The shrinking Room

THE UNITED STATES WAS A WHITE NATION right from the start! If you doubt it, pick up any American history book, written 20 years or more ago, and see how many places in that book, it refers to the first time the White man did something. For example when Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery trekked across the Pacific Northwest, the books state clearly that these were the first White men to set foot in many of the areas they passed through. These books do not say the first men of the "diverse nation of the United States of America," because that would be an out and out lie. (The newer books tend to use the term "European" rather than "White" but, he who comes from Europe is a White man.)

As I have mentioned before in other essays, White folks made up 90% of the population of the United States of America in the year 1960. That means that there were 9 White people for every Nonwhite. That certainly qualifies as a White nation. (The Jews make up a smaller percentage than that in Israel and nobody denies that country is Jewish!) So, from its creation until less than 40 years ago, the United States of America was a White nation. Due to the efforts of the enemies of the White race, America has been invaded by Nonwhites and today the shocking fact is that there are just over 2 Whites for every Nonwhite. In a very short time there will be more Nonwhites than Whites in this country. White Americans should be up in arms over this outrage!

Picture, if you will, a room where there are 9 White folks, and 1 Black. What will be the dynamics of such a room? The Black will have to be well behaved and the Whites will be able to live their lives as they see fit. There will be White entertainment available, including White music and White movies. The room would be a White room. Now change the situation, and bring in 2 Nonwhite Hispanics and an Asian. Suddenly there are 4 Nonwhites and 9 Whites. This is the situation we are in today. The freedom to be themselves that White folks enjoy now is severely cut back. It is much harder to keep the Nonwhites in line, to get them to follow the rules of the room. In fact the rules of the room have been pressured into being changed. The White influence is greatly diminished. Things that are White are becoming less significant, and Nonwhite things have become more prevalent. The walls of the room suddenly have graffiti on them and the air is filled with Nonwhite music, with a jungle beat.

Next, bring in 2 more Blacks, and 3 more Nonwhite Hispanics. Now you are looking at the USA in a couple of decades from now. There are 9 Whites and 9 Nonwhites. Even though the numbers are now even, the Whites have been conditioned to try to be accepting of the Nonwhites, and therefore they are not sticking together to protect their own rights, while the Nonwhites are. What you will have is effectively a Nonwhite nation with a large contingent of disorganized, and disconnected White interlopers. The rules will be set by the Nonwhites. The atmosphere will be nearly completely Nonwhite. The Whites will spend their time trying to fit in, by emulating the Nonwhites, but failing miserably in their quest of being accepted.

In a very short time after that, you will have a dozen and then two dozen Nonwhites in this room and the 9 Whites will have fallen in number to first 8 and then 7, and then even less as the races are mixed. If you remember back to the original situation, there were 9 Whites to only 1 Black. The Black was never in any danger of being exterminated. His existence was assured, not by his ability to defend himself, but because of the natural tendency of White folks to protect his existence.

When the Nonwhites gain control of America, the existence of the White race will not be assured. All one has to do is look at history to find out what happens when Nonwhites gain control of a once White governed nation. Haiti was a prime example, where all the Whites were wiped out. South Africa is another example right before us today. The Whites are being murdered, and raped in unbelievable numbers and already many Blacks are demanding that all Whites leave South Africa or die. It will be no better in the USA once the Nonwhites take over. The most we can possibly hope for is for us to have a bunch of mixed race offspring running around in poverty like they have in Mexico, and that will be the effective death of the White race in the USA.

The shocking part of this is that we have been speaking about a White nation, the dangers here, and the battle for survival going on here, where the White race should be the strongest. What about the world? What percentage of the total population in Asia do White folks make up? How about Africa? South America? You can get an idea of how small that percentage is when you consider that the White race makes up only 8% of the entire world population, which is down from the 33% or more we once had. That means that of the 6 billion people on planet earth, 480 million of them are White. That may sound like a large number, but when you think of the 5 billion, 520 million Nonwhites who are sharing the globe with us, you begin to get the picture of where we are today. To bring it into even greater focus, think of this: If all the Whites in the entire world were suddenly given Chinese citizenship, and were then forcibly moved into China to share that land with the Asians who live there now, the whites then would make up less than 30% of the Chinese population. China has over twice as many Nonwhites in it, as there are Whites in the entire world!

Numbers are funny things, they are unforgiving, heartless and unavoidable. If you step off a 500 foot cliff, or building, within less than 6 seconds you will hit the ground traveling about 120 miles per hour. You may swing your arms and legs about, call out, or do anything short of popping out a parachute, and it will not matter. Your life will have less than 6 seconds left to it from the moment you find yourself in free fall. Such is the reality of physical laws and numbers. When the White race reaches a certain numerically low level of population, there will be no possibility of recovery. It will be over, just as certainly as if we stepped off a 500 foot cliff. Also, and probably much sooner, when the White race reaches a certain numerically low level relative to the other races, it will no longer be able to defend itself from Nonwhite hostile action, and it will be exterminated.

Today there are almost 12 Nonwhites for every White on planet earth. Since the White population is fairly stable today, and the world population is growing by leaps and bounds, it is clear that the ratio of White to Nonwhite will continue to go against us in an ever increasing rate. White folks are having small families, below the numbers required to replace our people, and so, in time our total absolute numbers are going to fall as well, which will exacerbate this problem greatly.

Another issue that is pressing upon us, threatening our very existence, is the government sponsored propaganda that Whites mating with Nonwhites is not only acceptable, but desirable. Today, I was driving in a medium sized American city, and within four blocks, the same billboard advertisement for "Junior Achievement", appeared on two separate billboards. The text on the ad said, "Work under progress." Five children in their early teens were shown close up, and they were arranged so that they made up two separate groups. The group on the left consisted of two White girls, surrounding a dark skinned Hispanic male like bookends. He had his arms around the necks of both White girls, and all three of them were smiling brightly. The second group consisted of a Black girl facing a White boy, both with the body language of a romantic couple. Oh, it certainly is "work under progress" all right. It is the media and the government striving with all of their might to promote the extermination of the entire White race through interbreeding combined with simply overwhelming us with a massive influx of Nonwhite immigrants.

Have you noticed that there are no movements afoot to try and promote White infiltration of Africa, or Black infiltration of Asia? No, the only campaigns you will ever see are campaigns to destroy the White countries through diversity. Why is that? There can only be two possible reasons for this:

  1. The desire to obtain the complete elimination of the White race, through removing all White nations from the planet, and/or

  2. The desire to steal or destroy the wealth that White nations have created for themselves through their creative abilities.

Either one of these reasons is valid justification for the White race to rise up and put a rapid halt to the immigration of Nonwhites into their lands. It is also justification for beginning a strong, planned and effective campaign to rid the White lands of Nonwhites, through deportation and forced emigration, and restore our lands to our people while there is still time to do so. We can no longer tolerate White lands being stolen through Nonwhite immigration, while all other races continue to maintain their homelands for their people, free of infiltration.

Our situation is very much like living in a town that is located in a valley cut by an ancient river, which long ago was dammed. The dam is showing all the signs of imminent collapse. What should the people do? Instead of repairing the dam, and the damage that has been caused by the water that it has already let pass, our selfish people are just assuming that the dam is going to hold out for the rest of their own lives. They do not care what will happen when the dam collapses, because they think it will happen at some point in the future, during the lives of their children or grandchildren. They do not wish to be bothered with future dangers. It is almost impossible to see these self-centered folks as true descendants of the great selfless people who built the great White nation of the United States of America.

Our ancestors were people who were more interested in their children's future than in their own. They sacrificed greatly to ensure that their children had it BETTER than they themselves had it. Not our people today! They only care about themselves: their jobs; their homes; their reputations. They are so busy looking down, sweeping the dirt and debris of today from their own floors, that they have no time to look up towards tomorrow. The future is not even in their field of vision, while the cracks in the dam grow larger. The earth of the structure is shifting, ever larger rivulets of water are making their way down the face of the dam. There has already been some serious flooding in the southwestern part of the town, and still Whites go about their business like nothing at all was happening. When the dam breaks, the Whites will run about screaming for their lives, but it will be too late then. They will be overwhelmed, and powerless to resist.

So, here we are in a world where once we made up 33 out of every hundred people on earth, and today we are only 8. We have stopped having large families, so our total number is starting to decrease. All the other races are increasing rapidly, and much of that increase was made possible by the technological advances of the White race, and our benevolence shown by sharing those advances. The only hope of survival we can possibly have is in maintaining our own White lands, where we can live safely, and continue to reproduce ourselves. This is the only possible solution we have available until we can escape, if ever, to the stars.

I am sure you have noticed the promotion in the paper, and on the news, of the causes of many groups who have reacting to the potential loss of some thing of value. Things like an old building with historical significance to a town, old books or movies, and certain species of animals, have all been the targets of intense effort, coupled with eager support from the media, to save them from extinction. If you put your ear to the ground, beat the bushes, or search in any manner you wish, you will find no reports in our newspapers, and other media outlets, of such a campaign going on to save the White race. On the contrary, you will find efforts to do the exact opposite!

In an attempt to dirty the reputation of our people, on the nightly news you will see stories repeatedly covered of White men dragging a Black man to death behind their truck, and of other White men beating a homosexual, and then leaving him to freeze to death, and various other dreadful deeds. At the same time, and for the same reason, other stories, which are at least as important for people to be aware of are not reported. For example, the story of a Black man dragging a White woman to death behind his car, and the compelling story of two homosexual men raping and killing a young boy, never made the national news.

It is not journalism, in any way shape or form, when stories are reported, not in order to inform, but only to promote an agenda. Rather than journalism, it is propaganda and nothing else. It is like reviewing a book by selecting individual disconnected words out of it, and building sentences with them that have nothing at all to do with what the book originally said. When the handful of White heterosexual crimes against others are reported repeatedly to the point of nausea, and the far greater number of crimes of Nonwhites and homosexuals are not reported at all, it is a case built against the White race that is completely fraudulent. And since it is obviously being done, there of course must be a reason for it.

As we have seen, the White race is in grave danger today. What is needed is an awaking of the White people to the danger that they are in. There are those who are making a serious attempt to try and wake up the White folks. But those efforts are being thwarted by the news media. The White people who speak out are instantly labeled as "racists". Since there has been an intense propaganda campaign that has been run for over 30 years in our country against "racism", most White folks cease to listen to anyone who is proclaimed to be a "racist", no matter how valid the information is that he is putting forward. It is like living in a nightmare where you have discovered that a building filled with people is on fire. As you try to warn the people inside of the danger, there are those who are running around calling you a liar, smearing your reputation, and attempting to discredit your motives, with the net effect being that the endangered people do not save themselves.

Who are these lying, hateful people who are trying to keep the Whites asleep in their burning building? How is it that they can control the media to the point of making Whites look like they are the villains, when in reality they are the victims? How is it that these White haters have organizations, like the Anti-Defamation League, that are specifically designed to harm the White race and yet they are treated by our media and our government as if they were loving, caring institutions that only have the best interest of all people at heart? How is this possible when, it is clear that the only goal that they have is to destroy our people by silencing the critical alarm that must be sounded?

The task lies before us. Our existence as a race is clearly at stake. We must not only awaken our brothers and sisters who sleep the sleep of certain death, but we must overcome the enemies of our people who are doing all that they can to silence us. We need heroes and we need leaders, and more than anything else we need to join hands with our people and sound the alarm. Let us put our differences aside, and focus upon our one and only goal: safe and secure lands for our people. The future is where our children and our children's children will live. Dare we fail to create that future for them? Shall we let the enemies of our race continue to dictate what sort of future our children will live in? No! A thousand times no!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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