Thinking For Oneself

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a great and happy land. In this land White people, who were proud of their land and their people, roamed free along streets that were populated with other White faces. All of their friends were White. All of the people they watched on television and in the movies were White. They shopped together with other happy White people. They worked together with other White people, and their White children attended school together.

This land was called, "The United States of America." It was also called, "The Land of the Free," and the "Home of the Brave." In this land the children were raised to respect their nation and their people. They also were raised to respect other people in other lands. They held no animosity against other people in other places. This kind-hearted spirit was about to be used against them.

These happy White folks lived in a land that had very few murders, robberies, or other violent crimes. There were nearly no racially motivated crimes, and there were laws in place that made sure White mothers only had White babies. The future of America looked as bright and shiny as the newly risen sun. But a cloud was soon to come along and cover up the light that was shining on America's future.

In looking back from today, it has become clear that an alien force had begun to work on the American scene. The members if this wealthy alien tribe purchased their way into control of every major news outlet in the country. Publicly, they hid their animosity to the White America people, and to our way of life, while moving steadily to work for the demise of the White nation of America. They began their hateful work early in the twentieth century but it became undeniably clear in the 1960s what they were intending to do.

You can easily judge how effective their work has been on yourself by the way you reacted to the description in the first three paragraphs above. If you are an average White American today, when you read about a place that is all-White, your stomach will tighten up, and you will break into a sweat, fearful that someone might see you reading "hate literature." The very idea of White people living together, just like Asian people do in China and Japan, Black people do in Africa, or Mestizos do in Mexico, is frightening. It feels evil and dirty. Why?

The average White American has no negative feelings when he hears of all-Black populations anywhere in the world. To him it is healthy, natural, and good for Black people to live and survive as a people. There are no negative feelings created in the average White American when he reads about all-Asian populations anywhere in the world. That is also healthy, natural, and good. But as soon as he hears anything at all about an all-White population, he has a completely different reaction. If his feelings were allowed to form naturally, he would have the very same good feelings about the White America that existed before the 1960s, as he would about the all-Black or all-Asian areas of the world. Obviously, something has twisted and bent his natural feelings into an unnatural condition. Now he clearly has unnatural and racially suicidal tendencies. He feels uncomfortable with the survival of his own people. He feels dirty when he thinks about his own race hanging on to what they have created. This could not have happened by accident. If White people had always been this confused, they never would have survived into the present day. If they do not untangle their confused thinking of today, they will not survive much farther into the future.

What has to be made clear, is that which used to be perfectly clear to nearly all White Americans:

  1. White people must have their own lands in order to survive in numbers sufficient to provide genetic viability. If such lands do not exit, the size of the White race will dwindle over time, until it is absorbed or exterminated by other races.

  2. Striving to maintain White lands is a healthy and good thing to do. It is the only way for the White race to survive, and if any humans have a right to survive, then of course White humans have a right to survive.

  3. White people will be most happy living with members of their own race. No one, especially the United States Government, which was created by Whites, has the right to take that opportunity away from White people.

Each of those three items is clearly true, and yet the average White in America is terrified to face that truth. He sees in the truth a danger that will upset his little world. But where did his distorted little world come from?

In the 1950s anyone exposed to most of what passes for political thought today would have rightly rejected it as Marxist propaganda. America was White and the White people liked it that way. They went on vacation when they wanted some diversity, and then thanked their lucky stars when they got back home that they didn't have to live around what they saw on vacation in their own neighborhoods. Asians may be exotic, and Mexicans may be colorful, but they are not like us and never will be. They have their culture and we have ours. The American of the 1950s knew he lived in the greatest country on earth, and knew that an important part of that was his White heritage. It was his gentile White European ancestors that built his nation, from an undeveloped land, populated by stone-aged savages. Without the White roots of America, America could not and would not have ever been built. While the American of the 1950s respected other peoples, he knew they were just that, other peoples. They were not his people, and never would be.

It should be perfectly clear to any thinking individual that the attitude of the average 1950s American was sound, healthy, and good. He sent a lot of his hard-earned money out to help people with different colored skin, in the form of charity. He was not filled with "hate" for those people. He wished them well, and he more than wished, he contributed to their welfare! So, how on earth did the average America of the 21st century come into his unnatural and distorted point of view?

If you look at what Americans were exposed to over the last 50 years, it will be easy to see the source of all the trouble. Americans made a horrible mistake. They invited an alien force into their homes and let it take over their lives. It is as simple as that. You can walk into nearly any White home in this country today and point without hesitation to the source of their brainwashed condition. Just walk into their living room, and point at the box.

It is passing strange how humans seem to joke about anything in their lives that they know is destructive. Smokers are forever joking about their "cancer sticks" and their "coffin nails" as they light up another cigarette. Overeaters will joke about the "fat pills" they are eating as they put another doughnut or candy bar into their mouths. With the average American he uses the terms "boob tube" or "idiot box" to describe his addictive and destructive master. He laughs, but a part of him knows that this device is destructive. What he does not realize is the extent of the danger!

There are certain inherent flaws in the television medium. It has been asserted, and I think validly so, that television must be destructive by its very nature. It is a boring medium. If one camera angle is used, without zooming in or zooming out, you will fall asleep watching it, no matter what is being shown or how interested you are in the subject material. A corollary, which follows from this fact, is that the more violent and changing something is, the more effectively it is conveyed by television. The more cerebral, a topic is, the more difficult it will be to use television to cover it. Television is the one and only reason that football surpassed baseball as the most popular sport in America. Football has lots of hitting and violence, with very little thought involved at the viewing level. Either the ball is moved forward, or it is not. At the coaching level there are many things going on, but the vast majority of it never reaches the viewer. If it did the viewer would be changing the channel!

What this means is that television, even in the best of hands, is going to degenerate into violent, shallow, and useless material for the masses. If anything else is tried it will ultimately be a financial failure. And that is if it is in the BEST of hands. But what if it is not in the best of hands?

After reading through the list of whose hands the television is really in (See Who Rules America?) we are left with the realization that a people alien to our White gentile ancestors who created America, are in charge of the most powerful influence in the USA today. It is that very influence that has driven the average White American to his confused and destructive point of view today.

There is hardly a single thought in his head that did not come from the television. He has watched movies, documentaries, sitcoms, and worst of all, news programs that have driven the same ideas into his head night after night, and day after day. He has been so thoroughly programmed that he doesn't even realize that it has happened. Other than his necessary air, water, and food, there is nothing in his life that he would miss more than he would miss his television if it were taken from him. That is how addicted he is to the propaganda box in his house.

I was very pleased to find that a White man that I was talking to the other day, had come awake all on his own, on one aspect of the television propaganda. (I am hopeful that he will soon be able to make the connection to all of the other leftist propaganda points that are daily re-enforced on the television.) He suddenly realized that everything that he saw on television: sitcoms; news shows... everything, all promoted the idea that owning handguns is bad. As a gun owner and a strong supporter of the second amendment, he found that idea repugnant. I pointed out to him that there is an entire list of propaganda points that the television is just as unswervingly promoting, as it is the gun issue.

Over time, the propaganda wears the viewer's objections down, not with reason and facts, but with repetition of the party line over and over. The picture is created in the viewer's mind that the television-promoted point of view is the only one that is acceptable, and that all other Americans have the same point of view. His fear of being different is played upon. The fact that the characters who have a different point of view from the party line in any of the shows he watches are always portrayed as either stupid (e.g. Archie Bunker), or evil. He is terrified of being thought of as being either stupid or evil by other people in his life. At the same time, another part of him is ashamed of the fact that he is letting other people tell him what to think. So, as a form of self-defense, he convinces himself that he actually believes what the television told him to think. In fact he goes so far as to react against anyone who challenges his brainwashed point of view, exactly like the characters do in his television shows. He has turned over his entire thought process, and even his behavior, to the television, and therefore to the people who control the programming on the television.

So, if you have ever wondered why having a wonderful and caring White society like we had in the 1950s is now considered evil and filled with hate, now you know. Aside from the extremely important fact that the party line being promoted by the television is going to exterminate the White race given enough time, you owe it to your own dignity and self esteem, to turn the propaganda box off and start thinking for yourself. Otherwise you are accepting the role of a sheep willingly.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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