What's the Difference?

I AM OFTEN STRUCK WITH THE DOGGED determination of those who are set on destroying America. I have them visiting my page and I see them out in the forums on the Internet. It is amazing how they can continue to put out the same lies and nonsense as if it were fact, day after day, and still get away with it.

For instance, when confronted with the fact that a homogeneous society is more stable, and less prone to inner strife, they do not discuss that fact. In fact they do not even acknowledge that fact. Instead, they redirect the conversation elsewhere. They talk about how nice it is to have Chinese restaurants, or Mexican eating establishments, as if America did not have those things before 1960, when this nation was 90% White, and fairly homogeneous. They claim that wanting a safe and stable society is “hate.” It is clear that if only Americans would turn off their television sets, and start using their own brains for a change, the drivel presented by those intent on our end, would be seen for the deceit that it actually is.

In a kitchen, you find many things to add to your cooking projects. There is salt, and sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon. Each item is kept in its own container. When you want to add some sugar, you go to the sugar canister, and scoop some out. When you want salt, you grab the salt shaker and use some. Pepper is dispensed from its container as well. The basic principle involved is that if you want to have something that can be used with other diverse things, you have to store it in a separate container. If you mix all the items together in the kitchen into one container you will have something that is no longer usable and has to be thrown out. While the diversity of spices in a single dish may excite your taste buds, the homogeneity that exists in the containers is what made that possible. It is only by having pure salt that makes it possible to add a known quantity of salt to your dish. It is only having pure sugar that makes its measured use possible. Each item is only useful as long as it remains pure and unmixed in its container. Once everything is all mixed up, diversity is no longer possible. Instead you have one useless mess that all looks the same and is totally useless.

Isn’t it strange that the very thing that the enemies of America use to promote their poison is the thing that would be completely destroyed if they get their way? If America is actually a racial melting pot, which they erroneously claim, then all the races, and all the cultures will melt together forming a “homogeneous” brown mess that has no diversity at all remaining. Everyone will celebrate all the holidays equally, and no one will be able to claim any heritage as his own more than any other. The brown masses will all look alike and think alike, and live alike. Where is the diversity in that? What is the difference between that and what we had before 1960? The country will be a third world nation and the White race will have been destroyed!

It is easy to see that an homogeneous White America would have every single benefit claimed to be desired by the leftists. It would be a true "melting pot," where European immigrants would become just like the rest of the society; blending in and being assimilated into the normal population stream. It would be a land that, based upon our history, would provide the maximum amount of opportunity to the entire population of people. It is a land that would have no racial problems at all. It is a land where equality under the law would be a realistic goal. It is a land where racial profiling would not be required.

The average American has never stopped to realize that what we had before we were invaded, is immensely closer to the goal that the leftists have dishonestly claimed was theirs for America, and through their efforts they have destroyed it. They have claimed, and still claim, that they want equality of treatment for all citizens. If you research the 1950s you will find that for 90% of the population that is exactly what we had. After 4 decades of the leftists work, we have moved rapidly away from that laudable situation, and we find that the country is broken up into many racial factions and race is a critical factor in whether you do or do not get hired for many jobs. The opportunity once available to 90% of the population has dropped well below that point. Each year the situation worsens, and yet the leftists are complaining as if they were not the culprits that created the problem.

If America would take the time to look ahead, it would see that what the media is promoting is going to lead to the destruction of our land. There is no hope of America retaining both its greatness, and at the same time a racially diverse population. (For any open-minded doubters, they only need look at the portions of America that have already been taken over by the non-White invaders. No sane White man would take his family there to live!) The only possible destination of the path we are walking is collapse into civil war, violent racial hostilities, and the total disruption of our way of life. We are not going to be a melting pot, but merely a causality of meltdown.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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