It's Time to Get Up!

GOOD MORNING! ARE YOU AWAKE YET? Pour yourself a cup of java and get the juices flowing.

It is often easier to get the eyes open and the brain engaged with that cup of coffee than it is to overcome the bias that has a strangle hold on the sources of information to white Americans today. The average white has been told so many thousands of times, in so many different ways that his race is evil, and any positive acknowledgement of his race is a "hate crime," that he mentally pulls back in fear, like he just found himself putting his foot over the edge of a 400 foot cliff, if he even starts to think good thoughts about the white race!

When a white man finds it impossible to think good thoughts about his race, it also becomes very difficult for him to actively participate in defending members of his own race. He fears that he will be a racist if he does! In addition to that, the white people of our country for the most part believe in the laws of the land, which are deeply imbedded in our white European history. Civilization to a white man is the law, and the law is civilization. You must respect the law to be civilized.

As an example, what happens when a white man finds out that a white woman was dragged off by a gang of black men, raped and murdered? His natural instinct is to grab a gun and serve some justice upon the richly deserving, but that is quickly put aside as an uncivilized reaction. (Note that is a distinctly white train of thought.) He is a man who believes in the rule of law and so he lets the police handle it. Step two in the process is when he finds out that the police arrested a couple of the perpetrators, but the NAACP is protesting the racist society which is picking on these pour black men. Again the rage is put down by the white man, (Why? Because he is civilized!) even though this is an openly uncivilized point of view put out by the nationally known black organization. Step three is when the perpetrators are either let off on a technicality, or given a light sentence by a liberal judge. Here the final insult is shoved right in his face. Justice is not to be had.

It is often that whites hear of this sort of thing happening, but that which is actually in the papers isn't even the tip of the iceberg! You may get the news of some local black on white atrocity in your local newspaper, but you will miss out on the hundreds of others across this nation because your local paper almost never prints national minority crime stories. Yet, it prints every white on black crime that it can lay its hands on. When the only families that our white president calls up to console for the tragic murder of their children, are either minorities or homosexual, this insults every white heterosexual victim of black crime.

What if the whole iceberg were visible, and not just the tip? The media is working hard to make sure that does not happen, but what if? What if the white folks saw Dan Rather tell them nightly that the rate at which blacks commit murder is thirteen times greater than the rate at which whites commit murder? Or if Peter Jennings gave his studied smirk as he passed out the fact that the black man commits rape ten times more often than whites do? (1) (2) (3) If these facts were put on the nightly news every single evening, might there be a different attitude which would be fostered in the white majority in the US? Of course there would! That is why it does not happen.

If whites were constantly reminded that one out of every four black males between 20 and 29 years of age is currently in prison, or on probation or parole, (4) (2) (5) and nearly 50% of all black males will be arrested and charged with a serious felony during their lives, (1) would they still sit still for integration of their neighborhoods and schools? Would whites continue to quietly listen while a wild eyed black racist angrily points and cries, "Racism!" at the white people who want only to keep their country strong by having the law of the land enforced? Would white folks continue to seriously listen to this sort of crazy rant, if those whites knew that the blacks, who are only 12% of the U.S. population, are committing more than 50% of all rapes, more than 50% of all robberies and 60% of all the murders in this country? (1) (2) (4)

While our news is daily in search of some sort of white on black crime to beat up the white TV listeners with, it would be interesting to see what would be the reaction if the real truth were put out that a black person is 56 times as likely to attack a white than a white is to attack a black, (4) (5) and that black rapists usually (54.9% of the time) pick white victims and they rape white women THIRTY TIMES as often as whites rape blacks. (6)

You hear of nearly every single serious crime that whites perpetrate upon blacks, but you hear almost nothing about the reverse, which has been shown above to be a far more serious threat to our citizens. It is clear that white people are no longer considered citizens of the US to those who control the media. ( If you want to see who those people are I would recommend that you read the following page: Who Rules America )

As far as the media moguls are concerned, whites are only out there to be held quietly docile while the liberal changes are being put into place, which will remove the power from the whites and turn their country over to the "people of color." Once that is done, and not before, the white man will be allow to awaken so he can properly experience the misery that he will have left as his lot. Look at South Africa if you want a "preview of coming attractions" for the United States. (Visit...SOUTH AFRICA.)


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This article is in part based upon data found at 100 FACTS.

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