The Web of Hate

"Whites are forbidden to think in terms of racial identity unless it is to think of ways to promote the interests of other races." (1)

THERE IS A WEB OF HATE THAT HAS BEEN WOVEN ABOUT US! It has us bound and gagged, and we appear to be almost done struggling against it -- ready to give up and await the final and fatal sting, which will end our race for good. How is it that this great people have been overcome? How is it that we have had our strength turned to weakness and our hopes turned to bitter despair? At the end of the Second World War our nation was the strongest on earth and perfectly capable of withstanding any invasion by any other country. Yet within 20 years after the close of that great world conflict we were defeated from within. Our borders were opened to invaders from without and our military was commanded to ignore the invasion. Our society was dismantled and alien cultures were put in the place of honor for our children. Let's look at how this web of hate is held in place, and what techniques are being used to hold White Americans in their passive state as they wait for their extermination.

You are FORBIDDEN to think in racial terms! Think of it. In the United States of America your government and those who control it forbid you to think in terms of White racial identity. At the same time you are not only allowed to think of the racial identity of Nonwhites, you are commanded to do so! Such an outrage should bring White America to arms, eager to overthrow the villains who have brought such a situation to pass. But our White brothers are so afraid of losing the bit of comfort that is offered to them in compensation for their silence, that they are just letting it happen unopposed. If they were able to back away from their television propaganda drug for a while and look at what was happening they would become angry enough to rise up and right the wrong that has occurred in this country.

All-White organizations and institutions have been attacked and/or outlawed. At one time, all pro sports were all-White. Golf courses had all-White membership in their clubs. There were all-White businesses, movies and schools. Many Whites went through their days without ever seeing a Nonwhite face. Today that appears somehow wrong in most people's eyes. Wrong, not because these people have thought it out, and come to the conclusion that it is inherently wrong to have a White society, as America always did, but wrong because that is what their media outlets have told them is so. If they used their heads to think for themselves they would realize that Japan is all-Asian. (It is over 99% native born, Asian, Japanese!) Where is the outcry for Japan to diversify? Where are the outcries because that nation is racist? There are none because it is not a White nation. Only White nations can be racists according to the enemies of our people who have taken over our media and our government. Only White organizations can be evil, merely for existing.

At the same time, all-Nonwhite institutions are completely supported, many with tax dollars, or tax-free status. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." Do you remember that advertisement slogan for the Negro College fund? Miss Black America, Black alumni associations, Black faculty and staff associations at nearly all universities, are all strongly promoted by our government and by those who are fighting for the destruction of Whites and their nation. There are Black, Hispanic, and Asian groups, which are subgroups of all political organizations and nearly all religious organizations. Police and Fire departments often have fully sanctioned racially Nonwhite organizations. All of these organizations and associations exclude Whites and are still viewed as not only acceptable, but as laudable! This, while White organizations of a similar type are banned, and even the discussion of them is considered taboo.

As our White organizations and institutions have been taken from us, we have been slandered at the same time. In the media, nearly all White cross-racial crime is given national coverage. Whenever some White heterosexual male criminal chooses to attack a Nonwhite or homosexual, the media makes a complete circus of the coverage. All of the negative details are brought out that would make the White race look bad. If the perpetrator has any racial awareness at all, that is highlighted as a factor in the crime. If the crime was brutal, all of the little details are laid out for the nation to view over and over again, until each of them is burned into their minds. At the same time, no detail that might explain the crime from any other perspective is allowed to be presented. If the White perpetrator was a criminal, drug addict or otherwise shown to be an outcast from White society already, that is covered up by the media. If the Nonwhite victim was a criminal also or otherwise disreputable, that fact will never be brought up in the national coverage. The net result is that the White race has been unjustly painted with a criminal, hateful brush, and that process will generate hate in the Nonwhite community for Whites, as well as self hate in Whites. Both of these things were intended by those who own the media, and that is why they covered the crimes in the way that they did.

Contrast that with the fact that very little of Nonwhite cross-racial crime is given national coverage. Nonwhites attack and brutally murder Whites many times more often than the reverse happens. Per capita the murder rate for Whites is one tenth that of Blacks. Rape and burglary are also disproportionally high for the Nonwhites in our society. But that is nothing when compared with the extremely lopsided numbers for cross-racial crime. Blacks are 22 times as likely to kill a White as a White is to kill a Black, according to the FBI figures (which are distorted by including Hispanic minorities as being White for counting White perpetrators of murder, but not as victims). While at least 22 Whites are murdered for every Black in cross-racial crimes, our media almost never mentions the crimes committed by the Nonwhites. If it does mention one of them, it is seldom mentioned as a racial crime, even if the perpetrator was clearly anti-White. Unlike White cross-racial crime, if it is brought up at all, stories about Nonwhite cross-racial crime are quickly ended. They never drag on and on, night after night. The net results of cross-racial crime coverage in this nation is to make the Whites appear to be the racial haters, attacking other races, while Nonwhites are perceived to be the victims. The reality is just the opposite of what is being portrayed in the media. In other words, if you gather your information about what is going on in our country from the media you will be worse off than if you remained totally ignorant on the subject of race crime. You will have the idea that the opposite of what is really happening is what is the truth. You will be worse than ignorant, because you will not know you are uninformed. You will think that you know what is happening and therefore your natural curiosity will be dampened. (Why research something that you already know about?)

The way the subject of race is handled in our society today is another strand of the web of hate. The White race alternately is said not to exist, or it does exist but it is the most evil of all races and it has always been oppressive to other races. If you argue that the White race has done more to feed the Nonwhite peoples of the earth than any other race, then you are told that the White race does not exist. If you point out the tremendous number of doctors Whites have sent to Nonwhite countries, and the enormous amount of medicine that Whites have created, paid for, and then donated to Nonwhite nations, you will be faced with a blank look and the question, "What White race?" If on the other hand you point out that there are Black organizations, and Hispanic organizations, and even Asian organizations which promote their racial people over and above all others, you are told that the White race has always oppressed these peoples and they therefore must organize in order to fight that oppression. So, we do not exist, however we are oppressive. There is no White race, but it is evil nonetheless. Such a lying sham would be impossible to impose upon even an idiot, let alone an intelligent and powerful people, without something going on that is confusing the issue greatly. What is that source of confusion? The lying media of course is that source. White folks expose themselves to the lies everyday from the media, which they mistakenly believe is there to inform them. When you trust the word of a liar, you are going to be deceived, ill informed, and ignorant on whatever subjects that he talks to you about.

As the White race is alternately bounced back and forth between non-existence and being slandered, the Nonwhite races are said to be oppressed, benevolent and honorable. As presented by the media, they have no faults and they should be promoted ahead of the White race in all matters. Effectively we are being told that Nonwhites are superior to Whites and that Whites have only reached their level of technical expertise and high standard of living by holding down the superior Nonwhite races. The net psychological effect of this is to drain the energy from any pro-White cause by making the very idea of being pro-White and attempting to maintain your White nation appear to be nothing but pure oppression of the poor, innocent Nonwhite people who are today invading our land. This strand of the web of hate is very powerful. A race of people can only survive as long as they have lands in which to breed with each other. When those lands are gone, the race will be gone. Asians, Blacks and Hispanics are in no danger of losing their homelands. Only the White race is in danger of extermination from this deceitful manner of attack. Only White nations are expected to treat other races as being superior and to give up their lands, heritage and future to other peoples.

In our media and our schools the accomplishments of the White race are always diminished, and never specifically credited to the White race. When a great White inventor or scientist is mentioned in school or in any media outlet, he is never called out as a great White inventor, or a great White scientist. The Whites who accomplish things are talked about as if they were race neutral. The White race is never praised for what it has done. It is almost as if what they accomplished is a given, like the sky and the ground. These cars, airplanes, computers, telephones, heart transplants and other miracles of today, originally created by the White race, are great but who cares what race created them? There is nothing in our schools or our media that will promote the idea that White people have anything to be proud of. There is nothing there, from which to create emotional glue, by which we can join our people together into a racial whole.

At the very same time that our media and our schools are crushing the historical basis for White pride, they ensure that the accomplishments of all Nonwhite races are always amplified and specifically credited to the respective Nonwhite race. Our children know the race of Martin Luther King, Jr. and George Washington Carver. Beyond that, the children know many things that are simply not true. While Black Africans never invented a written language, a wheel or even woven cloth, our children are taught that they invented mathematics and many other things, things that never even crossed a Black mind before the White man introduced the Blacks to them. It is not enough to merely distort reality, these web weavers must actually create falsehoods to brainwash our children with. And because White parents are so wrapped up in the web of hate themselves, they never take the time to find out what lies their children are learning in school, and then to give their children the facts which would expose the lies. Today's parents went through the same process in school, so they probably would not be able to even identify the lies themselves anymore. The Nonwhites, on the other hand, are bolstered by this process. They have their racial awareness nurtured and watered by constant referral to their race's accomplishments. They are made to feel special because of whom they are. They grow proud and strong, ready to do battle for their race.

So, we have discussed the following aspects of the web of hate:

  1. All-White organizations and institutions have been attacked and/or outlawed.

  2. All-Nonwhite institutions are completely supported, many with tax dollars, or tax free status.

  3. Nearly all White cross-racial crime is given national coverage.

  4. Nonwhite cross-racial crime, which is far more prevalent, is given very little national coverage.

  5. The White race is said not to exist, and yet to be evil, racist, and oppressive.

  6. All Nonwhite races are said to be oppressed, benevolent and honorable.

  7. The accomplishments of the White race are always diminished, and never specifically credited to the White race.

  8. The accomplishments of all Nonwhite races are always amplified and specifically credited to the respective Nonwhite race.

All of these things can have only one purpose. It cannot be altruism, for altruism would be as interested in saving the White race as in promoting other races. It cannot be love for your fellow man, when destroying the United States of America will harm far more people than it will help. So, what is the purpose of what is going on?

The entire process is completely disruptive. If you are being disruptive in a classroom at least in the ones that I have attended or taught in, you will either have to stop or you will be ejected. Why? Because disruptive conduct makes constructive learning impossible. In society, terrorism is effective because it disrupts daily routine and makes people feel uncomfortable with the way things are. Disruption will always harm the society or organization that it is occurring in. If you wish to destroy any organization or country, merely create effective disruption and you will achieve your wish. That is what our enemies are doing to America today.

Nothing positive can come of suppressing Whites and promoting Nonwhites in America. The only thing that comes from these tactics is the destruction or our great nation, and the extermination of our race. As the Third World people move into our land and become the majority in it, this country will become a Third World county, with the associate standard of living. This simple fact must be faced, if our people are to act in time to save themselves. But with the web of hate wrapped tightly around them they are going to just sit still and wait for the final sting of extermination.

It is up to us to break that web. We can do it with information, intelligently presented, and emotionally presented. To begin with, we must insist that there be all-White organizations and institutions at least everywhere there are Nonwhite ones. We must spread the truth about the fact that the vast majority of cross-racial (hate) crime is done to Whites not by Whites. We must spread the obvious and scientific truth that the White race does exist, and the historical truth that the White race has done more to help other races than any other race. We are not hate filled oppressors. Also we must point out that other races have recently done far more to harm Whites than the reverse, and it is time that it is acknowledged. We also must see that our race is given the credit that it is due for its great accomplishments, and to the degree that is appropriate to their quality. When you speak of walking on the moon, it must stand head and shoulders above anything any other race has come close to accomplishing. Giving credit where credit is due is a fine ideal, but it will always make the White race look very good if you do it fairly and that is exactly what we must insist upon.

Once this is done, it will break many of the strands of the web of hate that is holding our people today. Then we can begin to rebuild this nation as it was intended to be by our forefathers, and as it was when I was born in the early 1950s. The only real obstacle to fixing what the disrupters have done is the web of hate wrapped around our people. Our task is to awaken these White folks to the fact that the problem really exists. One of the great methods of doing that is to pass around David Duke's book, My Awakening. I am hearing about people buying the book in quantity and passing it out to their friends. It sounds like a mighty good idea to me. That book is like a sharp pair of scissors that will cut through the web of hate like a hot knife through butter. It is time to act. Waiting is no longer an option. What could we be waiting for anyway? It is not going to get better, until we act.

America is worth it. The White race is worth it. Can you say that the Founding Fathers were fighting for anything more important or holy than that which we are forced to fight for today? Their existence was not threatened, only their freedom. We have both our freedom, and our existence threatened by the weavers of the web of hate. And we had better fight back with all of our might or we will have caused both the blood of our ancestors and the existence of our descendants to have been sacrificed for absolutely nothing, except the agenda of our enemies. Can you live with that? I certainly hope not!


1. American Renaissance November, 1990; The New Racism: Excluding Whites by William Robertson Boggs

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