The Alarm

January 21, 2003

YOU ARE WALKING ALONG THE BEACH HAND-IN-HAND with the most beautiful woman in the world. The ocean breeze feels heavenly, and the warm sand caresses your feet. The sounds of the ocean waves, and the calls of the seagulls direct your view out over the water. Is this paradise?

Paradoxically, you all at once hear the bell ringing. The bell? What bell? You look madly around for the source of the noise. There comes a clown down the beach holding a large bell in his hand, shaking it enthusiastically, and smiling at the loud noise. As you try to focus on the clown’s face you cannot, for the sunny brightness is fading and you are plunged into darkness, as the noise of your alarm clock grows more intense, yanking you right out of paradise and into reality.

Every day, civilized people go through the shock of being awakened by the brutal and unpleasant sound of the alarm clock. Every single day of the workweek they give up the comfort of their sleep for the hard realities of living life. Jobs and responsibly, some of which are not pleasant, but which require their attention nonetheless, must be attended to. For these things, they are willing to have their sleep shattered by an obnoxious devise.

Some days you would just as soon have the alarm clock fail to ring and let you continue to sleep. However, many other people are awakened by another kind of alarm. In this case, they are always glad that it did not fail to sound. In this case they owe their lives to being awakened, because in this case it is the loud squeal of a smoke alarm telling them that their house is on fire and if they do not wake up and take appropriate action immediately, they will soon be dead.

Today, I came across an AP story that sounded just such an alarm. It stated that the Hispanic invasion has reached the point where Hispanics, as of July, 2001, have become a larger minority than Blacks are in the United States. From the story the reader learned that Hispanics are increasing their numbers at a rate 2.35 times as high as are the fast breeding Blacks! In the 15 months preceding July, 2001 the US population grew a total of 3.4 million people. Of these “new Americans,” 1.7 million of them were Hispanics, and 0.7 million of them were Black. That means, officially, 2.4 million of the 3.4 million additional US residents, were either Hispanic or Black. The rest were divided up between Asians and Whites. Since Whites are only having 1.5 babies per family, and 90% of the immigration into this land is non-White, it is clear that the Asians were taking the lion’s share of that remaining one million new Americans.

The article pointed out that now Hispanics are 13% of the US population, while Blacks are 12.5%. Asians were not mentioned in this article but according to the 2000 census, Asians were 4.2% of the population. That percentage surely grew during the 15 months discussed in the article, but even if it held constant, the number of residents in the US that are classified as either Hispanic, Black, or Asian is no less than 29.7%, and with all the illegal aliens running around, whose existence is not denied by anyone, it is clear that Whites, as of July, 2001, had already moved below 70% of the population of the US, down from 90% in 1960. Remember that this is using the official numbers, where many illegal aliens are afraid to raise their hands to be counted. Also, since July, 2001, which was the date of the most current numbers in the article, another 19 months have past! (In other words, we are far worse off than even these numbers would tell us!)

Each year we are allowing 1.5 million or so non-White immigrants into the USA. Each year the Hispanics and Blacks are having many more children per capita than Whites are. White Americans should feel just like a store owner in a rioting non-White neighborhood, who has just seen his front windowed shattered by a crowd of non-White faces, and those faces have started pouring onto his property, vandalizing or stealing everything that they touch. Of course, as the Media Lords would tell him, these misunderstood looters aren’t looking to hurt the storeowner, if only he will just be tolerant, and step aside. However the fact remains, that either he repels the mob immediately, or his entire store will be destroyed.

Like a smoke alarm sounding its life saving alarm, these numbers should be crying out to the White Americans, telling them that if they wish to preserve their country, their way of life, and any sort of hope for their children’s future, or the future of their people, they had better wake up and take action. Now!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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