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INSANITY HAS INVADED OUR LAND! Besides simply making its victims irrational, this form of insanity has created a situation where our country will soon fall prey to a fatal disease. We have those who call themselves liberals to thank for this dark turn of events. Unfortunately, those who traditionally opposed the liberal sickness have been infected with the contagion themselves, and though they still call themselves conservatives they are pushing for and supporting the very things which are destroying our country.

In the 1950's the United States of America was at the very peak of its history. Americans1 were proud of who they were, men could support their families on a single paycheck and mothers were home with the kids: supervising, and instructing. Crime was low and happiness was high throughout the land. As if triggered by things being "too good," suddenly the disease creators struck.

It started with a man named Dr. Spock. He literally taught a generation of United States mothers that the way Americans had always raised their children was wrong. The mothers, who loved their children, and wanted to do the right things for them, took Dr. Spock's opinion as gospel. Suddenly discipline was gone, for fear of harming the little egos of the children. This of course created spoiled and self-centered children who would be easy prey for the radical hate campaign of the 1960's.

Also, in the 1950's the fact is that Americans had it easy. The children grew up in a time of plenty and their greatest concern was how they would fill up their hours of play. They did not worry about whether they would have enough to eat or even if they would get toys on Christmas morning. Instead, they had their every wish granted and their little self-centered egos stroked.

Did this make them grateful? Did they appreciate the wealth that they had laid in their lap? Unfortunately, they did not. Instead they only proceeded to look for more and more of the same self-gratification they had been given as children. In fact they even grew to loath the same system that had been so kind to them! The source of that loathing and the force which drove it to the utter depths was the socialistic liberal song of the hippie movement.

The young and inexperienced boys and girls in college, suddenly were told that they themselves had all the answers and the elders of the culture were not to be trusted! "Never trust anyone over 30!" was a common slogan of the time. They set out to find the faults of the society and to ignore the virtues of American life. The establishment was "plastic" or phony. The homes that their parents had worked so hard to buy and maintain were nothing but "Little boxes, made out of ticky-tacky." The soldiers who were willing to give their lives in order that the South Vietnamese could live free from the tyranny of communism, were spit upon and called, "baby killers."

Our very own president today was one of those spoiled, self-centered products of the golden decade. He organized marches against America on foreign soil. And yet all of this could have passed as a simple spoiled temper-tantrum of a spoiled generation of children. We could have survived the promotion of the self-centered sexuality called, "Free Love," the selfish escapism of marijuana and LSD, the American self-loathing of the anti-war marches and the rejection of the wealth producing capitalist system which gave each of them the opportunity to become so completely focus upon their own egos. It would have been difficult but these all could have been overcome in time. However, there are two things which we will not overcome.

The absurdity of gender equality in role, coupled with a hatred of traditional motherhood, has nearly destroyed the American family in just over a generation. The feminists are bound and determined that men and women give up their natural tendencies and swap roles. Since biology has dictated the traditional roles (otherwise they never would have come about!), it is absurd to try and put square pegs into round holes. Yet our society has used the legal system to force women into the workplace, where they do not belong, and out of the home where they do belong. Homes have become ghost towns where visitors only come to spend the night, and offices have become sexual dating services, where marriages come and go like the seasons. Children are still being spoiled with material items but now they are no longer supervised by a loving mother at home, even a misguided one following Dr. Spock. Their father is someone who may visit with them on weekends, and their often changing stepfathers are nothing but a continuing irritant. It is a fearful exercise to try and predict what this kind of neglect and abuse will yield as a crop for the future to reap!

If it had been just an intellectual movement, feminism would have burnt out and sanity would have been restored fairly quickly. That which gave it the potential to be fatal to our society was the aide and unconstitutional support of the United States Government! The courts and legislators put their weight behind the feminist cause. Since the federal government had taken over the school system, the one time training of our children, was converted to the brainwashing of our children into accepting the tenants of the feminist agenda as being valid. The business community had its arm twisted to the point where it had to hire females, even at the cost of not hiring men who were more qualified and who were supporting a wife and children at home, supplying the life blood of our country's future.

The second insurmountable thing, which is perhaps even more disastrous to Americans is the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement, like the feminist movement, would not have been much of a threat at all to Americans, if the government had not gotten involved. and if the courts and legislators had not taken up the cause of the those who actually hate the race which created America.

Why was the Civil Rights Movement such a deadly movement? It attacked the very foundation of our society!

Rather than intellectually challenging others to accept the reasonableness of their point of view, liberals instead use the government to force their leftist point of view upon the majority of people who do not agree with it, but have no effective way of fighting against it. We will see one of two possible futures because of this. Either we will collapse into a pool of third world misery or we will fight a bloody civil war to reclaim America for the white race which originally created it. There are no other alternatives.


1. When I speak of Americans, of course I am referring to the 90% of the population which was white in 1960. (It should be noted that even the other 10% of the population was at that time living better than the vast majority of the other members of their respective races around the world.) If you were purchasing some property, and it had a small body of water that was 10% of the total property - say a small fountain or wading pool -- you would call the whole purchase, "land." If on the other hand there is a small island, 10% of the total area, surrounded by a large body of water you would say that you are buying "a lake." That is why I use the term Americans to refer to white Americans. Yes, there were other races present but they were an insignificant minority of the whole.

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