Toxic World

I RECEIVED AN EMAIL with a news story attached today that I found inspirational. That is, it inspired me to respond to it. In Cleveland, Ohio, this AOL News story says, there is scheduled on May 24-25 a two-day conference with the title: "Creating Healthy Communities in a Toxic World."

Does that give you pause? It surely did me. The title alone tells you that this is a liberal bunch of fools getting together to spin together another useless and expensive, publicly financed, fiasco where the stated goal, "Creating Healthy Communities," will be rapidly moved away from at a rate equal to the square of the number of tax dollars invested in it.

Assume for a minute that you found your house had become a toxic environment. Your water was toxic, your yard was toxic, even the furniture was toxic. Your family was living in a toxic world. What would be your first reaction? You would get your family out of there pronto! Before you would even consider moving back in, you would make sure that it was a perfectly clean environment. You would not go to a seminar on coping techniques for living in a toxic home. You would not buy protective clothing, and hope that your family would not inadvertently be exposed. When you care about your family you get them to safety and out of a toxic environment.

The liberal mind is quite insane. It is not interested in removing families from the toxic environment, instead they are only interested in coping with it. According to the story, at this conference one of the Keynote speakers is Crystal D. Kuykendall, Ed.D., J.D., a member of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia and a former public school teacher, who was executive director of the National Alliance of Black School Educators and was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to the National Advisory Council on Continuing Education and she served as council chairman from 1979-81.

Now there are some credentials for you. Living in the cesspool of Washington DC is firsthand experience at surviving in a toxic environment. She is a former public school teacher, and a member of the racist (as designated by the name) organization the "National Alliance of Black School Educators". Look at the performance of the Black students in our classrooms and you are left to wonder if the term "Black School Educators" is not a contradiction in terms. With the murder rate for black teenagers being what it is in DC it would bring the question to mind, if Crystal K. knows the answer of how to create a "healthy community" why has she chosen not to share that wisdom with the poor victims of her home town?

The story continues: "Also serving as keynote speaker is Azim Khamisa, whose only son, Tariq, was a victim of youth violence. Khamisa is founder and president of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation, dedicated to the elimination of teen violence in our communities. He has received numerous awards, including the highest U.S. Victim Service Award presented by Attorney General Janet Reno and President Bill Clinton."

This obviously Nonwhite speaker has received an award that, to me, is beyond belief that it even exists: U.S. Victim Service Award. Not only does it exist but others must exist too because Azim Khamisa received the "highest" one of them! If you had any doubt that the lunatics are running the asylum this should lay them to final rest. The highest service that can be done for any victim is for justice to be done. When a victim is raped or killed, the rapist or murderer should be executed. That is true victim service. When a victim knows that the perpetrator of the crime against him is going to have his life changed in ways which are at least as uncomfortable as the victim has had done to him, then justice will be done, and real victim service will have been provided.

However, victim service for a liberal is to create a foundation where millions of tax dollars can be spent paying some shrink to teach female victims coping techniques to deal with the fact that the guy who raped them and nearly killed them is out walking the streets again, and knows where they live.

Let's assume the situation is worse than finding out that your house is a toxic zone. What if you and your family were on a ship at sea and suddenly your ship was contaminated by a chemical agent delivered by a plane. What do you do? You cannot move your family away this time. Are you going to be interested in learning the best coping techniques or are you going to want to do a salt water wash down, and a thorough cleanup to remove the toxin from your vessel? Here is where the liberal has, apparently, completely lost his mind. The liberal has conferences which train experts to try and do the impossible: "Creating Healthy Communities in a Toxic World." The only sane response to a "toxic world" is to remove the toxicity, not to cope with it!

There is one thing that the liberal conference had right: we are living in a toxic world. The only thing that you can be sure of is that liberals, who are nothing but the willing trolls of the Media Lords, will never have a conference on is how to rid our society of the toxin itself!

An example may serve to clarify this point. If you can remember back a few years, what was the one type of movie you could feel safe taking your kids to? What movie company could you trust to never throw toxin on your children? What name in movies stood for honesty, and good clean family entertainment? Of course the answer is Disney.

Walt Disney put together a company that was saturated with all the best of White American culture. He made movies that were fun, technically excellent, and coupled with some of the finest music ever written. All that Disney touched was easily discernable as being separate from the Media Lords' work. He did not promote infidelity in marriage. He had high ethical standards. He tried to mold young minds to appreciate honest and hard work. He taught respect for parents and the law. It is sad that Walt Disney could not have lived forever!

Unfortunately, Walt Disney died. What happened to his company? A Media Lord took it over through stock purchase and now Disney is just another White hating, pollution source for our children's minds. The Disney name is no longer one that ensures safe entertainment for children, especially White children.

Our White countries are just like ships at sea and the Media Lords are like pilots of enemy planes dropping the toxins on our White world. While the liberal trolls attempt to distract us with seminars on coping, we must instead remove the planes from the sky. We must then remove their toxins from our world. It is critical that we do these things quickly and that we do not rest until we have completed those tasks. Our children are at risk with every day that passes living in a toxic world.

We continually see the results of living in this toxic world. We see children doing things that no American child ever did before, and we are seeing it happen repeatedly with short periods between iterations. A White baby born today is not any different than one born in 1950. His genes are the same. His potential is the same. Yet he will be a different person. He will not respect his teachers. He will not even realize that he is a member of the White race. He will be programmed by the Media Lords' toxins to be a mutant creature. The mutation may take the form of murdering his classmates, or marrying a Nonwhite. He will no longer have the White values that his parents and grandparents did. Instead the process of mutation will implant new and different values. He will now value diversity, and Nonwhite cultures while devaluing White culture, neighborhoods, and nations.

One form of toxin that many White children are exposed to is Rap. What possible connection does a White child have with Rap "music"? You might generously label Rap, "music for the tone deaf." The Rap "musician" is using a jungle beat to emotionally grab his listeners, without providing any intellectual basis for that connection. Once the listener is bathed in the sound of the bang, bang, bang of the bass, the emotions are stirred up exactly like a football team before a game, where they are hitting each other, slamming their helmeted heads into lockers and yelling, "Kill! Kill! Kill!" Sure it is an emotional buzz but there is no intellectual content at that point. Now the emotions are ready to go out and do physical damage to something, direction is supplied by the "artist." Lyrics of the lowest ghetto gutter mentality are rammed at the listener with anger and arrogance. If you look at the performer what do you see? You see a black punk with a sneer, a look of anger and hatred, gesturing at you, pointing and swinging is arms around, holding his hands like he had Multiple Sclerosis, and sounding like he would as soon slit your throat as talk to you. The listener is mentally forced to either accept the nearly meaningless diatribe as being directed at himself, which would generate anger and cause him to turn the poison off, or alternatively he allows himself to be taken over, with a loss of personal identity, while he mentally joins with the performer, and shares in his hate. And who do these Rap singers hate? White people are their number one target. They hate policemen. They even hate White women, whom they attempt to belittle, degrade and then get into bed with, if you can figure that one out.

Who promotes Rap music? Why Warner Brothers and other Media Lord owned companies of course. Their planes are dropping the Rap toxin all over our country and all over the world! And as they are destroying our children, they are becoming ever more rich in the process. And White parents are doing nothing to stop this process. Due to other sources of toxin the parents themselves have minds which are diseased, and suffering from toxin sickness. They think that Black music must be accepted and praised no matter how destructive, or worthless. Their diseased minds cannot even conceive of the idea of removing Black influences from their children's lives.

The Media Lords' nightly news is a major source of toxin for parents. Each night they are told how evil it is to be selective in who you allow your children to worship as an idol. Stories are given which highlight how evil discrimination for racial reasons is. In between these stories are commercials which praise the viewers for being discriminating shoppers. Now which is more important? Who your kids idolize, or which brand of soap you buy? Is what car you drive as important as who your kids' friends are? Does the brand of shaver you use matter more than what the race is of your daughter's husband?

Programming and propaganda. After the nightly news gives out its brainwashing toxin, there follows the evening toxin salad bar of comedies, dramas and movies where miscegenation, diversity and multiculturalism are praised and all opponents of these toxic monsters are lampooned, symbolically stabbed at, and caricatured in shameless fashion.

There are numerous other methods of delivering the toxins, including newspapers, magazines, schools, court rulings, legislation, and selective enforcement of laws. It is easy to see the results of the toxins, making it clear that the toxins exist. No one, even the mindless liberal trolls, will deny that we live in a toxic society. To highlight the toxin effects, compare the toxin free society before the toxins were introduced with today. This will give us a clear picture of what negative impact the Media Lords' toxins produce, and what we can expect if we remove those toxins from our society.

If we back up in time we will watch a steady increase in our test scores, which measure the learning of our students, and therefore the effectiveness of the school system. They continue to rise, until in the 1950s the scores are the best in the world. That is toxin free!

Again, as we are backing up in time, we find that marriages are holding together longer, and children are no longer killing each other in school. All indications are that the toxins are missing in the 1950s. So, it must have been the changes in the 1960s and after, which introduced these toxins into our society. With this knowledge in hand, a sane man would want only one thing for his children: removal of the toxins. He does not give a hoot for seminars on how to cope with toxins. He could not possibly care any less about receiving awards for "Victim Service." What he wants is a return to a system where White kids can go to school and receive a safe, and world class, education where White culture and Western Civilization are promoted. He wants to see a system where criminals receive just sentences and murders, rapists and pedophiles, never, ever see the light of day again. He wants to never hear one more liberal troll call for gun control rather than stiffer penalties for he who uses a gun to harm others.

Instead of conferences with stupid titles like, "Creating Healthy Communities in a Toxic World," what we are in desperate need of is a unified movement of White men and women striving to move us back to the toxin-free White civilization like we had in the 1950s. I want to see a presidential presentation of the highest "White Society Service Award" given to a man for his contribution to promoting White culture! How about you? When that day comes, you can rest assured that the Media Lords, along with their toxins, will have left.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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