Race Traitor

THEY WANT TO DESTROY US! Yes, there is a group of folks out there, bound and determined to bring our race to an end. I am not talking about the United States Government, although it appears to be on the same quest. No, this one is more open about its wants and if you visit their web page you will find a full compliment of all aspects of hate. The name of this group is Race Traitor and from the name you gather that these people are members of a race, and that they are turning to treason against that race. As you read farther into their hatred, you find that the race that they hate, while ostensibly being a member of it, is the White race. (Now there is a big surprise. Have you heard of any other race so brainwashed as to tolerate a suicidal group like this?) As I read through their description of what they are all about I could not but wonder how anything this degenerate could have made it past the embryo stage. A biologically maleficent mutation this destructive would have simply self-aborted long ago.

Here is an organization that openly declares that it wants to destroy a race of people, and yet it is not considered a "hate" site. Of course not! It only hates the White race and that, by definition, is okay! The fact that our people sit still for this sort of unbridled, disgusting, and hateful attack upon them, without any sort of response, is a sign that we have either unlimited patience or unlimited stupidity.

I am going to go through their statement of intent point by point and discuss what is being said here, since the media and other self-proclaimed monitors of "hate" are merely ignoring this bleeding, infected, and maggot infested wound.

Race Traitor

The white race is a historically constructed social formation.

So, light skin, blond or red hair, blue eyes, and all of the other biological features that are unique to the White race are merely manifestations of an "historically constructed social formation." All of our genes, our history and our culture are nothing but figments of our imagination. This is of course the lowest form of rubbish. When a scientist can identify the race of a skeleton without ever seeing the skin or other tissues attached to it, that is scientific proof that race is not a social or historical construction, but instead an undeniable scientific fact!

It consists of all those who partake of the privileges of the white skin in this society.

The weaseling, and utterly dishonest implication in this statement is that somehow the White man has stolen, or dishonestly achieved his position in this nation. The fact that is being ignored, and intentionally pushed aside, so as to have a blanket thrown over it covering it from view, is that the White man created this society! Of course he has privilege in the society that is his. How absurd to act as if that is somehow unnatural or wrong. When you build a house on your property, you have special privileges in that house. You can say who comes and who goes. You can decide who can live in your house and who cannot. You are blessed with all of the privileges that are accrued by ownership of a property.

Since the White man created the United States of America, built it from scratch, with his own blood, sweat, and tears, he has full ownership of it. He has all of the natural privileges that are accrued by ownership. All privileges exercised by the White race are honorable, just, and not to be apologized for!

Its most wretched members share a status higher, in certain respects, than that of the most exalted persons excluded from it, in return for which they give their support to a system that degrades them.

A wretched White man who is executed by the state, is of a far lower status than a Black man who is given a scholarship for the color of his skin, and then a job with a high salary for the same reason. If you want to check relative status, see if an average or below average (we are talking the "most wretched" here are we not?) White guy can go all the places that a Michael Jordon can go. With even a bit of invested thought you will quickly realize that in the USA, money today carries certain status, regardless of race. And a lack of money carries its own lack of status.

The only area that status is attached to the White race, regardless of income, is in the area of reproduction. Only White people can produce White children and that is a biological construct, and an unavoidable fact of life. Anyone who is interested in preserving this great race of man, will only confer the status of being eligible for marriage to a member of the White race upon another member of the White race. Money is only a secondary consideration in that area, and status is completely and unalterably bonded to race for reproduction. Other races are excluded from this one aspect of American life by anyone who respects the White race and wishes to see it continue to exist.

It is only since our "system" has been taken over by people who agree with these White race haters, that we have been degraded. And more of us every day are giving less support to this system, as it tries to exterminate us. Prior to this time our system uplifted us and provided us with much to be proud of. The system of schools we had before, highlighted the great accomplishments of our White race and provided an educational environment that turned out very well educated students. Today, it highlights the accomplishments, both factual and fictional, of other races while degrading our White children by exposing them to harassment and lies about their heritage.

If our system of government would give us access to the privilege that is our just due, we might be interested in giving it our support again.

The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race, which means no more and no less than abolishing the privileges of the white skin.

Imagine if someone wrote, "The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the Hebrew race, which means no more and no less than abolishing the privileges of being Jewish." How long would their web page be up before they were listed on HateWatch? How long before they were attacked?

It is just amazing that someone could make such an inane statement that the social problems of our age are all caused by the White race. Crime is lower in the White race than in either Black or the Hispanic areas of our demographic population. That would mean that the social problem of crime will in no way be improved by the removal of the White race. In fact it would be the exact opposite. In every area of this country where Whites have turned their nice neighborhoods over to Blacks, the neighborhood has taken a dive into ghetto conditions. If you eliminated the White race from the United States, the whole nation would take a dive into ghetto conditions.

What is being called for here is to take the power away from Whites to defend themselves from extinction. No weapon or method will be left to our people to continue to exist among our own kind. No opportunity to continue to procreate will be allowed us. We will be overwhelmed, and overcome, being either killed, or interbred into extinction. There will be no White privilege left because there will be no White people left. We will have been "abolished." If that would not be an act of HATE I do not know of anything that is, or could be.

Until that task is accomplished, even partial reform will prove elusive, because white influence permeates every issue, domestic and foreign, in U.S. society.

This is like complaining that sea water permeates all areas of the ocean. What is appalling, and what is destroying our nation, is the fact that White influence is becoming ever less prevalent and as a result more and more destructive things are being done by our government, to our people and to our soceity. What these folks call "reform" is the dismantling of our nation and all its institutions, in favor of alien institutions. Our people are being displaced, and our heritage is being replaced, and still it is not enough for these people. The Whites still have some say in what is going on, and that is unacceptable. We still make up a majority in this land, but it seems that the majority should have no voice. The majority is standing in the way of these White haters who would crush us.

However, the White race is barely standing at all, let alone standing in the way of these leftists. It is a big stuffed animal today, not willing to move a muscle in its own defense. Instead it looks at the Race Traitors as being loving and caring, and those who love White folks as being evil and hateful. It must wake up and reassert its desires, and insert its wants once more into the equation. It is time that once again --white influence did permeate every issue, domestic and foreign, in U.S. society.

The existence of the white race depends on the willingness of those assigned to it to place their racial interests above class, gender, or any other interests they hold. The defection of enough of its members to make it unreliable as a predictor of behavior will lead to its collapse.

It is interesting that the Left is so bold as to state its goal so openly: the removal of the desire from White folks to survive as a people. Once Whites have lost that natural, and strengthening characteristic, they will die as a people, and become extinct. The Left has been hard at work the last 50 years trying to make that happen. They have tried deceit and deception. They have tried exposing our children to propaganda and brainwashing. They have controlled our media and bombarded us with continual messages that proclaim that the White race is evil and has no claim on America or even a reason to go on existing.

Many of the members of our race have defected to the enemy, and many others, through apathy or confusion, are assisting the cause of those who would destroy us. The statement quoted here is right. If enough of our people do defect to the evil cause of our own destruction, it will happen.

Race Traitor aims to serve as an intellectual center for those seeking to abolish the white race. It will encourage dissent from the conformity that maintains it and popularize examples of defection from its ranks, analyze the forces that hold it together and those that promise to tear it apart.

Does it not give you a feeling of great importance that a publication is focused on analyzing you so completely and dedicated to nothing but destroying you? What a threat you must be to these small and disgusting people. They are determined to pull us down into extinction. They are filled with nothing but hate for our people and the things that we have accomplished. They want to end all of that. With the active campaign that our government is waging against us today, I am surprised that these people think it is necessary to assist in that project but obviously they are terrified that White America just might wake up and take a stand against those who are doing their best to kill her.

Part of its task will be to promote debate among abolitionists. When possible, it will support practical measures, guided by the principle, Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.

Who were the original "abolitionists"? Why they were White folks who were opposed to, and trying to eliminate slavery. Here is a complete bastardization of the term. Here these people filled with hatred for our people, are using the ploy of taking a word that many White Americans think of as a positive and good thing, to drive home the idea that killing the White race is a good thing. The term "abolitionists" is here used to describe people who are focused upon the low and despicable task of abolishing the White race.

They claim they wish to promote debate. One is left to wonder what these scoundrels could wish to debate about. Perhaps it is whether to hang our severed heads from the Washington Monument, or to instead just shoot us and dump our bodies into the Grand Canyon. It certainly is not to discuss the fact that the creativity of the White race gave us the ability to fly. They most assuredly are not going to debate the relative value of modern White medicine. No they are going to discuss what is the most efficient way to slit our throats.

And the final phrase is one of the most ugly and reprehensible things I have ever read: "Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity." Think of it! Treason. The yellow, cowardly act of selling out your cause, turning traitor to your people, with all of the abhorrent ramifications that entails, is being promoted by these people, who claim to be White. (I smell a familiar rat behind this Race Traitor nonsense.)

According to Race Traitor, White people are not human. They are not a piece of the "wonderful world of diversity." The White race is the only piece of humanity that it is okay to hate. No, it is more than okay, it is bloody required! Do not ever forget that you are a marked and hated people. Our self-appointed enemies are obviously not going to forget it.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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