When Logic Fails

August 7, 2003

WE ARE ALL THE SAME WE ARE TOLD. Skin color and the shape of our lips and noses don't matter at all. There are no racial differences of significance. Okay, let's accept that for the moment as a working hypothesis. Where does it lead us?

  1. If there are no differences, then having a society that is all-White would be equal in all ways with any other arrangement in a society, including all-Black, all-Asian, or any mix of as many races as you can think of. It is impossible for all races to be equal, and at the same time for there to be anything at all inferior, wrong, or bad in having an all-White society. Ethically, and logically, there can be no argument against a society choosing to be all-White, in favor of any other arrangement. The only way for there to be any logical argument in favor of any particular racial arrangement is for there to be very significant racial differences. IF THERE ARE NO RACIAL DIFFERENCES NO VALID CASE CAN BE MADE IN FAVOR OF INTEGRATION OR SEGREGRATION.

  2. How can we celebrate diversity, if there are no significant differences between the races? Diversity by definition is groupings of different, and therefore unequal, items. It is impossible to have a grouping of equal items and call them diverse. IF THERE ARE NO RACIAL DIFFERENCES IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CELEBRATE DIVERSITY, BECAUSE THERE CAN BE NO DIVERSITY.

  3. If racial differences do not matter, then man must have had a history of all races getting along together whenever they have been place together, at least as well as the people got along with each other when the races were separated. IF THERE ARE NO RACIAL DIFFERENCES THERE CAN HAVE BEEN NO SUCH THINGS AS RACE RIOTS, OR RACIAL CONFLICTS.

Look at American history since the Anti-American Revolution of the 1960s began. We have had poisonous lies spread by our government through the school system, and by the Media Lords through all of the channels under their control, to our children and all of our people. The way you can tell that lies are being propagated is by looking at what is being said, and comparing it with reality. It is quite simple really.

The claim is constantly being promoted as fact that racial diversity is our greatest strength. How can this be? Only if the races are different, and that each race needs their weaknesses bolstered by the strengths of the other races. If that were true, America could never have come to be. For, all during the time that America grew up, and grew strong, and right up into the 1960s, it was a White nation! During that time, the Blacks were either slaves, serving the same purpose as farm machinery serves today, or living separate lives with little impact on the American way of life. The other races were not even on this soil in significant numbers. Therefore, clearly the White race did not have any weaknesses that needed to be compensated for by diversity. The White race was sufficient unto itself for the purpose of creating the greatest nation that had ever existed on the planet. Therefore, clearly, diversity was not even in existence during our rise to power, so it was not even a minor strength, let alone our "greatest strength."

And what of the time since the 1960s when diversity actually has become a factor in this land? In what ways has it improved America? Do we communicate better with English being better spoken today by all our citizens? Do we listen to the same music? Do we have the same goals for our government? Are we truly stronger for having disrupted our homogeneous society? To any unbiased observer, in every case where diversity has occurred, weakness has been inflicted into our society.

Today, instead of having one language spoken in America, there are over 200 languages, and many of the people speaking them are demanding that we provide education and official documents in their native tongues. We are growing more and more separated by language because of diversity. This is clearly a very serious weakness that will lead to very difficult times in the future, and almost certainly will include bloodshed. It would be insane to call that a strength.

Every sizable organization has its sub-organizations that are dedicated to race. For example, the Republican Party has its Black sub-party. You pick any large organization, and you will find that it will have its racial sub-groupings demanding to be heard. This is a clear sign of division, not of strength.

Race riots occur regularly and Blacks seem to think that rioting is just good clean fun whenever something doesn't go to suit them in society. (Can you imagine what would happen to America if Whites acted like that?) Racial diversity is not, and never has been, a strength in any society that has ever existed. It is something that will divide and destroy any society that practices it. Anyone who objectively looks at what has happened to America will see that we are in an inferior position socially than we were 50 years ago, and that in another 50 years we will be unrecognizable in relationship to where we came from, and we will be indistinguishable from other third world country that we will at that time be emulating.

It is only by admitting that racial differences exist that we can conceive of ideas such as forced integration, or celebrating diversity. It is only by granting racial difference that we can explain the racial tension and bloodshed that has followed racial diversity wherever it has existed.

Since our own government, by its own actions (forced integration, affirmative action, etc.), has admitted that racial differences exist, then we have a right to ask, since racial differences are real and significant, and America was great before diversity was forced upon us, why do we not have the right to continue living in the racially homogeneous society that existed through nearly the first two centuries of America's history? Clearly history and the odds are in favor of a much happier, safer, saner, and harmonious existence by celebrating homogeneity than by celebrating diversity. We not only have the right to ask that question, we have the right to demand that our government return our land to us, and to repatriate all of the non-Whites within our borders today. Our government had no constitutional right to destroy our homogeneity, and so every action that it has taken to do so has been an illegal one.

It is a joke, with White Americans as the butt of if, seeing all the cars, tee-shirts, and signs today saying, "United We Stand." How can anyone be so blind as to think that a racially diverse land, with each racial group demanding its piece of the pie, while being suspicious of all the other racial groups and what they are getting from the pie, will ever be united? And if it cannot be united, how can any land that celebrates diversity continue to stand? It cannot, and it will not. The only way for America to stand is for White Americans to band together and retake this land that their ancestors bequeathed to them, and that their government has illegally stolen from them, and handed over to interlopers from other lands. If we do not do that, we will see what "divided we fall" really means.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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