The Fall of a Warrior

April 6, 2003

I CONTINUE TO BE AMAZED at what is going on in the USA. I have to remind myself that this is the same country that wanted to stay out of both world wars, until it was dragged in kicking and screaming against its will. How things have changed. In the last few years we have launched two completely unprovoked attacks against countries that have done nothing to us. We have killed hundreds of thousands of people and their blood is on our collective head. The people of Yugoslavia not only did not threaten America, they didn’t threaten anyone outside of their borders. The people of Iraq also were innocent of lifting a finger against any American outside of Iraq. Today we are attacking Iraq as if we had a legitimate cause for a full-scale war against them. But we don’t. And we are seriously in the wrong for doing what we are doing.

If killing people who do not deserve it, commonly known as murder, bothers you, then what our out-of-control government is doing today should have you completely outraged. Not only is it waging unprovoked war, but also it is already planning additional unprovoked wars! The leaders of our country have already lined up other countries, like ducks in a shooting gallery, to be knocked off one after the other. Just within the last 24 hours, Colin Powell has listed off Iran and Syria as being in his sights, and of course as a distracter, North Korea is being mentioned, lest people spontaneously become aware that the US military is no longer in the hands of the US but in the hands of the Israelis. (It would take a brain-numbed, television-watching, sheep to not see that what is being laid out for our military present and future is a campaign to put Israel in complete control of the middle east, and perhaps the world, and certainly not a campaign to further America’s interests.)

Did you like 9-11? Well, if you didn’t, you are going to be appalled at what our future holds. Since we have allowed our government to become an Israeli satellite, we have become what Israel’s mortal enemies consider a legitimate Israeli target of attack for suicide missions of destruction. We have already sacrificed thousands of American lives because of our support for Israel’s aggressive takeover of Palestine, and its ruthless protection of that stolen land. We have our young men fighting in Iraq today for that very cause. Those who die, will die not for America, but for Israel. (As a former member of the armed forces myself, I am referring to the cause supported by the traitorous leaders of our military, not the soldiers and sailor themselves, who are loyal and patriotic Americans!) When you see suicide bombs going off in the future in your hometown, remember that it is Israel that the innocent townspeople will be dying for, not America.

America is like a mighty warrior who is dying from an internal disease, but is still strong enough to kill many others before falling to his illness. Our terminal internal disease has its root cause in the alien control of our government. For a moment, let us ignore the external slaughter that our temporarily mighty nation is wreaking overseas, and instead let us look at what "our" government is doing to us domestically:

Any one of these items would be serious enough to justify corrective action by the population of the USA; but combined they form an overwhelming demand for it. If we let things go on as they are, the mighty warrior of the USA will fall and die, not on the battlefield, but in his bed from internal rot, while his enemies watch in anticipation of dividing up his possessions as their spoils.

Iraq is no threat to America, but unfortunately the mad bombers in Washington DC are!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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