Troubleshooting a Problem

WE HAVE A PROBLEM IN THE UNITED STATES TODAY. Unfortunately, most white people seem to see only a small piece of the problem. Some see only the Mexican invasion of California. Others are worried about Texas and bilingual education. Others fret over the Vietnamese surge of immigrants, while others see the collapse of their own neighborhoods. On and on it goes. While these white Americans can see that there is a problem that effects them, they do not see the connection between all of the different problems that white people have all over this country. They do not see it as one big, massive, terrifying problem about to engulf them. Instead they think that if only they could change the local laws or just fix this one problem that they personally are faced with, that they will have corrected what's wrong in this country. If a man sees a massive body of rats running down the street in front of his house, he may think that he understands what the whole problem really is. He will be most unhappy when he discovers that the real problem is that there is a huge wall of water coming fast, which the rats are running away from. While the rats are merely inconvenient, the water can wash away his house, his town, his family and all that matters to him.

The point is that seeing only one symptom of a problem does not tell you all you need to know to properly assess what danger may be on the way. In any troubleshooting course, they will teach you to gather all of the data that relates to a symptom before making an attempt to fix the problem. For example, if your computer were not coming on, before taking out the screws and opening up the chassis, it would be wise to check and see if the computer is plugged in, and that there is power being applied to the receptacle, as well as making sure that the ON/OFF switch is set to the ON position. If your doctor is troubleshooting a problem that you have, he always asks many related questions and performs various tests before he prescribes a treatment.

If you see a symptom, do not assume that it is the whole problem! Look for other symptoms that may be related, even if they do not appear to be related on the surface. You may not automatically connect yellow eyes with an abdominal pain, but it just might be that your gall bladder is acting up and causing both symptoms. If your doctor just looks at one of the symptoms as the whole problem, the treatment may be the wrong one. This will only make your medical condition worse, and could even be fatal!

Let us look at the symptoms of the problem that white people are having in the United States of America.

Ridiculing great white men of the past and in other ways robbing whites of their racial pride holds the normal feelings of self-preservation, and survival, in check. Whites can never go to arms and protect their land if they do not understand that the land is theirs and that their ancestors built it for them. By being hoodwinked into accepting the liberal lie that America is a "melting pot" and that the white race has no special claim on this country, the normal defensive reaction of the white race is being neutralized until the position of power of this country's founding race is eroded away completely. This coupled together with government's complete acceptance, AND SUPPORT, of almost all illegal aliens, as well as an outrageous immigration policy which legally brings in tremendous numbers of Asians and other non-whites, is rapidly wrenching the United States of America away from the white race. Now, throw in the absurd claim that it is harmful to humanity for whites to have large families, while all other races are still having large families, and you will see the complete picture of a coordinated campaign of hostilities against the white race in America.

White growth is curtailed to close to zero. Non-white immigration is promoted. White pride of any sort is attacked whenever it is expressed. White culture is ridiculed, while black and other cultures are celebrated. The whole package is nothing less than a planned program for the elimination of the white race completely in the United States of America. Another indication of this clear attack on the continued existence of the white race, is the enthusiastic promotion of white women mating with non-whites. (If a race's women do not produce members of their own race, the race dies.) All of these symptoms are pointing to the same disease: the left wing liberal desire to remove the white race from planet earth. Liberalism is an aggressive disease and needs to be treated like any malignant tumor. There is no room for an ideology in the United States which is hostile to the white race. America was created by whites and controlled by whites for over two centuries. Any other arrangement would be unAmerican!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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