Thanksgiving Day:
A Remembrance, or a Wake?

November 24, 2002

I HAVE BEEN ACCUSED OF NOT LOVING AMERICA because I do not support our continued aggression against Iraq, or most of the steps taken so far in the “War on Terrorism” by President Bush. Iraq poses a real threat to Israel, but not to the USA. Our founding fathers did not set up American as an Israeli satellite state, and I am growing increasingly tired of seeing the results of having the USA turned into one. It is because I love America that I am disgusted by what is going on today!

During my life there have been many things that I have been thankful for, and if I were to express my thanks, it would be directed at those who have been worthy of it. My parents, who were not rich, but taught me right from wrong, and always let me know that I was loved, are at the top of the list, along with my loving wife and son. Not far behind are the aforementioned Founding Fathers, who risked everything that they had, including their lives, in order to create the great White nation of the United States of America. That is the America I love, and the one I am willing to fight for.

Every single president that we have had, since at least John F. Kennedy, has hated the White America that our Founding Fathers created. (Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the very first one that clearly stands out as being completely antagonistic to the real America. Lincoln was misguided, but FDR was malevolent, and filled with hate for what America was originally created as.) It is no surprise that we have had one enemy of White America after another come to office, since only those who have passed through the filter of the White-hating Media Lords,(1) could ever even get onto the ballot in most areas of the country. (Even if some candidate, who stood against the things that are destroying America, ever made it to the ballot, his character would be so completely assassinated by the day of election, that he would have no prayer of being elected.) Even Ronald Reagan did nothing to slow down the invasion of non-Whites into our land, or to protect the rights of White people to live with their own people. Nothing! And the rest of the scoundrels who reached the office of President were even worse.

The US Congress is filled with people who, in order to reach their offices, have had to show a willingness to sacrifice the White population of America to the gods of the Media Lords. If they were not willing to promote the cancer of diversity, the caustic poison of feminism, and the mental anesthesia of tolerance they never would have been elected. That means from the top down, the White people of America have zero representation!

Do you wonder why the government keeps doing things that are clearly deadly to our way of life? Do you look at our destructive immigration “policy” and find it impossible to understand? It is time to lay your confusion aside, and to see what is really going on. We have been subjugated to an alien people, and are being systematically exterminated.

In 1960, the White race made up 90% of the population of the USA. Today it makes up only about 70%. By no later than 2050, and probably much earlier, it will be under 50%. Is this something to be thankful for? Not hardly. Our crime rate has skyrocketed, our children have been brainwashed into thinking that the anti-White garbage, known as Rap, is not only music, but that it should be their music of choice. Our people are being displaced, our way of life is being dismantled, and we are told to “celebrate diversity.” Very soon, the America that the Founding Fathers created will have ceased to exist, having been replaced by a third world non-White ghetto like Mexico, or Brazil. Today, anyone who really loves America, the America that existed before the Anti-American Revolution of the 20th Century, is viewed as a traitor! If you really love America you are an outcast, and ridiculed by those who are waving flags that represent a government that is alien to the White nation that created the country I was born into.

As Thanksgiving Day comes this year, it is time to stop merely being thankful for what we once had, and to start planning for what we must do to retake what has been lost. The days of reflecting on the greatness of George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, while feeling all warm and happy inside, are over. Their work was great, but it was not finished. We are under a far greater threat today than the Founding Fathers ever were! The worst that would have happened to the American Colonies, if they had lost the Revolutionary War, was their continuing to exist under the crown of England, just as Canada did. They would not have been displaced by an alien people, and they would have had another chance to rebel later on if they chose to.

What we face is far worse! Not only are we being subjugated to an alien power, but we are being exterminated as a race in this land. We are told, even in the controlled media, that the natural blonde will be completely removed FROM OFF THE EARTH within 200 years.(2) That means that, not only are the White people in the USA under fatal attack, the entire White world is being invaded by non-Whites, and we are in a fight to the death for our own survival. And we are losing!

There will be no second chance if this process is allowed to fully develop. Once there are no natural blondes left, there never will be any natural blondes again. We cannot undo extinction. If you are going to do nothing to recover our land, don’t bother with being thankful this Thanksgiving Day. Instead, have a memorial service for the dying nation that you are a part of, and whose light you are allowing to be extinguished.


1.    Who Rules America?

2.    Blondes 'to die out in 200 years'

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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