IS IT LIVE OR IS IT MEMOREX?" asked the commercial. The distinction being pointed out was totally insignificant when compared with the question, "Is it real or is it propaganda?" Some things are real and some are imaginary, and telling the difference can sometimes be a life and death matter.

One thing that is real is death. The hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, the enemies of Israel obviously, the enemies of the USA not so obviously, are part of the Real. If you take Israel out of the equation, our actions in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East make no sense whatsoever. As we approach the point where we will have killed one million members of the citizens of Iraq, it is time that we learn what is real and what is not.

We got a sharp and bitter taste of the Real on September 11, 2001, as thousands of our citizens were killed in an attack on the World Trade Center, accompanied by an attack on the Pentagon building, the heart of our defense command structure. Those people really are dead, and the twin towers really are rubble. The Real has forced itself into the American consciousness, over the blaring noise of the propaganda stream from the media, if only for a moment. But you can feel that awareness fading fast, as the average American is returning to his nightly media addiction, where his brain is numbed and inebriated by the continuous media drumming of the party line, and the "Two Minute Hate" orchestrated each day by the "news" service.

In George Orwellís 1984, the "Two Minute Hate" was a mental control mechanism, used by the government to force the masses into a common frame of mind. Everyone was told who to hate and they were expected to show enthusiasm in expressing that hate, through yelling and outward demonstrations of emotion, directed at the government supplied target. The target would change from time to time, but the daily demonstration was expected to be as enthusiastic against the new target, even as they forgot about the old target.

Have you noticed the string of targets as they have walked past your view on your television set? We have seen the "Two Minute Hate" directed at Israelís enemies, one after another. The Ayatollah Khamenei, had his picture on display for the "Two Minute Hate" back in the 1970s. The American people displayed their enthusiasm with the drill by buying tee-shirts and dartboards with his picture on them, with all sorts of appropriate hate slogans, promoted by the very same Media Lords who at the same time were promoting their campaign of "tolerance" and "anti-hate." As George Orwell so clearly pointed out, a government under the control of a hostile oligarchy, need not concern itself with consistency or logical arguments, as long as it also controls the media.

Why did Iran hate the USA? For the same reason the Osama Ben Laden does: the US has been used by the Israelis as if it were a mindless power factory, supplying everything that Israel needs to thrive in its quest for domination of the Middle East. We propped up the Shah of Iran, a corrupt and worthless dictator, because he would "play ball" with Israelís demands. The Iranians resented this (wouldnít we do the same?) and the stage was set. Did our media explain the issues to the waiting American people, so they could make an informed decision on what to do? Of course not! They ran a "Two Minute Hate" instead.

For years the very mention of the name of Ayatollah Khomeini brought an immediate flood of hatred out of the average American sheep. The nightly count down of days that the 50+ American hostages had been held grew until it reached the number 444. That was over an entire year of hate that the media could use to force America to do what the Media Lords wished: hate an enemy of Israel.

At that time all we did was fuss and fume at Iran. We did not launch missiles or bombers. We ultimately did build up the military capability of Iraq their enemy, so that it could fight Iran into submission. While that was going on, and Iraq was our "ally" in attacking Iraq, the "Two Minute Hate" required a change of focus. A new "dartboard face" was required.

So, in the 1980s, enter Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qadhafi. Here was another Arab leader, antagonistic to Israel. He also decided to take action against Israel, and against what appears to nearly all Arabs to be their puppet, the USA. Of course, once again the Arab state, Libya this time, was far too weak to meet the Jewish controlled United States head on in an equal war. So, Qadhafi resorted to terrorism. Suddenly, Muammar Qadhafi was the chosen target for the "Two Minute Hate." Out came the tee-shirts and other hate paraphernalia with Qadhafiís face and name on them. The American people wildly vented their hate at the new target as obediently as they had on the previous one. The name of Ayatollah Khomeini faded out of the consciousness of Americans as the name of Muammar Qadhafi filled the necessary hate zone. We bombed Libya in a selective way, and we tried to kill Muammar Qadhafi, but only were able to kill his infant child.

As the war between Iran and Iraq ran down, and Iraq came up on top, Israel decided that Iraq now needed to be crushed as well, so Muammar Qadhafi was moved off the stage for the "Two Minute Hate," and the new target was selected: Saddam Hussein. Out came the tee-shirts and dartboards once more. The new target was hated with all the same passion as the previous ones were. The American people were completely in support of any action that would be taken against the target of hate that had been chosen for them. Instead of sending in a couple of small strikes aimed at killing Saddam Hussein himself, we launched an attack against the entire of nation of Iraq, and have continued a campaign going that had only one object in mind: to break the back of the Iraqi military so Israel would be safer. There were no clear American interests involved in our aggressive actions against Iraq, yet we have killed hundreds of thousands of their people.

Americans do not lose any sleep over that fact. In fact, while that aggression is still going on, to keep the Jews of Israel smiling, the "Two Minute Hate" has already received a new target. This one actually hit America, and killed Americans on American soil. The "Two Minute Hate" was cranked up to a new level of frenzy, with not only tee-shirts and dartboards, but a huge number of flags, and "Proud to be an American" signs everywhere. The stage was set to go to war with Afghanistan. This "Two Minute Hate" is going very well indeed. The few Americans that started to wake up and realized that the American support of Israel made no sense at all, and that it actually was finally having a price tag attached to it, were brought back in line with the daily "Two Minute Hate."

As the Jewish controlled media continues pulling the strings on the American mind, the Real is being covered up very effectively. The facts about the filthy, depraved reality in America today are neatly and completely covered up with the "Two Minute Hate." Instead of being able to see the fact that we are paying billions of dollars every year of our tax money to support a government in Israel that officially sponsors terrorism, torture, and racism, and which is stockpiling nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, and even further we are providing the technology, training and political cohersion to further its goals, at the great expense of our own interests, Americans are left blind, deaf and dumb to the Real, buried in their daily "Two Minute Hate."

As outrageous as all of that is, and as absurd as it is that we are killing hundreds of thousands of people in order to perpetuate a nation that is antagonistic to our basic way of life, it as nothing when compared with what we have allowed the Media Lords(1) to do to our own country.

1. Who Rules America?

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prevent extinction!

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