Test Subject

THE SUBJECT SITS DOWN in a chair designed to make him feel at ease. He is given a drink and a something to eat which is pleasant. Next the programming device is turned on. The subject looks at the device and almost instantly is unaware of his surroundings. As time passes the subject is found to be able to spend long hours staring fixedly at the control device without making any but the most minor of motions. If an EEG were taken at this time it would show that the subject's brain was producing alpha waves.1 The subject is now in a state where information can be transferred directly into his brain, bypassing the normal processing mechanisms. The device, which has captivated the subject's mind, has proven to be a very effective emotional and behavior control device. It is not a James Bond high tech futuristic creation or something from a science fiction movie, spawned from the deranged mind of an evil scientist. It is not an extra-terrestrial device to put all of humanity under their control, but that is not all that far removed from the truth! The subject in this experiment is a normal white American sitting down to watch television.

Have you ever wondered how a nation of proud white people could give up their neighborhoods, their schools, and their right to be white? How was it that whites could sit still and watch while their precious children were forcibly bussed to black schools, sometimes having to ride for an hour or more each way, to a classroom where they would be poorly educated, and hated? How could they calmly stand by while black kids were placed, by their supposedly representative government, into the classroom seats, in the white neighborhoods, where their own white children were rightfully destined to go, and which their white property tax dollars had paid for -- the same schools which they had chosen to build their houses next to so their own children could use them? How could they do nothing as blacks were given jobs that they were not qualified for, while whites, who were qualified for those jobs, were turned down? How is it that whites allowed their families to be attacked by feminism, their history by liberalism and their very own children, by those who hate white people? How have whites allowed nonwhite immigration to displace the white majority in places like Los Angeles, and soon to be the whole nation?

These negative changes, in our society, did not come about by way of magic. It would be impossible in any other century to enforce that much harm onto a proud and powerful people in such a short time without a military invasion. Yet, a military force did not invade the US. How were the people subdued and enslaved so quickly? Have you seen the way a circus elephant is trained to be held by a little leash which is tied to a small stake in the ground that a much smaller animal could easily pull out? The elephant is taken when very young and tied to a stake with a rope. Being very small, the baby elephant cannot break free of the rope or pull the stake up. It tries and it tries. Over and over it tugs at the rope and then suddenly it realizes that it is wasting its time in trying. It is mentally whipped. It will never try again to pull that rope. It knows that it cannot break free. As it grows bigger, it still knows that it cannot break free and so it does not even try. It becomes large enough to move telephone poles around but still it knows that the rope is just too much for it to pull against. It is mentally beaten and therefore controlled.

What does an elephant have to do with the television? It is this: the white man in America is like an elephant being controlled by a little piece of string tied to a toothpick. The television has programmed him to not even try, and left him mentally beaten. He believes that nobody thinks like he does. He thinks everybody else believes that it is wrong to think as he does. If he opens his mouth to speak his mind he will be laughed at, or even fired from his job. He is mentally beaten. The white race could rip the weak bonds from their wrists in a second if they applied their strength to the problem! Instead they sit still and take it.

"Boy the way Glenn Miller played.
Songs that made the hit parade.
Man that old LaSalle ran great!
Those were the days..."

The theme song to one of the greatest propaganda successes in the history of mankind. Here was a show that took the racial wind out of the white man's sails. Here, week after week, we were exposed to a continuing saga of how stupid it is to be racially conscious. White people were trained, week after week, that they would be as stupid as Archie Bunker if they were proud of their race. They would appear to be bumbling idiots if they stood up for their racial rights over the cries of the liberal hate mongers. Week after week, we see the "Meathead" making Archie look like a mental pygmy, lovable but stupid as a box of rocks. The repetitive, negative impact of that show can never be overestimated. It took honest, proud white Americans and mentally shackled that pride and made them ashamed of being born to the race that put a man on the moon. Can you believe it?

Such is the power of the television. It has for the last 50 years or so been putting forward the propaganda agenda of its owners. Americans have followed right along with the not so gentle mental tugging. The process has made it so a candidate running for office cannot have any hope of being elected unless he follows that agenda. Any candidate who does not, is suddenly in the hot seat, and soon is out of the race. In addition, the white man is no longer interested in voting for a candidate who will represent him. That is the most frightening aspect to this.

The white man on the surface has a coating of conformity, baked on and he believes it to be his real self. He thinks that he is appalled by the racist idea that America is a white country, or ever was. Someone saying that he wants his kids to be raised in an all white neighborhood, or to go to an all white school, disgusts him. The mental programming is clearly visible in such people. However, if you can once get through that coating there is hope. If you can poke a hole in it, there is a living breathing white man underneath, and that man will be furious when he awakens to the fact that he has been mentally controlled all of these years. To think that he could have gone to a school where there were no other races, and the classes he took in that school could have taught him about the fabulous achievements of his race, without having to listen to lying liberals, and members of other races, putting his history, his country, and his people down. To know that he could have gone from cradle to adulthood without ever having been told that he should apologize for his race. To be able to watch only white men competing with other white men in sporting events, where the rules are more important than effective but illegal moves. So many parts of the white man's life have been changed because of the mental programming that the television, and those behind it, have given him. And still he watches. Night after night, like an addict shooting up, he puts his mind under the influence of the master controlling device.

Such a device would be dangerous under the most benign of ownership. When you know that your mind goes deep into a trance-like state when you watch television, it should make you want to know the people who you are trusting with your mind. If you were told that you were going to be experimented on by a scientist who would be using a device that has the power of the television, you know that you would be very cautious and very probably would refuse to participate, unless you were completely confident in the motives, the goals and the character of the scientist. Your mind is the most important thing you have, for the appreciation of all else relies on it. If you do not know who it is that you are turning your mind over to when you watch television, I recommend that you go to the bottom of the article at the following link, and find out who it is that owns the television networks: Who Rules America?. Alas it is not the benign that own television. The men of European extraction who actually created the television, are not the ones who now own the right to decide what type of programming will be broadcast for the television.

It is more than merely owning or controlling all of the newspapers in America. It is more than owning all of the major television networks. That would be reason enough to be concerned of course, but merely controlling information by itself would not have made Americans lie down for their own slaughter so quickly if it had not been for the ability of the television to put the viewer under its control so well. How soon after birth is the average American introduced to the mind control machine? Have you ever watched a very small child watching television? A child that is literally wrecking your house, charging from room to room, taking things down off the shelves, pushing things onto the floor, laughing and chattering incessantly suddenly becomes a study in stone. Eyes glued to the set, attention riveted to the flickering screen, that child can sit entirely still for minutes or even hours. Short of drugs, can you think of anything else that can kill a child's energy, desire for fun, and intellectual curiosity as quickly and as thoroughly as the television?

Parents see this in their children every day and yet instead of being alarmed, they do all they can to make the experience a bigger part of their children's lives. They go out and buy their children movies, set up their favorite show for them and even arrange their little schedules so that they do not miss any of that "worthwhile" programming. If the television will stop an active child dead in his tracks, whose enthusiasm for life is so great, what is it doing to you, who are too tired to run through the house and knock things on the floor? The child starts watching television from his crib and finds very few days in his entire childhood when he is not exposed to the television for at least part of the day. This powerful brainwashing tool, this human programming kit, is applied to our children without thought from birth until adulthood.

By then the habit is nearly unbreakable. The thought of actually taking their television from the position of a religious shrine in the family's living room, and throwing it into the dumpster where it belongs, never even crosses the parents' minds. If it did cross their minds it would send shivers up their backs, as if they had suddenly had an uncontrolled thought of murdering a loved one. I wonder if most white families today could envision life without television, an actual unbroken string of contiguous and continuous days, without the programming of the Media Lords.

Imagine if you will, an evening in the household of Mr. and Mrs. White where the little White children sit and listen to Mr. White read stories of white heroes and white culture. Or perhaps a story is told of the White family history. The White children then play a game together and do some crafts. They find mentally active and intellectually wholesome activities, completely free of any influence from the Media Lords. Compare that with what the family would have done had the television been on. At the end of these two possible evenings, you either have children who are better off and mentally more prepared for life, or you have children who have been brainwashed for yet another day with all of the horrible things which are destroying our society: racial diversity, miscegenation, multiculturalism, anti-white propaganda, violence, and on and on.

Until we have taken control of the media for ourselves, a white child should be kept as far away from television as his parents can manage. Great care should be taken to give that child a chance to grow up free of the Media Lords and their disgusting agenda. The child must be taught to read and then given pro-white intellectually sound, uplifting material to read. He must be allowed to run, and play, and not have his little mind drugged and his energetic spirit leashed by the multicultural children's programming so "thoughtfully" provided by the mind control machine. As disgusting as it sounds, it would be better to give your three-year-old a pack of cigarettes than to put them in front of the Media Lords' machine.

Sure, the television programming is neatly packaged. Sure, everyone else is watching it. Sure, you will feel left out when you talk to your neighbors. In reality though, it is like being left out of a Jim Jones Kool Aid party! The funny thing is that if you get your information from places other than the television, you will be ten times better informed than if you use the TV for your news source. You will have better entertainment when you read the book instead of watching the movie. (A normal human brain will never produce alpha waves while reading! It is mentally, a participatory activity where the brain is turned fully on.) You will have alert and intelligent children who are proud of their own heritage and who are far more prepared to counter the Media Lords' programming in school. You owe it to your children to protect them from the attack being waged for their minds.

NOTE: The schools are controlled by the Media Lords and their agenda, because the politicians who are responsible for making the schools what they are, must bow to the Media Lords in order to get elected. Therefore, if you send you kids to public school, those children will be exposed every day to the Media Lords PC agenda. Face up to it, because it is going to happen. Only by parents using their evenings and weekends to undo the school damage will things work out right! However, white American parents are not doing that. Instead they use evenings and weekends to reinforce that PC programming by letting their children watch TV for most of those golden hours of opportunity.

Television is more than just a waste of time, although that is serious enough. Time is life, and television saps that life right out of you. You sit down to watch a program and the next thing you know the whole night is gone and you have nothing to show for it. Nothing except another dose of how wonderful the destruction of the white race is via multiculturalism, and interbreeding. Beyond wasting your time it will change your perception. Every show plays by the same rules. Did you ever hear how Star Trek's William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols talk about the time they missed out on having the first interracial kiss on television? It is as if they felt like they had missed out on producing the cure for cancer! That is how actors and actresses, who willingly work for the Media Lords think. It is in the play book that they all play from. Any glue which holds the white civilization together is attacked every chance they get. Ethics, racial pride, social norms and tradition are under siege.

Did you see the movie, "Fiddler on the Roof?" Remember how Tevye proclaimed the secret to survival for his race? "TRADITION!" Yes tradition is the glue of any society and our tradition is what is most under attack by the very people who were the center of that movie! They wish to tear it down, using television, movies, the schools and the courts. And it is clear that they know what the effects of losing our tradition will be. Else, why would they make their most famous family movie start right off telling us how important tradition is?

American tradition is nothing like what is portrayed on television today. Yet, nearly every American family allows their children to learn the Media Lords' version of tradition: murder, lies, race mixing, homosexuality, multiculturalism, and infidelity. This is what parents are teaching their children today by letting them watch television. Television, where all racially conscious men are crazy, unfeeling, murderous lowlifes, who should be exterminated. Television, where all non-whites are wonderful people, put upon by the terrible white man, and they would never harm anyone. Television where black is white, and white is black, and color is all that matters.

Never forget that what is on television is clearly destructive for our children. Add to that the fact that television is a device which puts the brain's defenses to sleep as it provides the destructive programming, and you are left with the fact that this device is infinitely dangerous to our people today, who are already fighting for their own survival. Read positive books. Teach your children about our culture, and their heritage. Keep the kids' minds active and help them develop the best of positive attributes through television free activities. Yes it takes more work to parent without TV but the rewards are multiplied back to you a thousand fold!


1. Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television [PDF] (Morrow Quill) by Jerry Mander page 210

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