To Rule the World

HERE IS AN OPINION PIECE BY MARY ROBINSON, a "high commissioner" within the new world governmnet structure, who attacks the ideas of race, freedom of speech, and even civilized behavior towards those with whom she disagrees with. I am including the entire text of this commentary, with my responses to her outrageous statements interlaced between.

The Daily Star - March 24,2000


Time to fight racism with action, not words

by Mary Robinson UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Secretary-General of the World Conference against Racism.

Note how in the title of this piece, violence against those who think race is important, is already threatened!

The rise in Europe of a far-right nurturing nostalgia for the Nazi past; the recent attacks on migrants in southern Spain; anti-foreigner attitudes in several of the economically better-off African countries; institutionalized racism in some police forces and prison systems: this grim and, sadly, incomplete list is a stark reminder that bigotry and bias are alive and well as we marked on Tuesday the first International Day against Racial Discrimination of the new century.

Note how there is no mention of the rise in murder and rape in South Africa, or in the United States for that matter since Blacks have been given free rein to destroy as they please in the once safe White communities there. The facts of life that this woman is trying to ignore, are that all White societies that have succumbed to racial diversity, have fallen into the lower strata of civilization and permanently remained there. Pointing that out is "nurturing nostalgia for the Nazi past" according to this White hating lady.

But where do anti-foreigner attitudes come from? Are they not a natural self-defense against having your own culture and people destroyed? If a race does not remain apart from other races, it will cease to exist, being absorbed into a mongrel mix. There is nothing wrong with trying to preserve your race. There is nothing wrong with trying to preserve your culture. You do that by having a healthy level of anti-foreigner attitudes. You do not want to make foreigners so welcome in your land that they decide to stay. Otherwise, it becomes their land and not yours. It will create a "gentle invasion" that will obliterate your people and your culture as completely as any military invasion would. That is what this lady is not only willing to tolerate, but she is willing to implement by force!

What of "the first International Day against Racial Discrimination of the new century?" Aside from the fact that this is actually still the twentieth century until midnight December 31, 2000, how is it that it has been decided that each nation of the entire world will love diversity, and be willing to give up their own national sovereignty, to these totalitarian internationalists? I live in the United States of America, and I acknowledge no right of any external organization or force to dictate a single aspect of my life or of the lives of my countrymen. We decide what we will do, and we do not need to ask any other people for their acceptance of what we will do within our own borders. In the same vein, Clinton, Albright and all others involved with the decision to attack Yugoslavia should be condemned, prosecuted and punished as being war criminals, for that nation is a sovereign one, and we illegally attack them, just as this Mary Robinson is suggesting that we be attacked if she does not like our policies.

What is an International Day of anything? In order to declare an international day of something, there has to be an international authority to proclaim it, an authority above your own nation. I acknowledge no such authority, and consider it an illegal assumption of power, that rightfully belongs to my sovereign country, to attempt it. There can be no legal proclamation of an International day of anything, because each nation must determine for itself whether it wishes to subscribe to whatever is being promoted by that day. We do not live in a "democracy of nations" where the majority of nations vote on issues, and all the rest of the world has to comply. We live on a planet that is divided into separate nations and those nations are independent of any world government. I deny the right of any organization to proclaim an International Day for, or against, anything.

Beyond that, I disagree with the concept of a Day against Racial Discrimination. Races have the right to discriminate against other races within their own territory, in order to remain viable as a race. Each race has the right to attempt to survive and no organization has the right to deny it to them. If a people cannot promote themselves over others, how can they maintain their culture? They cannot. Therefore it is inherent to survival that discrimination must be a right. What this International Day against Racial Discrimination is really about is the attempt, by an International group of power hungry scoundrels, to destroy the White race and all White countries. Sure, she mentioned "the economically better-off African countries" as if that phrase has any real meaning since the Whites are being driven out of Africa completely, but you will note that the rest of her diatribe was directed at White nations. Only White nations have the power to oppose these people, and they know it.

Tackling racism and xenophobia must be one of our top priorities. It is clear that the affirmation in the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights "Everyone is born free and equal in dignity and rights" has not become a reality. Where one is born and one's status often determine the rights one can effectively claim and the dignity one enjoys.

Note that here the assertion is made that racism and xenophobia must be tackled as a first priority. Why? What is to be gained by this absurd activity. The very survival of any race or people must rely upon their ability to discriminately support their own kind and reject other kinds. To accept all kinds equally in any area will mongrelize the people and the culture, and destroy the previous people and culture. This is a fact that cannot be denied. If you feel that your people and your culture are worthy of preservation, this woman is marshalling her forces to tackle you and to destroy you.

The whole premise of this opinion piece is based upon an "affirmation." I do not affirm this declaration and therefore it is not "Universal." Everyone is not born free, and everyone is not afforded by right the same dignity and rights, and they never will be. Show me one nation, one province, one city or even one neighborhood where everyone in it is afforded the same dignity. There is no such organization of people and there never will be. The rich will always receive more dignity than the poor. The politically powerful will always demand and receive more dignity than the weak. I will guarantee that this haughty woman wanders through her daily life demanding that people bow to her station, giving her more dignity than she gives in return. Do not be fooled by these liars. The book Animal Farm, by George Orwell, gives a great picture of how these folks end up running things. We are all equal but "some are more equal than others."

Of course, "Where one is born and one's status often determine the rights one can effectively claim and the dignity one enjoys." Do you honestly think power hungry people like this woman will actually change that for the better? Look at this entire world. Now think of trying to make all the nations on earth act exactly the same way. What will be required to make that happen? Bingo! You see the fallacy of this whole process. The only way that you can enforce this sort of policy is through an iron-fisted world government where all rights are crushed and then a few are handed back to placate the masses. George Orwell created just such a society in his book 1984. He had the world split into 3 parts instead of only one part but the process is pretty much the same. All people will have their freedom crippled by constant surveillance and stiff penalties, including death, for any independent action.

When she refers to where you are born, she means what country you are a citizen of. This woman wants you to lose all status of being a citizen of your own country. She wants you to gain no favor or advantage because of what your people have accomplished. Why should the fact that your people created wealth, technology and medicine give you an advantage over those whose people developed the shrunken head? The White European concept of inheritance is to be thrown out and Marx's share and share alike is to be accepted world wide. All that Marxism has ever produced is mass murder and mass poverty. But Mary Robinson is eager to promote even more of it on a worldwide scale. You can add up all of the deaths of World War I, of World War II, and of the communist purges of the past, which include hundreds of millions of people killed, and they will not hold a candle to what awaits us if this woman, and her Internationalist friends get their way!

International standards have been set for the prevention and elimination of discrimination, but social and political realities undermine the promise of human-rights law.

Yes, the political reality of national sovereignty keeps getting in the way of these power hungry animals. They are determined to crush the masses and rule the world. They claim that their goal is the "elimination of discrimination," but they are more intent upon discrimination than any other group on earth. They are set on squashing you, so they can rule over you. They wish to hold all privilege, and all dignity, only for themselves. No one else can have it, only they. You do not have to look very deep passed what they are saying to see the greed and power lust in their hearts. They do not give a hoot about real fairness, or eliminating suffering. They only care about building their world power.

There can be no world human-rights law, without a world government to enforce it. Of course she knows this and that is why she brings it up. She cares not a bit whether or not the law is enforced, but only that the world organization necessary to enforce it is in place. The whole human-rights song and dance show is a complete fraud, intended solely to promote the world government. If it were not human-rights it would be environmentalism, or some other cause to scare the people with. Anything to promote the world organization and to feed more power into its hands. Once the power is transferred in sufficient quantities, it will be like nuclear fission reaching critical mass. There will be no stopping it and your rights, property, dignity and hope will be gone. Never confuse what these folks are saying with what they are doing. They are creating a world government and nothing else.

In September 2001, governments and representatives of civil society will gather at the World Conference against Racism to address these shortcomings. The delegates will meet, fittingly, in South Africa, to review action taken to fight discrimination since the end of World War II, when revulsion against racism and xenophobia led most of humanity to join hands and establish the United Nations and adopt the Universal Declaration.

As the power increases that these people have in their hands they grow more bold. They are going to have a world conference "against Racism" to address these "shortcomings." What they are doing is meeting to discuss how they can speed up the process of destroying the White countries and the White race. There is no other issue that they will be focused on, at least out in the open. They will be intent upon cutting the throat of our people, as quickly an efficiently as possible. All attempts to defend the survival of the White race, which is how they define "Racism" will be under attack with all the gusto they can bring to bear.

And it is fitting that they should pick South Africa for this hate conference. Indeed this land of the rape and murder of Whites is a fitting location for their planning committee on how to finish off the White man on planet earth. Where better to connive to kill free speech lest the truth stand in the way of their plan for world domination? Where better to see the correct way to rub out the White race through diversity? South Africa is definitely a fitting place for them to form their hate filled plans.

Revulsion against racism and xenophobia led the world to join hands and establish the United Nations? It is funny how the truth is never any obstacle at all to these lying sacks of fertilizer. If they want to say something, they say it. Truth does not matter. Fact is immaterial. They just throw it out there and they know that the ignorant masses will buy it no matter what the say. The UN was promoted to the world as an organization that would prevent war, by interceding between nations and enforcing sanctions upon nations that were getting out of hand. The main force that was tapped by its organizers was the emotional fear of nuclear weapons. Revulsion against racism and xenophobia was not even part of the propaganda package that created the UN. Today it is certainly a big part of the UN as this woman has clearly demonstrate in her diatribe. But it is an outright lie that revulsion against racism was what led to the creation of the UN.

One conclusion they will inevitably draw is that 50 years after that hopeful time, racism and xenophobia are again on the rise. In the past decade alone we have seen genocide in Rwanda and "ethnic cleansing" in the former Yugoslavia.

Perhaps this hypocrite merely forgot to mention that ethnic cleansing is going on right now against the Serbs in Yugoslavia in the province of Kosovo under the supervision of the UN? Did we bomb Rwanda because they committed genocide? Nope. You see they were not White folks trying to maintain their racial existence. But you see we did bomb the Serbs in Yugoslavia, and we did station troops in Kosovo to assist in the destruction of the White race in that location. The UN is fearful of the power that the White race has today, even though it only makes up 8% of the world population. The UN, under the direction of the Internationalist power brokers, is intent on wiping out the White race through diversity, and it is using all of its resources to break the back of the only defense that the White race has: racism. Whenever you see an attack on "Racism" you know that its real target is the White race.

And today, a number of crises that challenge principles of equal treatment continue to burn slowly: Indigenous peoples have been marginalized and pushed into the more inhospitable parts of their territories. Their rights to land and natural resources are tenuous or not recognized. United Nations human-rights bodies are elaborating standards for their protection and remedies against violations, but there is a long way to go before members of these groups can obtain equality.

See how the process proceeds? There are "United Nations human-rights bodies" now that can "elaborate standards." My country threw out the authority of foreign control, when we had our American Revolution. We took it upon ourselves to set our own policies and to hell with any external political power. I still feel that way! I am sure that a great many Americans do too. I do not care a bit about any standards, laws, or other pipe dreams created by any external power to the United States of America. I am having enough trouble trying to accept the outrageous conduct of my own government without having to deal with that of outsiders as well.

So the UN is going to tell us how to deal with indigenous people huh? The land upon which America is built had no indigenous people. The populations of this land all immigrated here from somewhere else. The Indians came from Asia and the White man came from Europe and the Black man came from Africa. The real point is that today the White man has build a country that did not exist before, and has given the Indians full citizenship to that country, and has paid them welfare if they should choose not to participate. If that is not good enough for the UN that is just too bad. Even if we chose to act in a much meaner fashion, it is none of the business of the UN either. We are a sovereign nation and we decide what goes on inside of our borders.

Migrant workers are often subjected to exploitation and xenophobia. They are welcomed when there is a shortage of labor, but are the first to be fired when unemployment sets in. The international instrument drafted to ensure their rights the Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families has not been ratified by a single industrialized country and has not entered into force.

Not a single nation has ratified it! Perhaps that should tell Mary Robinson something? Migrant workers are people who do not belong to an area where they are at. Hence the name MIGRANT workers. They are welcomed to work because they work cheap, by choice, and they are welcomed to leave after they are done. If they do not like that arrangement, they can look for a different line of work. It is none of the business of the UN how they are treated one way or the other. The UN has no legal ground upon which it can even exist, let alone to set policy for other nations.

The real problem with migrant workers is the fact that they often are in an area illegally. What any given nation should do is either: (1) aggressively go after the illegal aliens within their borders and throw them all out and force farmers to get local workers OR (2) set up strict laws governing migrant worker including the fact that they will remain in their work area until the work is completed and then be forced to leave the country. The problem is not that foreigners are not well accepted in any given area, but rather that foreigners are intent on forcing their way in where they are not accepted. A racial group of people have the right to remain separate from other racial groups, in order to continue to exist. With the White race this is especially important due to the low birth rate that it has.

Undocumented workers smuggled or lured into a country on false promises are especially hard hit because of their "illegal" status. Many women end up in forced prostitution, not daring to denounce their tormentors because in so doing they would risk being sent back to their country of origin to face disgrace, shame or worse.

Here is the root of the problem, we have a group of people who have broken the law in order to be somewhere that they are not supposed to be. And then, because they are then criminals they are in a position where they are easily manipulated into doing things that they would otherwise not do. And the "solution" promoted by this Internationalist power monger? Why, we must remove the illegal status from their activities. They must be protected like all good criminals should be. We can not go around abusing our criminals. No sir!

The logical solution, no the only solution, is to aggressively remove these criminals from our land. They must be deported instantly and exhaustively. Then they will not mongrelize our racial group, and they will not be abused. They will instead be gone.

It is always the backwards solution that the Leftist power broker puts forward. Racial separation is good and wholesome. There is nothing dirty or hateful about it. The Leftist forces the races into living all mixed up together, and then they wring their hypocritical hands in mock concern that there are racial confrontations. If it were not clear why they are so intent upon disruption of our society, you would think that they were completely insane to act in such a manner.

Widespread violations of human rights have given rise to a massive flow of refugees. Much of the violence and armed conflict of recent years could have been averted if early action had been taken at the national level to bring discrimination to an end and to respond to justified grievances. The global community must accept that some utterly vulnerable groups can be faced with conditions that leave no choice but to flee, and should help when this happens.

Now the UN has become the Red Cross. While concern for "vulnerable groups," is a humanitarian thing to have, it is not the responsibility for any nation to accept refugees from another nation, especially refugee who are of a different racial background from those of the potential host nation. The primary cause of these armed conflicts that produce refugees in the first place is the very attitude that Mary Robinson is expressing. For each race and ethic group to have its own land is the only sure way to avoid producing "justified grievances". By using force upon a nation from outside, in order to make it conform to the fairy tale ideals of the multiracial, multicultural Leftist is a sure way to create death, hatred and discrimination.

When members of a racial group of people are given no choice but to flee they must be directed to flee to a nation where they are the same racial type and preferably the same ethnic background as the citizens of that destination country. That way they will fit in and not cause problems when they settle there. What the UN wants to do is to create the same exact problem all over again by moving inassimilable people from one location into another location where they will still not be able to fit in. That is insane.

The right to seek asylum has become increasingly difficult to exercise due to the implementation of "non-admission" policies by most industrialized countries.

The "right" to seek asylum is not the same at the right to be given asylum. What this woman is proposing here, is that industrial nations (White nations), be forced by the illegal international government, to accept Nonwhite immigrations without any consideration as to their race, their criminal background, their health, their abilities, or their desire to leave quickly to a new location. In other words, if things are tough back at home, any Nonwhite in the world should have the right to just walk into any White country on earth and be given citizenship on the spot.

The implications of this "policy" are quite frightening to anyone who thinks them through. No nation on earth will have the ability to control the make up of its population any longer. If a nation desires to retain its racial homogeneity, the world government will destroy that nation. If a nation wishes to avoid being bombed, like Yugoslavia was, it must give up its national sovereignty, and accept whatever racial mix of people that the world government should choose to inflict upon it. We have a world government in the making that is intent upon forcing all White nations to lose their racial quality and to cease to be White. By stealing the lands where Whites can safely reproduce themselves, the ultimate result will be the destruction of the White race, and nothing but Nonwhites will exist on the entire planet.

One point that should be noted is that you will never see these White haters of the world government attempt to do to Asian countries, African Countries, or any Nonwhite countries at all, the same thing that they are doing to the White countries. You can easily see from their hypocritical action that they are only interested in breaking the back of the White race.

Visa requirements, sanctions against airlines, the isolation of applicants and processing of applications for asylum abroad has led to a significant decrease in the number of asylum-seekers. As a result, many would-be refugees are prevented from escaping persecution in their home countries.

It is completely illegal for any outside organization to attempt to control what any nation does within its own borders, that does not effect anyone outside of their borders. However, such illegal control pales in comparison to this outrageous demand. We see here that the new world government is focused on destroying the right of a nation to determine whom it will let inside its borders. The idea of a nation requiring a visa, is called out as something evil here. Think of it! Your nation will no longer have any control over its borders once these people are done with you. Your nation will not be able to demand visas, choose what airlines will be allowed to use your airports regardless of their safety record, or hold would-be entrants up in a safe location until they are processed in.

The typical Leftist tactic is being use to create support for this absurd and deadly policy. They call out some group of people that have a difficult situation, and then suggest a solution for that situation that is one hundred times worse than the original situation. As bad as it would be to see all refugees perish, that would be far better than what this woman is proposing. If borders are broken down completely, poverty, crime, starvation and war would be never ending anywhere on earth. No group of people could ever seclude themselves from others and use their abilities to produce a better life for themselves. Each time they tried, their efforts would be overrun by another group of "refugees" from oppression.

The Roma community (Gypsies) are the subject of social discrimination in many countries. Europe in particular is at a loss to deal with this issue. Well-intentioned but paternalistic efforts to assimilate them to the dominant Western cultures have failed, and European states face the delicate task of ensuring conditions under which the Roma can retain their identity and dignity without being subject to discrimination.

The Gypsies have wandered around for hundreds of years, refusing to assimilate and living by deceit, theft and mobility. They are a blot upon the land. Mary Robinson does not fault the disruptive Gypsies for their practices, but instead she blames Europe for not being more understanding towards them.

And here is a critical point that you must not miss! She is concerned about the Gypsies retaining their own identity and dignity. What of the White nations? What of the White race? Where is this UN hypocrite on that issue? How can Whites retain their own identity and dignity if they are not allowed the same freedom as the Gypsy to not be assimilated into the world mongrel racial mix? The duplicity of these Leftists is so obvious that it is amazing that they are not run out of town for good on a rail, covered with tar and feathers.

The greatest feature of the propagandists of the Left is their constant demands for that which they know is impossible. They know that discrimination will result from diversity. It has happened in every society where diversity has existed. Either the majority discriminates against the minority, or the government discriminates against the majority in favor of the minority. There never has been an equal balance and there never will be. Those on the Left know this as well as you and I. The reason that they make these stupid claims is to create disruption. A disrupted society is one that is easily taken over and that is their only aim. They do not care about Gypsies. They do not care about Blacks. They do not care about anyone at all. They only care about driving home their agenda, which is control of the world for themselves. What this woman is saying is indisputable proof of that.

Hate speech is on the increase. Racists have discovered a new tool by which they can spread their virulent and destructive prejudices. Hate speech is disseminated through the internet at little financial cost and, in some countries, without the risk of penal consequences.

The thing that the Leftist power mongers have, right at the top of the list of things that they hate, is freedom of speech. They know that if the people of the world are made aware of what is really going on, it will make the task of crushing the citizens of the world under the boot of tyranny much more difficult to do. It frustrates them greatly that there are those out there on the Internet who are spreading the truth around. They are frantic, rabid with desire to close down that lone remaining avenue for truth to move freely. You can see the rage in this woman at the very idea that anyone could oppose her schemes, and for a low financial cost, and with no risk of penal consequences.

Of course they never use the term "truth" to describe facts and data that are accurate, and that convey what is really going on in the world. No, in order to cover their own deadly game, they label all information which contradicts their lies as being "hate speech." They keep hammering it home, over and over again to the masses through their mass media. Anyone who opposes the Leftist is a hater, and anything anyone says on the Right is hate speech.

She did highlight, whether intentional or not, a fact that should frighten all free men a great deal. She said that "in some countries" people are still free to speak, without worrying about being thrown in jail. That means that in many countries that is no longer true. There are men in jail right now, in Germany and other nations, for speaking their own minds. The Leftists are growing in power, and the masses, who are watching the Leftist propaganda called "entertainment" on a daily basis, are rapidly moving towards wanting to help slit their own collective throat. You will see more and more support, given by the people, towards eliminating their own right of free speech, in order to silence those who are speaking out against the world tyranny that is fast coming upon us.

When you are in control of the dictionary, as Big Brother was in the book 1984, you can twist reality around any way you wish. The Leftists today have defined anyone who wishes for his people to survive as a distinct group, separate from any other group, to be a racist, a hater, and have classified all that he says as hate speech. How convenient for them. They say that all White countries must give up their sovereignty, and that no separation of the White race from other races will be tolerated. And they can say that anyone who disagrees with them is a hater, and must be shut up. Their definitions are accepted as valid by our government, which places us in a very dangerous position today.

And at the same time they can practice doublethink with no fear of being called on it. They can, on the one hand, declare that Whites are haters if they wish to survive as a distinct people. They can, on the other hand, demand that other racial or ethnic groups have the inalienable right to be allowed to survive as distinct groups. They can promote these two mutually exclusive ideas, at the same time, even in the same document, as Mary Robinson has demonstrated here, without fear of being ridiculed or attacked for it. In fact they come off sounding like they are on the moral high ground, even though they are plotting the complete destruction of White, Western civilization. You have to stand in awe of these folks' twisted and brazen gall, their Chutzpah.

In Europe there is a particular fear of this new avenue for racist propaganda, and efforts are being made to bring it under control. But racists can now disseminate their hateful material through United States-based sites, protected by the country's application of the provisions of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Yes, Europe is throwing people in jail in an attempt to stifle the truth. They are trying their hardest to "bring it under control." Openly maintaining the views of the vast majority of White folks prior to World War II, would be legal grounds for incarceration today, and this woman applauds that situation. Are you getting this? Do you see where this is heading? We are being attacked, full force and most folks are sitting on their couch, fat, dumb and happy, watching their daily dose of Leftist propaganda, without any concern.

It is seldom that we see such a blatant and direct attack upon our First Amendment as this one. Mary Robinson actually exposes her deep hatred and fear of one of the very most important and treasured freedoms that Americans have: freedom of speech. If only the United States did not apply that dreadful First Amendment. If only the Bill of Rights did not exist. How much better for Mary Robinson and her Leftist power mongers if only they could just shut everyone up permanently. If only there were penal codes attached to speaking the truth, then we could just shoot all those who want to preserve the White race and Western culture and be done with it. Tyranny is so much easier to implement when no one can speak up against what you are doing!

It is a clear indication of how powerful the Leftists think that they are, when they will come out so openly on the attack against the First Amendment. The Bill of Rights is integral to American life, and most Americans still are very enamoured with the idea of the Bill of Rights, even if they do not understand what it is really all about. To call out the Bill of Rights as being a bad thing, the way this woman did, would have been politically disastrous only a short time past. Today the Leftists have no fear of reprisals any longer. They feel their bonds are bursting and that they can sprint home to world domination without any real opposition for the rest of the way. But they simply must do away with that stubborn, irritating freedom of speech that the United States of America has.

The world will be looking to the delegates who will meet in South Africa next year to go beyond the all too predictable and perfunctory condemnations of racism.

Speaking will no longer be enough. It is time for more than that. It is time that the Leftists get physical and bomb the opposition into submission. It is time to set up the gulags for those guilty of thought crime. It is time to set up the execution squads for those who refuse to accept the extermination of the White race. It is time for action. You can easily envision the spittle running down the chin of this woman as she contemplates the marvelous destruction that lies before us. No more talk, we will see action as we "go beyond" to the wonders of active oppression!

The World Conference will have to harness a renewed collective commitment to implement what was promised in those early postwar years.

There was nothing promised in those early years. A war was fought. In the aftermath, the Leftist communists collected up and tortured all of eastern Europe, and the West rebuilt itself as best it could. The promise of communism was shown up to be the same type of lies as everything that comes out of the mouths of the Leftists. Where prosperity is promised, poverty is delivered. Where safety is promised, death and torture is delivered. Where equality is promised, inequality is delivered. Nothing is as it is claimed to be by the Leftist. Where is the call for the fulfillment of those promises?

The phrasing of these power mongers sound like it came out of a can. The conference will have to "harness a renewed collective commitment." Why will it have to do this? Because the world domination planned by this woman and her cohorts will not be as easy without that commitment. It is supposedly an old commitment that is being "renewed." At the same time she is trying to imply that it is something new. And who will be doing the harnessing? Those who are attempting to control the world. This is heady stuff. World domination. Harnessing the nations of earth to do the bidding of a chosen few. Does this not send chills up your back?

The outcome should be a practical plan of action to fulfil the pledge to promote and encourage universal respect of human rights for all without distinction as to race, color, gender or ethnic or national origin.

What a fine ending to this diatribe. A plan of action will be drawn up. We have suddenly faded off into the nebulous world of team building and plans of action. After reading her previous comments, she is looking for much more than merely some reserved commitment to a vague list of action items. And encouraging universal respect of human rights has nothing to do with what she was beating the drum for throughout the rest of her statement. You can have complete respect for all other humans without subscribing to any of her previous demands. You need not give up your national sovereignty, or accept anyone into your country that you do not wish to, in order to respect all humans. You can readily separate the races from each other by nation or by local arrangement, and still respect all humans. In fact, if you really respect humans, you will do exactly that because you will prevent massive amounts of bloodshed and misery by doing so.

The big lie that Mary Robinson, and her cohorts, is promoting, is that the White race must give up its lands, its heritage, its culture and its daughters in order to respect the members of other races. It is completely false. It is absurd. It is outside the bounds of sanity. But they are promoting it, and our brainwashed people are buying it. They better wake up soon or they will be facing Big Brother "up close and personal."

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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