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Take that you Commie

By Marlin Creasote

I Love White Folks

I was sent a reviewer’s copy of this book with the agreement that I would review it for the IWLF web page. As it turned out, the book was abysmal. When I finished reading it, I put off the unpleasant task of reviewing it for as long as I could, thinking to myself, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." But I am a man of my word, and I received an insistent request that I put up my review of the book as agreed, even if I "hated it." So, here are my impressions of the book.

The book was a very poorly written story. The narrative followed somewhat along the lines of the Civil War II scenario, where the USA is broken up into several pieces, mostly along racial lines.

On the positive side: he did provide a few interesting facts, and comments, on the Jews; his commentary was anti-Communist; and he had some pro-White tendencies. He also including some information at the back of the book in the form of appendixes on religion, spies against the USA, and a glossary. But finding most of those positive things, required an extensive excursion through a literary garbage dump.

The book was absolutely loaded with spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. It is the easily the worst book I have ever read for pure lack of proofreading.

The story was very poorly handled. Most of the book was filled with “characters” just sounding off, with no real flow or plot. While it borrowed from the ideas of Civil War II, it became mired down in meaningless dialog statements, with no speaker clearly identified, and no listener identified at all. There was no point to the statements other than the author trying to speak directly to the reader from his soapbox. As a piece of fiction, it was a dismal flop. It would have been more logical, and effective, if the author had merely wrote the whole thing as a collection of essays of what he wanted to say.

The book promoted pedophilia. On page 46, the fictitious Professor Noyola gives a speech explaining that homosexuals, pedophiles, and other perverts “were born this way and have legitimate feelings that they should have a right to posses.” Then he goes on to explain that some children have a desire to experiment with sexual activities with older men. In his "new society," some girls were married as young as 10 (pg. 109), and on page 110 he has one of the major characters (one of the “good guys”) talking about a guy who found that “girls had reached their peak of [sexual] attractiveness between the ages of nine and thirteen and from there it was down hill as far as beauty and desirability was concerned.” He spent several pages on this topic. In my opinion there is nothing lower than a child molester, and anyone going after 9 or 10 year old girls, no matter how willing the innocent girls appear to be, should be stood up against a wall and shot.

One "plot" thread dealt with a group called The Volcano who took one female feminist and gang raped her, beat her within an inch of her life, submitted her to medical treatment to get her "back on her feet," and then did it all again, repeatedly, until she finally died. There is no condemnation of this action, or any hint that the author did anything but agree with it. This is the type of treatment that White women have grown to expect in South Africa, but when White men stoop to that level, they have become animals, not worthy of survival.

Those last two items led me to believe that this author is not merely in support of a patriarchal society, but he actually hates women. To be afraid of adult women, or to not find fully developed, and mature females as sexually attractive as undeveloped children is sign of mind that is not well. While a case may be made that certain people have, through their political activities, caused sufficient harm to others to be worthy of being executed, civilized White men should not torture political prisoners to death, especially women. To promote the idea, without negative comment, of torturing and raping a woman for her political beliefs, no matter how unpalatable they may be, is a sign of some very deeply held anger at females in general.

On page 58 he calls married men, “Freeloaders” on society. There is no credit given to this backbone of society for taking on the huge task of raising up good citizens for the next generation.

One of the humorously absurd ideas promoted in this "book" I found on page 101, Marlin Creasote stated that the new government set up an airline to show the commercial airlines how to provide customer service. After years of seeing how the government provides “customer service” in all areas where it interfaces with its “customers” I got a good chuckle out of this one.

Another humorous item I came across was located in his chapter on Education, where on page 120 he made the following statement: "Computers are a wonderful tool! They can do mathematics for the engineer and turn an illiterate into a writer with spell checking, grammar and punctuation guides..." What made this so funny was that the author had used his computer, with its spell checking, grammar guides and punctuation guides, and turned out a work that looks like it was written by an illiterate, typing on a computer. The spell checker repeatedly passed along "were" where Marlin Creasote intended to use "where," and other similar types of typos. I understand that proofreading takes a lot of work. I also understand that it takes more than a computer with a few software gadgets to make a writer, or an engineer.

The ending of the story was similar to that of the Turner Diaries, with the addition that not only were the non-Whites wiped out of existence, but everybody was. A fitting conclusion to a book that will probably not make a mark of any sort upon history, at least not one that cannot easily be scraped up and tossed out as fertilizer.

I could go on an on about the mistakes, the mistaken -- and sometimes sick -- ideas in this book, and if you have some time and money that you simply must waste completely, and you wish to encourage this author into producing even more of this garbage, you can purchase this "literary work," if you can find it, because it seems to be out of print and circulation.

If, on the other hand, you value your time and money, and would rather promote something positive, procure one of the other books I have reviewed on I Love White Folks.


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