What Will it Take?

November 17, 2004

I WONDER WHAT IT WILL TAKE? What can the Media Lords(1) do that is so blatant in its statement of the White man’s complete lack of power before he will get angry enough to force things to change? Will he forever just rest on his hands as he is being exterminated from off the face of the earth? It would seem so.

This morning I came across a story about something that was broadcast on ABC before its Monday Night Football game. It apparently was a promotion for a television show and ABC felt that this disgusting little “spoof" would draw in millions of viewers. The story described it like this:

Before the game, ABC showed the actress and the Philadelphia Eagles star in an empty locker room in an attempt to spoof the network hit 'Desperate Housewives.' Sheridan, who stars in the show, was wearing only a towel and provocatively asked Owens to skip the game for her.

After she dropped her towel, he smiled, agreed to be late for the contest and she jumped into his arms. Sheridan was shown only from behind and above the waist after she dropped the towel.

This story, and another related story where the FCC expressed concern over the incident, completely ignored the real issue. Here was a beautiful young White woman who stripped naked and begged a Black man to have sex with her. This is what America has come to today, and there didn’t appear to be a peep of protest over this fact. It is as if a rhinoceros was turned loose inside your living room, and after it had completely destroyed the furniture, knocked down the wall, broken the four thousand dollar HDTV into confetti sized pieces, and peed on the rug, the only thing that you have permission to complain about is the wet spot on the rug. While urine on the rug is a problem, it is a very minor concern when compared with the rest of the damage that was done.

White men have clearly had their manhood removed, because they have to ask for permission before they can get angry about anything today. In this case, it was demonstrated that they only have the right to complain about something being too sexually risqué for the early evening hours, but they are not allowed to say a thing about having their women used by Black men as sex toys.

Of course, it wouldn't actually change things, even if White folks did complain. Television has grown more and more sexually explicit over the years, amidst much protesting by the people. Complaining doesn’t do any good in the long run. The Media Lords(1) are going to continue on their chosen course of trashing our civilization until it is completely gone, no matter what we say about it. Only united action will stop them. However, if White folks can’t even get the guts up to complain about the propaganda promoting racially destructive behavior, then they will never have the courage to physically take charge of their country once more.

After people complained about the airing of that piece of destructive filth, ABC issued the following apology:

We have heard from many of our viewers about last night's 'MNF' opening segment and we agree that the placement was inappropriate. We apologize.

Besides completely ignoring the racially offensive aspects in their piece, they didn’t even apologize for the sexual content, but only the “placement" of the segment. In their minds, there was nothing at all wrong with the piece; it was only the time in which it was shown.

There was an online poll that showed the following results:

The poll did not give an opportunity to express why anyone thought the piece was “out of line" but 61% of them thought that it was.

It was however, a very sad commentary on the depth that we have sunk to, when we note that even with the racial slap in the face, and the sexually explicit content, 39% of those polled felt the segment was just fine. Of course this was just a “click me" poll and not scientifically controlled, but it is a warning of troubled waters ahead.

This is the Media Lords’(1) dream: White folks beaten into submission, helpless, and unwilling to defend what is theirs. The question is, what are you going to do about it? It is time to get active; the time for standing by and waiting to see where we are headed is long past. The Media Lords are running wild and free inside your house, and only you can stop them. If you had any doubt as to what their intentions are, just remember this “Monday Night Football segment" where their dark plans, just like that White tramp, were laid bare.


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