Our Rapist Uncle

IT WAS BROAD DAYLIGHT IN CENTRAL PARK SOUTH. Crowds of people were there in the park, on this June 16th evening and it was only 6:15 p.m. Suddenly a pack of Nonwhites, about 15 in number formed a circle around two young White girls, 16 and 18 years old, and ripped off these girls clothes, stripped them completely naked. Then they taunted them, groped their breasts and other areas of their bodies, as the girls screamed in fear for somebody to save them from these animals.

The Nonwhite gang thought that it was so much fun that they continued on to 63rd St. and East Drive, and within 5 minutes they came across a White couple in their late twenties. A few members of the gang grabbed the husband and held him down, as the rest of them stripped his wife and sexually abused her.

In another 30 minutes they found and attacked another 18 year old White girl about 59th St. and Center Drive North.

These were not just a bunch of teenage punks either. I do not know the ages of all of the members of the group of attackers but the first two men who were arrested were each 24 years old. All of the attackers were Nonwhite, and all of the victims were White. Let us see, is there a trend here? The media of course failed to mention the race of the perpetrators or the victims. Should we be surprised? We might be slightly surprised that the media mentioned it at all but it is nearly universal these days, when a White woman is raped, murdered, or otherwise assaulted by a Nonwhite the media will never pay any sort of attention to the races involved.

This sort of thing happens over and over again in our society. It is not even news anymore because it is merely routine. In the following quote it is made clear that our government has officially taken the policy, at least in New York City, that protecting White women is not their priority. They did not discuss with their police officers how they were going to protect White citizens, or even Nonwhite citizens, in their meeting before the The National Puerto Rican Day Parade. (The parade happened earlier in the day.) Read what this police officer has to say about what the policemen were told:

"We were told, 'We don't want to see any altercations between us and them. In other words: 'Leave them alone, don't bother. If they're drinking, walk away. If they're smoking pot, walk away.' We were told not to do anything ... They don't want photos of altercations with minorities. It's very frustrating when we're told to have our blinders on." 10-year NYPD veteran quoted by The New York Post

Yes, they were told to have their "blinders on," for anything the Nonwhites might wish to do. And they surely did have their blinders on as this gang of sexual assailants ran around Central Park having their way with White women. I can hear the Mayor now saying to himself, "Thank God nothing bad happened to the minorities!"

This one made the papers because it was out in broad daylight, and so it drew attention, as small as it was. These 4 White women were traumatized, and some of the assailants were caught, and they will have their wrists slapped and be out doing it again before long. Just another day in the Big Apple. Nobody will even break a sweat over this.

At least these girls were allowed to live. Things could have been much worse for them, as it is for the 20,000 women who are raped by Nonwhites every year in the USA. Over 54 White women a day on average are raped by Nonwhites and we see NOTHING about it in the media. We have our policemen being told to back up and do not offend the Nonwhites invading our land, and we have our women being raped. Are you getting the picture yet? Do you see where you stand in this land your people created?

Dr. David Duke is protesting this form of government tolerated "recreation" in Central Park and it is great to have an organization that is out there promoting our cause that way! However, it is long past time that we have a president and a congress that is doing the same thing! What is the point of having a government if it is not to protect the people and to further their desires? Our politicians are working instead for our destruction as hard as they possibly can, and it is time that Americans woke up to that fact.

Look at this poor girl, who was one of the attacked women. Is this what we are going to have happen to our women from now on in our country? There is no doubt that these sorts of things are going to happen more and more often as the numbers of Nonwhites are increased inside of our borders. Things like this will become so common that it will merely fade into the background noise, just like all of the other things that have accompanied the "integration" of our society.

When a black hijacks a car, it does not even cause a ripple in our society anymore. When a White woman is raped and murdered by a Nonwhite, it is only local news and it only runs for a short time. At the same time they still are making movies about poor Black men in the past being falsely accused of rape, and then strung up for it. Now that is progress. We now have tens of thousands of our women being raped by the Nonwhites each year, and very few of the scum who did these horrible things to our women are ever going to be executed by the state. They would have to rape and brutally murdered several of our women before the death penalty would be sought. And for every one they execute there are thousands that are allowed to walk free, or to get out after serving a short jail sentence, just to do it again. Rape used to be a capitol offense, but killing all the rapists would tend to rid our society of the darker elements in it, and that just would not suit the agenda of our overlords.

Here are a few of the ones picked up as suspects in the Central Park sexual assaults. These are the ones that the police were supposed to have had their blinders on for. What in the world is our government doing putting blinders on our police? Who in the world pays the salaries of the politicians and the police? The vast majority of their salaries, at least their legal salaries, is paid by White folks through their taxes. So, if our society is so corrupt that blinders are going to be worn by our police, it should be the White folks who are given a pass not Nonwhites. However, White folks are rigidly held to the law of the land, and Nonwhites are allowed to do what they want, because the police are afraid some pictures might be taken catching them beating up some criminal who was trying to beat them up, and that criminal just might (in all likelihood) be Nonwhite.

We are sitting in a world that is crazier than anything Lewis Carroll ever thought of. The Mad Hatter has taken control of the script writing for our lives.

As this mad play is reaching its third act, it is becoming ever clearer that our government puts no value on White lives, or White property, other than to be used as slave labor to pay taxes. If a White is murdered by a Nonwhite, the government really does not care. If a White woman is raped by a Nonwhite, not a thing is said to the public about it. The only concern our government appears to have is to make sure those unruly Nonwhites do not get angry enough to riot.

That means those who control our government are responsible for every rape and murder that Nonwhites do to Whites today. Those poor girls in Central Park were abused by Uncle Sam. Our Uncle Sam (those in control of our government) is an incestuous rapist, and he needs to be held accountable for what he has done!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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