Where You're Allowed to Play

WHETHER IT IS FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, HOCKEY, OR SOCCER, when you play the game, your team wins by moving into the opposing team's part of the playing area, and then striking its defended goal. Whether you push across their end zone line or kick the ball through the uprights in football, or put the ball through the defended metal hoop in basketball, or put the ball or puck into the defended and netted goal enclosure in hockey or soccer, in each case to have a chance to win you must be able to move with freedom to all parts of the field, especially into the opposing team's area.

War has much in common with sports, and it is just as true in war as it is in sports that in order to win, you must invade your enemy's territory. As long as you are fighting only on your own soil you are in trouble, and ultimately you are going to lose.

Look where you find yourself today. The game or war of survival for your people has been rigged against you. You cannot even approach the enemy's territory, let alone invade it. You are not allowed to play on that part of the field at all. Do you want to have a country where White people can live apart from others like the Black people do in Africa, or as the Oriental people do in Asia? Do you care that the White race is shrinking every day as a percentage of the world's population, and would you like to do something about it? Well you can't!

The rules are set so that if you want to move to that end of the field, you are first met with opposition by the television watchers who let that propaganda machine do all their thinking for them. They have been so well programmed that they immediately and unthinkingly detect and oppose anything that is in support of White people as a race. They cower at the term racist and are quick to throw it at you, should you be so brave as to get off your knees for a moment and speak up for your people.

If that doesn't work, and you actually start to openly discuss your love of your own people with others, then you are met with ever increasing, and more ferocious attacks from several sources, all directed at driving you back to your end of the field, which by the way is growing ever smaller.

If you have a meeting to promote White folks, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, and the newspapers owned by their brothers(1) will come out against you. You will find their people calling up the mayor and the police trying to have your meeting banned. You will find them out in numbers protesting your event. Politicians will be pressured by these people to come out with statements of condemnation for your point of view, and those statements will all be prominently published alongside various editorial comments about how evil you, and your love of your race, are.

If you come out full time in active opposition to these forces of hate against the White race, you will be met with even stronger force. Witness David Duke, who ended up in prison for speaking out against this very process.

The game is rigged and you can only play on your end of the field. If you cross over the line to advance into enemy territory, the ref throws a flag and calls a foul. You are forced back and your opponent is given control of the game once more. That is how the game is played in America today.

Since the game was taken over by those who hate White folks, the entire White world has been under attack. There is no place on earth safe for White people to live any longer. Every single square inch of White space has been declared "world property" and land "that belongs to immigrants." (Please note that 90% of all of today's immigrants are non-White!) You have nothing to call your own, and it is all being taken from you!

In the United States, thanks to the way the game was changed, the State of California went from 90% White to less than 50% White in less than 40 years. The rest of the country that was also 90% White in 1965, is under a similar attack. The entire country will have shifted away from being a White land to being a land with a majority of a mixed up hodgepodge of non-White races, before the year 2050. That change will have taken less than a century! You can't object to this process, or you are a racist. If you love your country the way it was before the aliens took over the game, you are filled with hate.

The game is over, and it is time to quit pretending that it is being played according any real rules. In the USA, the constitution is supposed to be the rulebook, but those who are set on destroying White America have rewritten it. It specifically gives you the right to "bear arms" and it doesn't say registered arms either! However that "right" grows more anemic everyday. It guarantees you the right to free speech, but the anti-Whites are working hard to cancel that right too, through the mislabeling of anything pro-White as being hate speech. In much of Europe and in Canada no such right exists, and there are people in jail today for simply expressing their opinions.

The list goes on and on, but it all boils down to one thing: there is no point to the game any longer, because it is fixed. The politicians we vote for have all gone through the media filter and have come out in opposition to White folks, or they would never make it to the ballot. By the time we vote, the real selection has already been done for us: by those who hate us. We have reached the point where playing the game has become destructive to our country and to our people.

It is time to realize that if being anti-immigration is racist, then being racist is a good thing and we should all embraced racism. It is time to realize that if having a White land once more is hate, then hate is a good and healthy thing and we should all be filled with it. It is time to get up off from our knees and start living like free men again, instead of subservient slaves who fearfully look over our shoulders when we speak our real beliefs out loud. We will not survive as mice, but only as men. We will not continue into the future by playing the game as it stands now. If we try, we will be pushed off of the field of play, and like the dinosaurs, only exist in the past.


1.    Who Rules America?

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