THIS PAST WEEK I SPENT SOME TIME conversing with a liberal who dropped by one of my other web pages and got into the subject of race. So, I sent her over here to I Love White Folks. I am not going to put her name or email address here, because I honestly feel sorry for her and am not trying to publicly ridicule her. What I want to do is show the sad condition of many of our White folks in the USA today. I will not be listing the entire discussion, because it goes well off topic a couple of times, but I do want to pass along the flavor of the conversation. (Her statements are indented and maroon in color.)

Ok... i just looked at your white supremacy page and could only shake my head over and over in disbelief. so - are you Kidding?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

White supremacy page? You misguided label makers are a riot. The death of a nation and the death of a race are nothing to kid about. So, of course I am not kidding!

aside from the fact that you deceitfully flipped the y-axis on the right side of your racial % chart [see below] upside-down to fabricate a more dramatic slope...

Have you ever read a graph before? There is nothing deceitful or in error on that graph. The Y-axis on the left represents the percentage of the total US population that Whites make up. The Y-axis on the right correctly represents the percentage of the total population that the Nonwhites make up. The slope of the line was not effected in any way by noting that the Nonwhite population increases as the White population decreases. It is you who are being either deceitful or ignorant to suggest otherwise.

[Note: Something that struck me after the fact was this: if a steep slope on that graph is so significant as to generate fear in her and thereby creating her false accusation, why is it that the real slope did not generate a spontaneous, and reasonable reaction from her that something needed to be done to fix it? She never even mentioned the graph again, but she knew that graph was telling a critical story and she, at one level or another, wanted to hush it up.]

I think that perhaps one of the basic problems is that you are taking organizations, nations, religions, and movements, and misappropriating your own ideas onto them.

No, the basic problem is that the USA has deviated from its original circumstance when it was 100% White in its citizenship, (of course the Blacks were slaves and were not citizens) and you should know that. The White man created America and that is a simple fact that I am very tired of hearing people try and cover up. In 1960 America was still 90% White and that makes it as much of a White nation as Israel is a Jewish nation. There is nothing ugly, disgusting or hateful in trying to maintain America the way it was before the Leftists attacked it in the 1960s.

for instance, the USA is Not about white people or white supremacy,

The USA was created by White people for White people. If you take the time to look at some of the magazines and movies made before 1960 you will see that earlier this century even NYC was White downtown, in Central Park and in the surrounding areas. The entire nation was 90% White. That must be understood. That means that America was exactly about White people living White lives, in White neighborhoods, with their White children attending White schools, which, unlike today's integrated nightmares, were the very best in the world.

and i think that the idea that somehow it is and we need to "protect" ourselves (who are "we" anyway?)

This is not that difficult of a concept to understand. We are the race of people who created The United States of America. European, White people. We, who are now about 70% of the US population and who will be less than 50% of the US population in 2050, are the people who are going to cease to exist in this land before many more decades pass. We are the White people who are paying the taxes to support the Nonwhites, legal and illegal that are either being invited in by people who think like yourself, or who are sneaking in illegally. We are the people who are being exterminated by this celebration of the cancer of diversity in our land.

against people of other races is not only loathsome in and of itself,

What a silly concept. You probably think that a man who shoots an attacker is loathsome too. When other races are coming into your breeding habitat and taking it over, your species is going to die out. It is a simple fact of science. Defending your territory is not hate, it is not wrong and it certainly is not loathsome!

but furthermore quite incontrovertibly in opposition to not only the declaration of independence

"We hold these truths to be self-evident that ALL MEN (ie people) ARE CREATED EQUAL;

Surly you cannot be this ignorant! The man who penned those words owned many slaves and he never freed a single one of them as long as he lived. He also said the following:

"Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [Negroes] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them. It is still in our power to direct the process of emancipation and deportation peaceably and in such slow degree that the evil will wear off insensibly, and their place be ... pari passau filled up by free White laborers. If on the contrary it is left to force itself on, human Nature must shudder at the prospect held up." Autobiography, by Thomas Jefferson p. 1

While Thomas Jefferson, just like myself, held no ill feelings towards other races, it is clear that he, just like myself, felt that diversity was a terrible thing, something which would make us shudder. It is quite clear that the Declaration was not written the way you are trying to twist it. Thomas Jefferson never believed what you believe and he never promoted the idea you are trying to read into the Declaration.

that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

I fail to see where it says that they were endowed by their Creator with the right to become American citizens. Do you see it there? Perhaps I overlooked it. Then again perhaps it does not say that at all. Right?

and the constitution,

For nearly 100 years our nation lived under the constitution and still slavery was practiced in the North and the South. Even the Emancipation Proclamation was a fraud! Lincoln only freed the slaves in a then foreign country: The Confederacy. In the North, where he still was legally president, the slaves were not freed by that proclamation. (And if the Civil War was fought over slavery why were slaves still held in the North throughout the war?)

Here is what Lincoln had to say about the Negro:

"Within twenty years we can peacefully colonize the Negro and give him our language, literature, religion, and system of government under conditions in which he can rise to the full measure of manhood. This he can never do here. We can never attain the ideal union our fathers dreamed , with millions of an alien, inferior race among us. Whose assimilation is neither possible nor desirable." (Lincoln, A. (1953-55) Collected Works Vol. V, pp. 371-5)

but also the inscription on the Statue of Liberty:

Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to be free,
the wretched refuse of your teeming shores;
Bring these, tempest-tossed, to me!
I lift my lamp above the golden door!"

Oh please. That inscription was not on the original statue. That statue had nothing to do with immigration. It was a celebration of the freedom Americans enjoyed. It was not until later that this Jewish lady's poem was added to the statue. Are we now to be held to the idiocy written upon every statue all across America? I think not.

she doesn't say, "give me your white people and no one else"

So what? What this poem says is of no concern or merit to me. It was not written by one of the Founding Fathers or anyone even in government. There are poems out there that say horrible things about Black people too. Does that mean you have to hate Blacks?

I mean, keeping my anger out of this and despairing of appealing to you to see the inherent ignorance and loathsomeness of your ideology,

I am completely disgusted by the condescending, pathetic tone you left leaning folks dish out. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound when you try and call someone who is obviously far more in touch with the facts than yourself, "ignorant?" You probably do not even grasp the irony. What I find loathsome is your complete lack of concern for the White race. It will cease to exist, if we continue on our present course of encouraging racial diversity in all of the White lands as we are doing today. There is no movement to celebrate diversity in China, or Africa or any other nation that is not a White nation. Why is that? Do you even care? Obviously not.

but just trying to get you to think critically about what it is you are saying...

That is all I have been doing since I finally woke up to what is going on. It is you that need to think critically about what you are saying.

OK, how will this work for me? i am white, i guess, but what is this whole wonderful "white culture" supposed to mean for me? my ancestors all came over between 1600 and 1880, and from many different countries: Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands. On what basis should I construe some sort of solidarity or uniformity between the peoples and cultures of all those different countries? To further complicate things, I am mostly Irish but almost as much English, and the English have been killing the Irish, taking their land and then taxing them for it and evicting them from their homes for many, many hundreds of years. If I identify as Irish i should be at least a Little mad at the English, but then what about all the English in me? What about all my English ancestors?

You moved from race to nationality. Your current nationality is American, not English or Irish. Your race is Caucasian or White. The Irish are White, the English are White and you are White. The White "culture" is the whole fantastic mosaic of White history extending back for many thousands of years. We can point to Socrates and Mozart equally well. We can point William Wallace and Alexander the Great, both as part of our history and our culture.

If you have paid attention at all to what is going on in America today you will realize that other races are not all that excited about our White history. Recently a mostly Black school in Louisiana took George Washington's name down because they felt he was not a good enough man to represent their people. (Note all other races can have "their people" however White folks always get vitriol from folks like you if we have "our people.")

You seem to be quite invested in creating an "Other", an "Us and Them" dynamic.

Really? I am creating this? Wake up and smell the coffee! Have you lived on some other planet for the last 40 years? The media speaks of race and its inherent problems every day. The president is busy demanding more and more programs for race related issues. Race is everywhere discussed, fretted about and fought over, both literally and figuratively. I did not create this dichotomy. It was there, I observed it, analyzed it, and finally understood it.

Here's a question: "How do you separate yourself far enough from the "Other" that when you try to destroy them (or even simply exalt your"Self") you don't destroy yourself as well?"

What a loaded question. Have you stopped molesting your children yet? I am not interested in destroying anyone. I am not interested in exalting myself above anyone. I am only interested in creating/maintaining White nations that will be able to safely breed future White people, and that is all. My goal is honorable, fair and just. It is no more than other races have for themselves and I am sick of people trying to make it sound dirty. It is not.

I have responded as i have thus far because i do take serious issue with many of your ideas

And I have defended them, apparently without creating any sort of effect. It is like hearing your own voice echoing back down a canyon when you hoped for a reply.

(though it is not my place to make any judgements on you personally), and i was motivated by an illusory hope that i would somehow cause you to rethink things or somehow change your mind.

As far as rethinking my position, what makes you think that I have not already done that at least as many times as you have on this subject if not more? It has taken me many decades to find the truth on the issue of race. I was lied to in school, from the pulpit and from the media for years. If it had not been for the Internet I might have been blind for the rest of my life to what is going on. For a less civilize person than yourself to suggest such a thing would have created a rather hostile reply because I would be happy to match the amount of study and effort that I have put into understanding this issue with just about anyone who has written to me. The only thing that would change my mind would be facts to prove me wrong. I have already studied both sides of this issue, and I know that the facts support my position, that is why I have taken it. I have supplied you with some of the facts I have which prove your original assertions to be in error, but apparently you did not find them interesting enough to even mention.

The fact is, for me, that when you start to say things like these:

"We are the White people who are paying the taxes to support the Nonwhites, legal and illegal who are either being invited in by people who think like yourself, or who are sneaking in illegally. We are the people who are being exterminated by this celebration of the cancer of diversity in our land....

I am only interested in creating/maintaining White nations that will be able to safely breed future White people, and that is all."

you are beginning to, at least in part, i hope you will concede, go down the road towards de-humanizing that "Other" against whom you must defend your own interests. and that, i believe strongly, is a very dangerous road to go down.

I must object strongly to this assertion. You do not dehumanize John Doe when you send him home at night rather than give him a room in your house to live. You have a right to maintain your home as you see fit, and nobody has the right to deny you that. In the same manner, White folks have a right to their own lands just like Black and Brown and Yellow people do. It is not dehumanizing to keep China filled with Asians and it is not dehumanizing to keep Africa filled with Blacks. For some reason such silly arguments only apply to White countries. That should concern you, it certainly concerns me.

in fact, it is my personal conviction that de-humanization (along with selfishness) lies at the root of all hatred and atrocities in human history.

Some of the greatest atrocities were done in the name of religion, and in an effort to stamp out heresy. Whether or not it is true that dehumanization is at the root of all atrocities is beside the point. I do not dehumanize anyone. My people have every right to defend their lands, their borders and their nations. That is the same right that any other race or country would be given. Why, I am continually asking myself, is it that only White nations are expected to "humanize" other peoples and accept them as if they were equal inheritors of White lands? It is absolutely absurd to expect White people to just die while other races are allowed to live with absolutely no criticism whatsoever. I cannot even believe this is a topic for serious discussion, let alone set aside as some sort of axiom of faith.

in any case, as a Christian i find it hard to reconcile doing something like actively pursuing the interests of my own race, even to the exclusion of those of other races, with verses like Philippians 2:3-8. Verses 3 and 4 say, "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others."

This is one of the reasons that many people who are trying to save our people before they are exterminated, hate Christians. Most Christian churches today have been completely taken over by the Leftist wing of our society. While the Bible is completely against feminism, they are feminist. These quasi-Christians' beliefs have far more to do with what is popular in society than what the Bible teaches. What is popular in society is controlled by the media, and therefore what Christians believe today is very much in the hands of those perverts who control our mass media.

People who would have no trouble looking out for the interests of their family, all at once find looking out for the interests of their race as being "selfish." How absurd! Looking out for your own is an honorable thing to do, and has been what Christians have done for thousands of years. It is only in the last couple of decades that the leftists have convinced "Christians" that laying down and dying is all that they can do.

I appreciate your devotion to your personal view of Christianity. That is great and I do not wish to interfere with your attempts to achieve your goals in that area. What I am discussing is the perpetuation of my people. There is nothing selfish in that. It is nothing but pure unselfish love for my race. No amount of twisting is going to make me see that as anything but good, wholesome and honorable. The death and destruction that has already come upon our nation because of integration and Nonwhite immigration is upon the heads of all those who support those things. (20,000 White women are raped by Nonwhites each year thanks to integration!) The future death, and other horrors that are to come to our race and even the other races, because of integration and Nonwhite immigration is upon all those who today refuse to lift a finger to prevent it. You can call apathy love all you want, but it will lead to death all the same.

From here on she left off completely discussing racial issues. She went into a sermon mode from which I will spare you the details but she did ask what it was that I found important about saving the White race. That question being asked in seriousness by a White woman of otherwise reasonable intelligence should frighten us all. Following you will find my answer to that question and a few more remarks that I made to her. By the end it was very clear that I had wasted my time completely trying to reason with her.

If you want to understand (and I am somewhat skeptical about the probability of that being true) what it is about White society that I want to preserve, I suggest that you look at what White society is like, when compared with Nonwhite society. ( I won't even go into the cultural difference between our art, music, philosophy, literature, and political theory, or the technological wonders that our race has created compared with other races.) Look, if you will, at Johannesburg before Apartheid was removed, and then look at it today. Before, it was a White society, with an extremely low crime rate, and very few murders per capita. Today it is a Black controlled society and one-third of all women in that city have already been raped. The numbers escalate more each day. The Blacks have block parties where they surround a whole block of houses, and rape every woman in that block. The Murder rate is going through the roof as well!

Or if you would like an example a little more close to home, look at the USA before forced integration was put in place. The streets were safe to walk at night. Even Central Park in NYC was a pleasant place for a nighttime stroll. There were many guns in many Southern schools, as students drove their pickups with their gun racks in the back, but there were no school shootings. I could go on and on about the things that White society has created that other societies have never created. I could talk about Haiti that was once a White colony, that was more prosperous than any one of the states of the USA at the time, but it was completely destroyed when the White society was turned over to the Blacks. In fact the Blacks finally rose up and exterminated all of the Whites remaining on the island. (Such events are made for you to learn from, not turn your head away from!) The USA has watched Haiti degrade itself from an extremely prosperous country to a place where extreme poverty rules. The Haitians starve to death. They are risking their lives to try and escape that country that they were given, to come to ours to do the same work on our society. The USA has gone down to Haiti on three different occasions since the Blacks took over, on humanitarian grounds. We rebuilt their country from the ground up, three different times, and they drove it right back into the ground each time.

Look at Rhodesian/Zimbabwe. Today they are murdering the remaining White farmers who are a tiny percentage of the population, but are producing 90% of the food for those Black people. The president of Zimbabwe has declared that Whites must give up their farms. The White farmers are being attacked and murdered. Their farms are taken over by Blacks and the level of production instantly falls to the same pitiful level as the rest of Africa. In other words, starvation level.

I doubt that you can find a single Nonwhite country that you could pick to live in that would hold a candle to this, or most other White nations. Do not fool yourself. Race matters a great deal. There has never in history been a sustained powerful racially diverse nation, and there never will be. If you think that our standard of living is not worth fighting for, then we have nothing further to discuss. You would be the type of person who would have never signed the Declaration of Independence because it meant you had to actually fight for your own cause, rather than just laying down and accepting whatever is handed to you. You are perfectly happy to be a slave if it means you do not have to struggle for something else.

Our society is going to be like the societies from whence came all of those who have come to this nation, and who will end up in the majority. The Mexicans have a wonderful country down south of us. Have you visited it? Would you like to live like those poor people do? I guess you must. Have you been to the Philippine Islands? Thailand? Japan? I have and I can tell you that I was never so happy to get back home after visiting those lands. While the standard of living in Japan, which is populated by some of the strongest racists on Earth by the way, is high, they are extremely overcrowded and their lives are extremely regulated. The Philippines and Thailand are only marginally better off than Haiti. That is what the future of our children will be like if we all think like you do.

If you can find nothing about your life that is worth fighting for, then you have chosen to live like an animal that is unable to change its surroundings or its way of life. You could do otherwise, but you choose to sit idly by and let your nation be taken from you, and be destroyed. That is what you are saying to me. I find that very sad.

Karl Marx, the most evil man who has ever lived in my opinion, said that religion is the opiate of the masses. I am sure he had you in mind. You have taken your mind and completely shut it off with religion just like you would with a drug. You walk along merrily picking daisies and pretending that the world is some sort of play ground for your own personal use. You were born into the greatest nation on earth and rather than thank those who are responsible, your ancestors, you just assume that it is all some sort of mirage to cast off as nothing. You are condemning your descendants to a life that you claim to wish to be saving other races from. And the most insane thing of all, you have convinced yourself that by destroying your nation, your people and the future of your children, you are doing "God's will". Excuse me but I am going to be sick.

Over the last few days I have spent quite some time trying to answer you in an intelligent fashion. You have given no thought to what I have said, and instead merely sent back religious cliches. The only thing we have to be thankful for is that all Christians of the past were not as drugged as many of those of the present are. There never would have been an America at all if they had of been. And obviously there will not be one much longer with folks like you running around. As the White men and women in South Africa are learning, the penalties for this sort of stupidity are real, and they will be paid in this lifetime.



Only you can
prevent extinction!

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