The Death of the Towers

THE PLANE DIPPED ITS WINGS, leveled off and accelerated as it approached its final destination, the South Tower of the World Trade Center. It plowed into the structure, loaded with fuel for a transcontinental flight, and exploded into a ball of flame, which shot out the other side of the building. The entire force of an accelerating Boeing 767 was completely captured by the 110-story structure, and all of America stood gaping with its collective mouth open. Just 9 minutes before, another plane had struck the North Tower, and both buildings stood there with smoke pouring out of their sides, and with people jumping out windows to fall 100 stories to their death to escape dying by the smoke and fire.

As if on cue, when many people were thinking that it couldn't get any worse, the South Towerís upper floors gave way, crashing down on each floor below in its turn, pancaking that floor, and then taking its extra weight on, like a weapon with which to help assault the floor below it. Each floor in turn gave way and then added its weight to the onrushing Juggernaut of concrete and steel, propelled by the now irresistible force of gravity. Much of the concrete was shattering into dust, and the cloud it formed grew and billowed, like the ash cloud of an exploding volcano. It pushed out from the base of the tower like a huge creature with purpose, racing up the valleys created by the tall buildings running along the streets. People ran madly to escape this monster, and once they were overtaken, things became very dark; it was difficult for them to continue to run without stumbling over each other, or to even catch a breath.

Suddenly America was left with only one of the, once Twin Towers standing. The shock was nearly too much to take in, but then the other tower did the very same thing. Soon, there was nothing left but a huge billowing cloud of smoke and debris, standing over the downtown area of NYC. Later the building 7 of the World Trade Center also collapsed, creating another dust monster to run through the streets.

While New York was going through this nightmare, another plane was aimed at the Pentagon Building in Washington, DC. It crashed into one wall of the building and took it out, killing hundreds of people inside the building, as well as all the passengers on the plane. And still it was not over. Another plane was hijacked, and it crashed in Pennsylvania. Something had gone wrong with the plans of that hijacker, and that plane crashed in an open area, killing all onboard, but did not hit any highly populated area.

The day went on, with story after story of people witnessing the events, narrowly escaping the collapse of buildings and so on. The number of people working in the Towers was estimated to be 50,000 people, which is very close the number 58,000 people, which is the total number of men killed in the Viet Nam conflict. They also said that the Center has as many as 90,000 visitors every day.

I heard one interviewee say that he made it down from the eighty-third floor from one of the towers. So, if he was telling the truth, hopefully many of those thousands of people got out safely. But we know the ones at, and above where the planes hit did not get out, and probably many of those below did not either. We await the official estimates, but it appears to be 10,000 or more deaths almost certainly. [The final total turned out to be 2,753. ~A.M.]

I have seen this coming for years. It does not make it any easier to take, but it was inevitable. We have been running around the world like a school bully handing out cruise missile strikes like punches to the other kids on the playground, to make them do what we want. We arrogantly thought that we could continue to do that without getting hit back. Men would cheer in their local bar when they saw our bombs landing in Baghdad, not thinking that Iraq had not at that point done anything that would affect our national security. We have continued to bomb that nation, even though they pose no threat to the US directly. We have bombed Yugoslavia, taking sides in a civil war that was held completely inside their own borders!

While it may seem disconnected to mention it here, it is not really: Many have commented on the huge number of Jews who are in positions of power in our political structure. Others have said, So what? It just means they are capable. But when you look at our foreign policy regarding the Middle East, it becomes clear that the United States is acting like a puppet on a string, using all its resources to further the cause of Israel, while slitting its own throat. You hear the inane comment that Israel is our only "friend" in the Middle East. However, it is a fact that Israel has taken over Arab lands and that is what has made the Arabs angry. It is our support of that aggression that has made us hated. It is because of Israel itself, that Israel is the only friend we have left in the Middle East. The circular reasoning, and the irony, that goes with their common assertion never manages to sink in to the average American.

I knew, as soon as the planes hit the Twin Towers, that it was because of Israel that we were suffering this attack, but I didn't know the media would be so quick to admit it. In an article by Daniel Johnson the author said,

"Let there be no mistake: global Islamic terrorism is rooted in global anti-Semitism. This was, in many ways, the most vicious blow aimed at the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Though the victims yesterday were Americans, the chief target was what the perpetrators would call international Jewry." (1)

Note that, just like in World War Two, the entire focus is taken away from the suffering and death of Gentiles, and is turned towards the Jews. The Jews have WWII memorials all over the world that celebrate their suffering, totally ignoring the far greater suffering of others. Now, in this attack upon America, and Americans, it is not the Gentiles who actually died that are important, but it is the Jews who are under attack. And even with all the dead still lying in the rubble, their bodies not recovered yet, here we have our noses rubbed in the Holocaust as if they are afraid that we might forget it for a moment as we bury OUR dead.

The attack, very probably perpetrated by Semites is labeled "anti-Semitism." The entire Semitic world as been dislodged from its racial claim to the title, so that the Jews can hold sole claim to it. A Semite who doesn't like Jews is anti-Semitic, even though that Semite may love all other Semites. This sham goes on and on, day after day. Why not call it what it is: anti-Jewish. It is not anti-Semitism unless it includes all the Semites, including the Arabs.

Yet there is a point to be made and this article dances around it. The point is this: we have destroyed our relationship with all the other Semitic peoples in the Middle East in order to promote the conquest and maintenance of the Jewish nation of Israel. We donate billions of dollars every year to Israel, and have sacrificed our national interests, our diplomatic relations with Arab nations, hundreds of thousands of Arab lives through bombing and military attack, and now the World Trade Center and thousands of American lives, all for the Jews. We pretend that this attack was totally unprovoked, and we are gearing up to take more Arab lives in retribution. All the while, Israel is smiling because they know that they are fully controlling the most powerful nation on earth. They know that Americans will never even see what is going on, even with articles like Daniel Johnsonís available.

Is intentional blindness a form of insanity? I have actually heard Americans — Gentile Americans — say that they cared more about what happens to Israel than what happens to America. The Jews in Israel, who couldn't care less what happens to Gentiles, sleep much sounder knowing there are pet zombies here in America willing to sacrifice their wealth, their lives, and their children to protect the nation of Israel.

Speaking of the Arabs, Daniel Johnson went on to say,

Their more sophisticated masters, such as the latter-day Old Man of the Mountains Osama bin Laden, hope to force the United States to withdraw from the Middle East, to adopt the craven attitude of Europe towards Islamic extremism, and above all to abandon Israel to her fate.

The greatest fear that the Jews have is that they should have to "fend for themselves." They are heavily relying on the United States to take full responsibility for military matters in the Middle East. When attacks hit America, they celebrated [Quite literally! ~A.M.], because it is not an attack on Israel, even though they try and claim all those US casualties as their own, while reminding us in the same breath of the Holocaust. The Arabs do not want the US to turn on Israel, but just to get out of the way and let Israel fend for itself and take its own responsibility for its own actions: to abandon Israel to her fate.Ē

Israel has stockpiled nuclear weapons, chemical, and biological weapons, and they routinely torture their prisoners. Refresh my memory, why is it that we are still bombing Iraq? The nation of Israel is homogeneous. It does not tolerate diversity. The Arabs are driven from their land, so that Israelis can occupy it. Why was it that we bombed Yugoslavia?

If a man slaps and worries a dog with sticks and stones, to the point that the dog is berserk, and then the dog attacks your child and kills him, who are you more angry at, the dog, or the man who antagonized him? You want the dog to be put down, and it should be, but that man who caused the disaster is the real villain. It is time we realize that our children were killed in those towers when the dog attacked, but the dog only attacked us because the man of Israel had invaded the land of Palestine and then has continued to commit atrocities ever since, and it all was only made possible through our assistance.

We now have ourselves engulfed in an endless cycle of retribution and counter-retribution with the Arabs. We each trade bombs, and aggressions, and we each now feel that we are the wronged party. All the while, the real perpetrator of the entire mess sits on the sidelines and rakes in the reparations for the Holocaust, and takes all the credit for the suffering on both sides.

What happens to Israel is not my concern. If it can sustain itself, then that is fine. If it is overrun, that is fine too. I donít really care one way or the other. But I do care about what happens to America, and the Gentiles who created this land and who are paying the price of a real White Gentile holocaust going on right now. We suffered a major blow on 9-11, 2001 when those hijacked planes took all of those American lives. But, we suffer a minor blow each and every day, as our lives are disrupted by the invasion of our land by those with foreign cultures, and of alien races; while our children are taught that White people donít deserve to have their own lands and cultures any longer. That is as a result of the agitations and activities of the same tribe of people who are instigating our troubles in the Middle East. (See Who Rules America.)

Rather than being able to discuss these issues today, the minute they are brought up, the anti-Semitic paint brush is brought out and the conversation is turned to that distraction rather than the facts. Despite knowing I will have to face that tactic, the issue must be raised. Americans died yesterday for Israel, and not for America. Americans were sacrificed like sheep to the desires, and actions of the Jews. America is not better off because the nation of Israel exists, in fact it is much worse off. And yet we continue to promote the interests of Israel, and the Jewish people, above our own interests, and our own people. That must change, if we are to survive, as a race, and as a nation.

Understand the distinction here. My only goal is to cut the ties between the Jewish interests, and the interests of the White Gentile American citizen. That means that I want the American citizen to have his interests looked out for without interference from Jewish pressure or control, just like I want the American citizen to have his interests looked out for without Chinese control, or Japanese control, or Mexican control. The American citizen has a right to his own land, free from the control of others, and he better be willing to fight for it, or it will be gone for good.

Anyone who would call it anti-Semitic to demand that American interests be put ahead of Jewish interests is an ethno-egomaniac of Jewish heritage. The Jewish people have a right to pursue their own interests and I would not deny them that, but they have no right to interfere with White Gentiles in America, pursuing their own interests. It is time we learned that taking care of ourselves is not selfish, or anti-Semitic. It is what we are doing now that is evil! We are committing racial suicide, and suicide is a cowardly act.

By Daniel Johnson
12 September 2001, p. 18

Only you can
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