Two Conflicting Worlds

August 11, 2002

WHILE THE STEADY LINE OF DRIVEL PUT OUT BY the controlled media (1) is constantly saying that race doesn't matter, it is becoming clear to more and more Americans that race is the single most important sociological factor in their lives! This fact makes it very difficult for them to fit into what they view as "mainstream thinking."

The problem is clearly highlighted when you compare the two completely separate worlds that impact their lives: 1) the media propaganda blitz, which also includes all the laws and Supreme Court rulings that it has produced; and 2) the real world around them. The two worlds are impossible to reconcile to one another!

The media world of delusion and lies says that race doesn't matter at all. Anyone who makes a fuss about race is an uneducated moron, irrationally fearful of all those different from themselves. The ones driving this fantasy world have even created a word to describe the condition of such unfortunate people: xenophobia. No one wants to have a phobia. That is only for crazy people! The fact that such a word even exists and is used in this context shows to what depths the Media Lords will stoop. If you don't agree with their view, you need mental help. If you want to preserve the nation that our forefathers created you are crazy!

But what about the real world? What about the world where these people actually live? The average White American will do anything to avoid living in a predominately non-White neighborhood. Why? Because he knows that in a Black or Hispanic neighborhood, his life, and the lives of his family, will be in danger. His property will be at risk. It is a foolish and unnecessary risk to take. Whites routinely joke about, or comment on the fact, that they don't want to get a flat tire in some part of town; a part of town which always is predominately non-White. They know that "non-White" means "hostile" to them and their way of life.

The problem is that the media will never let the Whites connect the dots. If the media were not beating the "diversity is wonderful" drum, it would be crystal clear to all White Americans that if you don't want to get a flat tire in some part of the city now, once diversity has become universal, you will find, as they have in South Africa, that you have no part of the city in which it is safe to break down, or even to live.

But that is the absolute worst part of this, the part that even regular television watchers could identify if left alone to think about it. What about the less obvious parts? What does diversity bring besides the actual threat to our survival as a race?

Take a walk through Chinatown in any major city. You feel like you have left America behind you, and you are now walking through a foreign country. These people did not come here to be absorbed into America and to assimilate into the American way of life. They came to take what America had to give, and to bring a piece of China here where they could live as Chinese, while taking American wealth for themselves. Generation after generation these Asian conclaves go on.

In a similar manner we are now creating Mexican territory in our land, where Cinco de Mayo is celebrated and the Fourth of July is not. Spanish is spoken, and written on all the signs in the store windows. It is no longer a part of the USA, but has become alien territory.

The Black areas of town have been a separate nation for many decades, and all the while, the media continues to lie to the White Americans by saying that diversity is a great strength, and these immigrants are just like the ones we used to get from Europe. They are not just the same, and they are not building a stronger America, nor are they even going to allow America, as we know it, to continue to exist. What will exist a hundred years from now, should we be so docile as to let the process continue that is currently working against our land and our people, is a third world brown nation, with no remembrance of the once great United States of America. The Egyptians of today are scraping out their existence around the pyramids, and other ruins of an ancient nation, that was so far advanced above them that they cannot conceive of how it came to be. That is exactly what the future brown Americans will be doing, living in squalor and looking in wonder at the ruins of our once great nation. This is not unavoidable, but it must be opposed in strength if it is to be stopped from happening.

We cannot just let things coast on, living out our lives as best we can, hoping for the best. We have to struggle. We have to speak up. We have to act!

What is difficult to conceive of is how the White Americans were ever sold a bill of goods, which consisted of the nonsense that continuing on as before, having a White nation, was somehow evil. Is it hate to keep strangers out of your own house? Is it evil to protect what is yours? Is it evil to pass on the fruits of your own labor to your own children and deny it to the children of others? Of course not!

But that is the lie that has been sold to the White Americans today. They have been told that protecting their own property, and their own wealth is less moral than allowing the future of their own children to be thrown into the pigsty of third world squalor. We would prosecute a man for child abuse if he abandoned his children to their own fate. We consider a parent responsible for the care of his children. He is accountable for any action or inaction he takes that will impact the lives and safety of his children.

There are very few things that any parent could do that are more negligent than what White Americans are doing today concerning the future generations of their own descendants! Think of living in a land that is made up entirely of those parts of town where you don't feel welcome, and where you wouldn't want to get a flat tire. Think long and hard about it. That is what we are allowing to happen to our children's future world through celebrating diversity. That is what we are going to be morally accountable for, once it is too late to do anything about it.

We have allowed a point of view to become dominant in our land that equates merely wishing to live in a White land, and having White neighborhoods, and White schools in other words, maintaining the very United States of America that I was born into with the evil of tying some poor man to the back of a truck and dragging him to death. It is enough to make you gag. Defending your nation and your way of life has been classified as some sort of perversion, a sickness. You are pigeonholed as a disgusting racist, who is filled with hate if you just want to live as a White person. Now that is crazy!


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