Is their skin covered with African-like mutilations including punctures and tattoos? Do they have the look of bright well-educated children or are they wearing idiot stares?

Do you find that the your once pristine streets, including the utilitarian concrete walls of bridges and buildings, are now deteriorating, and any free space you can find is now covered with gang graffiti? Do you see any cars of the trains passing through your city that are untouched by a vandal's spray can?

How many large new factories have opened up around you lately, which produce goods in large quantity? None? If you have had any such factories in the past, how many of them have closed?

Do you find that your television, and your movie houses, are now almost exclusively showing material that would have been banned only a few decades ago? Have you ever wondered what suburb of Africa the radio, dentist offices, and restaurants of your city have procured their musical offerings from? No meal or waiting room is complete without the sound of a screaming African pouring out from an overhead speaker. If there is a selection of various artists being played, try counting how many of the artists being played sound distinctly African. Does the percentage of African musicians match the demographics of the clientele of the establishment you are in?

In almost any store, restaurant or service provider premises, with a predominantly White customer base, you will today hear a very large segment of the music being played as background music that is clearly being preformed by African musicians. These same stores at one time played purely White sounding easy listening types of music, often instrumental, music that couldn't offend anyone at all. Today they play music that is blatantly offensive to many of the patrons. You know that if you went out to their cars to check for yourself, the vast majority of these people would not have that music in their CD collections or on their radio station selections either.

Putting this music on the overhead speaker is not an attempt to cater to the patron's desires and thereby to garner his good will and to boost sales. I don't know how many sales they lose by doing this, but I know they lose some from me, because I leave stores very quickly when they are putting that kind of noise pollution into the air.

But I am not your average guy. I am angry at what is going on, and I don't play their games. I don't watch entertainment television at all today. I don't care if you call it "news," "talks shows," "game shows," "reality shows," "documentaries," "dramas," "sitcoms," or any other vomit that is sent out to entertain the mind numbed people of America today. I refuse to stay in the same room where (c)Rap "music" is played, and have little patience for people who do.

Most Americans, on the other hand, are completely immersed in this sickness and still have the gall to act surprised when their kids turn out badly. Kids run around with body mutilations—and worse—polluted minds that can't function at a normal level, and shockingly, the parents are truly amazed that after they have put so much garbage into their children, that they have produced these appalling results.

The bumper sticker said, "Stupidity Should Hurt." Bumper stickers are another indicator of our slide into oblivion in this country, as they become more and more vulgar and more offensive to anyone with any sort of moral character, as such things were measured by our forefathers. On rare occasions something important can be found there, and this one was important.

More correctly it would have said, "Stupidity Does Hurt." To think you can expose your child to the television, any television programming at all produced today, and have him turn out okay is stupid. To let your child play video games that are produced today, and think it will not impair your kid's ability to differentiate between good things and bad things, or to make the right choices in life is simply stupid. To send your child into a school system that is populated and controlled by minions of the liberal Marxist insanity that is there today in our public schools, and expect your kid to have a working, educated brain, that loves America, our heritage and our people, is beyond stupid—it is criminally negligent.

Parents today are acting stupidly and it is hurting us all. But it is because their parents acted stupidly before them that these parents not only act stupidly, they don't have anything to compare it with in order to identify their own stupidity.

But it goes far beyond this. Even when people know what is wrong and can see what is causing it, they just blunder ahead anyway. It is not stupidity on their part so much as it is apathy and selfishness. It is easier to just shut off your mind and not worry about it. These people act just like the stupid ones, because it is easier than doing anything about it. They watch the same shows and pretend that all that propaganda is just entertainment and they aren't doing any harm by watching. They let the school system have its way with their children. And they have absorbed the philosophy of the media into their own lives and are raising their own kids just like the stupid ones are.

How many parents do you know who are more interested in their daughters getting a college degree than they are in having these young ladies get a good husband? Even the phrase, "get a good husband" has an antique, stuffy sound to it today doesn't it? It sounds chauvinistic to think in those terms today. That is entirely because nearly all the members of our society are television watchers and this device is owned and controlled by people(1) who hate our way of life, and the world of the USA in the 1950s.

The people of earlier generations were moral, hard working people and they valued marriage and families. They also abhorred divorce. If you tried to put the vile programming that people put their children in front of today on television in the 1950s, people wouldn't have just forced it off the air, they would have become outraged! But the people behind the media have been very patient and they have worn down the people in this country, and filled their heads with destructive and suicidal ideas. And today America is committing suicide as a country.

When you don't care about your people, your history, your culture, your way of life, and your children, you have sunk into complete apathy. Such total apathy always leads to suicide of one kind or another. In a person who has lost all interest in the outside world, he may just stop eating and starve himself to death. Or he may crawl into a bottle or use drugs and go down in a haze of inebriation. What he won't do is to thrive and grow. He won't become better and will not help anyone else to become better. And when a nation does this, it is far worse, because many more people are affected.

Americans have had far too many of their factories moved overseas or sold to foreign companies. The production jobs that have remained here are often employing low wage immigrants, legal and illegal. Our ability to take care of ourselves has been extinguished by this process. We have become horribly weak and dependent upon imported goods for nearly everything, and hoping that the dollar will remain strong forever so we don't suddenly lose our ability to live from day to day. But the dollar is already losing a lot of ground, and one day it will no longer be strong. Then what are you going to do? Where will you turn?

Perhaps a closer look at the world we live in will help illustrate this point. For thousands and thousands of years, life on planet earth has been a continual struggle. This has been true for every form of life. Those that struggled the hardest, and were good at competing for land and food, are still with us today. Those that were not as good at struggling, or that gave up their struggle, have gone extinct. Life has never been struggle free: not ever! Americans have completely forgotten this basic lesson.

Americans today think that they are wealthy, fat, and living at a standard of living that would be the awe of nearly all the people who have ever lived on earth, not because of struggle, but because it is their right as Americans. They have lost the connection within their own minds between struggle and survival, and between struggling and comfort. They stupidly think that they will always have comfort and survival simply because that is what their parents handed down to them.

The sad cold truth is that the ball of prosperity that our forefathers got rolling is coming to a stop, not because it wasn't good enough, or rolling fast enough, but because we stopped pushing it along to keep it moving. Instead we just kicked back and let it coast.

Since we don't have the time right now to cover every aspect of what happened, let's focus on one area where we quit paying attention: We didn't worry when our country's borders were opened up and suddenly aliens, who neither looked like us nor thought like us, started to pour in by the millions every year.

There is a story that is thousands of years old.(2) It told of a man who went out into his field and plowed the ground, preparing it for sowing. He then cast the seeds of the wheat plant all over the prepared field so that he could have a rich harvest of wheat later on. However, while he slept, an enemy came to the field and sowed the seeds of tares, which were nasty weeds, in with the wheat seeds. In the end, when the treachery was discovered, the farmer decided to just let the wheat and tares grow together until the harvest, and then he would have his servants separate the wheat from the weeds, and they would burn the weeds, while storing the wheat.

This is a well-known story from the Bible, and it has many messages; the most obvious being that things will not go well with those who were symbolically associated with the weeds. But there is another one that is buried in the story. The message is that it is only an enemy who would "sow" two different types of people together in the same land, because it always causes problems! Well, what are we to think of the scoundrels who are bringing a whole myriad of different people into our land? The word enemy seems too weak a label for such hateful people as that!

In America things are actually far worse than the conditions in the parable of the wheat and the tares. In that story, the wheat was going to be able to grow normally, right up to the harvest, and it would be relatively unaffected. But in our case, the White people of America, who made up 90% of the population before this process was set into motion, will not be allowed to grow into their fullness. Indeed, we are going to be displaced and completely dispossessed of our country and all we hold dear. We will see a story where the wheat is suffocated out of existence and only the tares will continue on into the future.

Look where we are today in 2008. The White race was 90% of the American population in 1965. Today we are down to 66% of the population. If all things were equal, this would still be a major problem, as our language and culture is watered down, but things are not equal and it is far worse than that!

Today, 80% of the older people in the USA are White, but the children in the USA are already half non-White. Add that to the fact that 90% of the millions of people pouring into our land legally and illegally are non-White. Get the picture yet? In a few short years the retired White people will be dead. They of course will not be having any more children; in fact many of them today you see in the stores wheeling around their mixed-race grandkids. When that large, mostly White, chunk of the population suddenly dies off, that 66% of the population that we are today will take a sharp and dangerous drop.

Hispanics have moved from an insignificant portion of our population in the early 60s to now being the largest and the fastest growing minority in the country. The non-White hordes are having many children, at the same time as they are coming into our country in a full-scale invasion of "immigration." Meanwhile, Whites are having kids at far less than replacement level, and would be on the way out anyway if that continued. In spite of this terrible fact, many White morons still look at a large White family as being evil. This is insane!

This cannot be viewed as anything but a disaster for White people by any sane, and educated man of intelligence. And yet the vast majority of White people in the USA still support the school system that promotes accepting this horror as being good and welcome, and they daily participate with the media, which continually make this disaster appear to be the normal flow of events. The White race, the race that created America, will be pushed aside in this country in just a few more decades. And people, even those who claim to be patriotic Americas, don't care enough to try and stop it. They sit in front of their TV sets day after day, night after night, and worse they put their children in front of these devices of hate poisoning their minds against their own people. How do you explain this criminally negligent behavior?

Total apathy always leads to suicide in one form or another, and from where I sit, White Americans are totally apathetic about what has been done to their country and what is being done to their country, and most disgusting of all, what will be done to their children's future in this country that once was theirs.

If you continue to watch your TV set, you don't care. If you put your children in front of the TV set or one of the video games of today, you don't care. You are suffering from chronic and lethal apathy and you are committing suicide, not just for yourself, but for your country and your children, and your children's children for all time. If you can't even clean up your own house and your own life, how can you hope to make this country better? Apathetic people of course don't care, and they never make anything better. Either you will shake off your apathy and start to act like a patriot, or you won't. It is up to you.


1.    Who Rules America?

2.    The Bible, in Matthew 13:24-30

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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