A Man Without a Country

The Last Stand

All definitions, either stated or implied, beyond indicating what something is, show what something is not. To define a country and/or a people, it is just as important to state what land, and what people are excluded, as it is to state which are included.

-A. MacLaren

WHAT IS THE ONE ATTRIBUTE THAT YOUR HOME MUST HAVE? Sure, you want it to be safe and comfortable, but if it were not safe and comfortable it could still be your home. For a home to be yours, it must belong exclusively to you and your immediate family. No one else can live there without your personal consent, and that consent can be taken away at any time, for any reason you choose. It is your home, because only you can freely live there. If you are living in a situation where you do not have the exclusive right to the abode, you are not living at home.

Along the same lines, what does it mean when you say, "This is my country?" Is it not the same? Instead of you as a person, it is you as a people, who have a home, which is called your country. It is only your country if you as a people have exclusive access to the land; no one else can live there without your permission -- which can be taken away at any time. If you do not live in a land where your people have the exclusive right to habitation there, you are not living in your country. When you say, "This is my country," you are saying, "This is my people's home."

What is the one thing that is required for the existence of a country? A country must first of all have borders, or it does not exist. You can have land, and people living on the land, but it is not a country, until it has borders. The United States once had well defined borders, that secured our country. Aliens were not allowed to pass those borders freely, and if they were caught crossing over illegally, they were sent right back home. That was when we were still a country, in fact, as well as in name.

Today our borders are dissolving into an ambiguous mess. Illegal aliens cross the border, and then are giving services by our government once they are here! They are given schooling, medical attention, and the biggest outrage, their illegal children are given citizenship! All of this is from the same government that is supposed to be protecting our borders, and maintaining our existence as a country. As our borders become more difficult to define, so does our status as a country.

What is it that first creates, and then sustains, the existence of a people? A people can only come to be, and continue to be, by excluding others from their group. Exclusivity is a fundamental requirement for a people to exist. If they once give up their group's exclusivity, and let just anyone join, they will very quickly cease to be as a people.

To put it into a simple setting, think of a dog kennel, where the owner is breeding many different types of dogs. In one area, he has collies, and in another german shepherds. He has the poodles in another area, and so on. As long as he keeps each group's exclusivity, that group will continue to exist. But if for some reason the borders (separating fences) were allowed to break down, and the dogs were allowed to freely mingle, in just a few generations, there would be no more collies, german shepherds, poodles, or any other distinctive breed of dog. There would be nothing but a mongrel mess left over. Whether you prefer mongrels or pure breeds, you have to admit that the original groups would be destroyed.

It is clear that genetically, exclusivity is an absolute requirement for the existence of a people. If a people ever allow the "fences to be broken down," and for other people to mingle with them genetically, they will cease to exist.


Today, the propaganda that is being sent out through the mainstream media is saying to all White Americans, "There is no United States of America, and you have no right to exist as a people!"

It says that there is no USA, by saying that the USA has no right to protect its borders. It also says that all people on earth have as much right to be here as those who were born here. By disallowing borders, they are disallowing the very existence of our country. By saying that we cannot exclude other people from what was once our country, they are saying that we have no right to exist at all. Without real, protected borders, no country can exist. If America belongs to all people, it is the home of no people.

The media propaganda says that Whites have no right to exist as a people by saying that we have no right to exclusivity. We must accept other peoples into our communities, schools and even our beds! Any attempt to maintain our existence as a people, by maintaining the one thing necessary to our existence -- exclusivity -- is squashed through the use of the Leftist dominated Supreme Court, and the media's published opinion, creating the so called "public opinion." And the White Americans, the very people who should be standing up and protecting themselves from extermination, are joining in the battle to destroy their own people and their own nation. Why? Because their TV tells them to!

American history is White history. But anything White, is now considered to be tainted with evil. American history therefore, is said to be unimportant, thereby severing our roots to our past. Our White genes are also under very active attack, and this will ultimately, along with destroying our race, obliterate any possible meaning of the thousands of years of our ancestors' struggle for survival. All will have been for nothing, from before the time of the Greek philosophers of ancient days, to the rocket scientists of today; all will be lost.

The media propaganda is teaching that I am a man without a country, a man without a people, and a man with no historical roots. If White folks continue to consume this vile lying poison without reacting against it, then it will, for all practical purposes, make the lies true! When lies are unopposed, they become accepted as fact, and to the general public, they carry the same weight as the truth.

If the current trends continue, the trends created by the media's manipulation of the American mind, America, and the White race that created her, will cease to exist. We are facing a bitter end, and our children's future will be dark, and short. We are, my friend, facing The Last Stand!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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