What is Truly Wrong

YOU MAY HAVE WONDERED where America went wrong. It was going along so well and then all at once it took a wrong turn, which led us into the dark woods of socialism and totalitarianism. The greatest fear that our founding fathers had was that that the government would grow too powerful. They had fought a war that was nip and tuck all of the way in order to win their independence from a government which was too large and powerful. They wanted freedom from that and so they created the United States of America, a great white nation which allowed its citizens the freedom to live without much government interference. The Constitution spelled out our system of government but it also spelled out the limits which the government was under, as well as spelling out certain liberties which the citizens would be entitled to as long as the country existed.

This century we left the trail blazed by our Founding Fathers. All at once we changed how we did business. Suddenly we passed an amendment to our constitution which made it legal for the US government to collect income taxes during peacetime. That was a major step into slavery for the citizens of the US. When you hear President Clinton say that he is eager to be about the people's business, what he is really saying is that he is eager to go out and spend some more of your money which has been stolen from you by the federal income tax.

Each additional dollar that you send to Washington DC for them to squander is one less dollar which you have with which to assist you in providing freedom of choice in many matters of your life. With that dollar you might increase your retirement investment, and help take care of your old age. With that dollar you might increase your donation to a worth charity, which you are fully behind, a charity which does only things which you agree with. With that dollar you might help pay for your own medical expenses or the education of your children. All of the things a free man must do for himself, is made easier when a gluttonous swollen hog of a government does not gorge itself upon the honest earnings of its citizenry.

Once the income tax was in place, there followed the next major socialistic stab of the knife into the heart of our wonderful system. That stab was provided by what I consider to be the worst president in our history, Franklin D. Roosevelt. He created the Social Security System, which is now taking another huge chunk of each one of your paychecks. If that money were invested into a retirement account for you, you would retire in luxury at the end of your working career. Even better, if you were allowed to keep the money yourself and be forced to provide for your own retirement, you would be able take care of yourself and be free of the government.

Instead, now you are tied to the government. You are at the great swine's mercy. Will they still provide Social Security benefits when you need them? You paid for those benefits already but the government has spent that money on something else! Huge amounts of your money are gone, and you now must hope that they government will make up what it has taken from you. You have gone from a self sufficient free man to a dependant, burden on society by this process. You should not have to beg the government for your money which they stole from you. But you will have to.

As the great hog grew ever fatter, more and more items fell under its control. It started in the 1960s to tell you what to think. It makes one wonder where the politicians who fed the pig, ever got the idea that free Americans, Americans who gave their blood in valor to stamp out tyranny, would sit still while some politician told them what to think, but those sleazy politicians were right! Americans did sit still for it. They let their neighborhoods be overrun with integration. They let their schools be desegregated. They lay down and let the government tell them that their children would be bussed to black schools! They continued to buy newspapers which promoted that sort of oppression upon them. They continued on as if nothing had happened. They paid their taxes to their oppressors and they watched TV shows which more and more showed people and ideas which were completely outside the sphere of thought that real Americans had shared since 1776.

One of the most famous of those television shows was All In The Family. Here was a cute little family: a father, a mother, a daughter and a son-in-law. The son-in-law was not working for a living. (He had plenty of time to sit around and complain about his in-laws. He had plenty of time to go to marches and participate in other destructive behavior, but he just could not find the time to go to work. ) The show spent most of its time and energy on proving that Archie Bunker, the father, was a complete idiot who mistreated his wife. He was the perfect "straw man" which could be knocked down week after week, and thereby prove that the white people who were race conscious were blithering idiots, unable to speak or think clearly. The show reached number one quickly and remained there for a long time. The damage to white America that All In The Family did is impossible to overestimate.

The media created the false image of a liberal America, and the government enforced it. They brought in federal agents and forced Governor Wallace to step aside and let blacks into a white school. They created laws which made all efforts to maintain a white America illegal. They forced parents who could not afford a private school, to send their children across town to a lesser school in order to integrate. And then the government raised their taxes to pay for that outrage!

Today we have a government which is not American any longer, if you define "American" as that which was intended by the Founding Fathers. It is oppressive and growing ever closer to becoming truly totalitarian. It is taking over half of our income in some form of tax, fee or fine. That is half of our freedom that is gone. And every time that President Clinton and the members of congress speak of doing the "people's business" on health care and education or whatever else they are lying about, what they mean is that they wish to take even more of your freedom, by increasing your "contribution" to their favorite charity: The Federal Government. At the same time they use that money that they have taken from you, under threat of serious reprisals for refusal to comply, to shackle you even farther!

The hog has a special love for education. You can tell it because it destroyed our education system early in its life. All we have to do to straighten out our schools is throw liberal ideas and teachers out and get back to how we did things before 1960. Let the local areas pay for their own schools. Let the local areas run their own schools. Let the federal pig keep its flat nose completely away from the schools and not interfere in how they are run. In other words, no tax money should leave an area and travel to Washington DC, only to be partially returned to the schools in the area with a large number of strings attached. The federal pig destroyed our schools, and now the promoters of the pig, Bill Clinton at the forefront, are trying to get even more control of the schools misdirected through the Federal Government.

Throwing off the shackles of oppression is not easy. It is time for Americans to wake up and start making some hard choices. This wimpy attitude of , "There is no good candidate out there so I am not going to vote," must be dismissed for good.

Let me explain something about voting.  Voting itself is a message to the powers that be.  If politicians find that all, or nearly all white people are voting, then they will attempt to draw those votes to themselves by supporting what the majority wants. For example, I am going to write Pat Buchanan's name in on the ballot in 2000 even if he drops out of the race. That will be a vote that will be noticed if others do the same thing. I am challenging you to take the time out of your schedule to register yourself to vote, and then on election day go and cast your ballot for someone! We need 100% voting by whites in the United States not 30%! What is killing white America is that white people are sitting on their butts at home every election day -- many of these people are spending more time watching the results on TV than it would take to go and vote themselves -- and thereby letting the minorities, with their block voting, decide who is going to be running our country. Then those same white people complain because their country is falling apart and being given to illegal aliens. The only legal power that whites have is the vote and they have relinquished that power. They must vote even if it is just to write in a name that will lose. When "other" beats the front runner, believe me the politicians will notice.

I ask myself, "Do white people want a civil war?" They are promoting just that right now when they refuse each election to vote out the traitors to America who are raiding our wallets and creating immigration and integration policies which are literally raping our women. Is there no life left in the race? Is the race which walked on the moon finished? Is the race which conquered this continent and built the most exciting and free nation which this world has ever known, ready to roll over and be laid in its grave? Is the race of Socrates, Plato, Shakespeare, Neil Armstrong, and Thomas Jefferson going to quit with a whimper?

There is much left to do for this race. A whole universe awaits us in outer space. We have several planets right in this solar system which are just waiting to be conquered by our people. Let's populate the sky and leave this world to the others who wish to over populate it. We need to create a star drive which will exceed the speed of light. We must create ways of sustaining a colony on another planet. It is imperative that we push on and expand our horizons, yet like fools we sit here and slowly sink into oblivion.

What went wrong is that we let go of our history. We left our roots behind us. We began listening to those who are not in love with the European ideals, ideals which are America. In order to make things right again, all we have to do is turn off the white-race-haters in our media and in our schools, and turn on the Founding Fathers and the history that is ours. Don't watch TV, which is controlled by the very ones who want to destroy you, and instead read books, especially books written before 1960 and only books which praise what America was originally founded to be. Learn what America really was meant to be and you will be appalled at what it has actually become. You cannot understand that America was created as a small Federal system with a large amount of the power of government kept within the individual states, and not be disgusted with the Federal Pig that we have today. You cannot realize that only white people were citizens originally in America, and even in 1960, 90% of the population here was white, without being dismayed by the fact that America is only 72% white today and in 50 years it will be less than half white.

It is critical, in the strongest and most dramatic meaning of the word, that majority race Americans become aware and then outraged at what has already been done to this nation and our race who created it. It is time that we move beyond mere outrage at what they have planned for us in the future. (e.g. President Clinton insisted that white Americans should celebrate the invasion of our land by nonwhites who will remove our majority status in the year 2050.) Become clear in your own mind that you will never again pass up a chance to vote. Never vote for someone who will not support the white race, period. Do not sit quietly by while anyone is voicing an opinion that is destructive to white America. We have been nice and sat quietly by for too long now. Awaken! Arise and take back this land that our forefathers created for us and lovingly passed on to us, their children. Take your stand to protect this land and vow to never give it up, no matter how many white haters, like Bill Clinton, try to make you relinquish your rightful claim to your country. Join hands and be proud of who you are. The stars await you.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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