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This is a book that every White person should read, no matter what country they live it!

You have heard of the multitude of lies that are being promoted in Black History Month “courses” in the US schools where our White kids are attending today. Here is a resource to combat those lies with hard facts. Arthur Kemp has done a marvelous job in bringing together the story of our people, from their waves of migration into the Fertile Crescent, through the rise of the Egyptian empire, to reliving the rise of Greece and Rome, and on. You will see history in a brand new light. Perhaps even more importantly, we are brought to an unavoidable realization of what brought all of those nations permanently down: diversity! The infiltration of these White nations, by other races, the acceptance of this diversity, and then finally miscegenation, completing the process. The White people were displaced or replaced, and the new races could not maintain the institutions created by the White race, leading to collapse. Perhaps the most terrifying of all is the fact brought clearly to the front in this marvelous work: A White nation that fell politically, but did not alter the racial makeup of its people, always rose again, but those that did accept diversity, never were able to rise to previous glories. (E.g. Egypt, Greece, Rome.)

You want proof that Diversity is Death to any society? This book has it by the bushel. Even if previously you have only had a minor interest in history, you will certainly find a new enthusiasm building inside you, as you read the stories of the great nations of earth as White History, rather than just "history." Watching your people struggle for survival, and achieve great things, and even make stupid mistakes, will fill your breast with empathy for, belonging with, love towards, and pride for your ancestors.

Currently there are two ways to read this book. You can purchase a copy of Volume I, which includes half of the entire work, and a great number of additional illustrations, not included in the online version, or you can read the entire work online by clicking on the link below. Either way, you owe it to yourself to read this book, and to make sure your children are exposed to the facts it contains. You (and they) will never look at history the same way again!

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March of the Titans - A History of the White Race

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