WHERE are the 
White Men Today?

THERE WAS A TIME when a White man was proud of his race. He felt his roots. He felt that he was part of a White community. He took pride in the great accomplishments of the White race. He felt the nobility of being one with the race of all the great thinkers of Europe. He read Plato with enthusiasm, saying, "He was of my race." He read Shakespeare and marveled at the insight of this White man. Perhaps even more importantly, the White man was outraged, and driven to action, when one of his race was put upon by those of another race. There was a time when the White man defended what was his and stood together with his people.

That time has passed us by. We must ask ourselves, "Where are the White men today?" Where have they gone? Today they spend all of their free time watching black men playing sports. Today they are more concerned that their children learn about Black "history" than White history. Today they do not even tell their daughters that White girls do not date, mate or marry with other races. Today the White men feel guilt for slavery and for having taken America from the handful of Indians who once roamed the great North American continent. Is this possible?

Are these beaten down pretenders really members of the White race? Could they really be descended from the Vikings? What has happened to the warrior race, the race that had conquered most of the world such a short time ago? What has caused the fall from glory and the apathy which prevents our race from reclaiming what is rightfully ours? Why does the White man submit so easily to death? Where are our White men today?

One thing is certain. It is not the fault of his genes. The White man has shown in the past that he can fight as well as any on earth. The White man has demonstrated a superior ability to create novel solutions to a myriad of difficult problems. He therefore is clearly strong enough and smart enough to hold his own with any on earth. The genes clearly are up to the task.

So, why do White men stand by while their women run off to have children with NonWhites? Why do White men allow their own children to be taught in school that White culture is not as good as NonWhite culture? Why do they humbly submit to having their roots dug up and burned in this fashion? Where are our White men today?

Do you tolerate your children going to a school where they are taught Black "History"? Do you let the teachers lie to your kids, telling them that Blacks invented writing, and numbers or telling them other racial lies? Do you let your children go to a school where teachers, regardless of what they personally think, teach the kids that White culture is a blight upon mankind, and that Columbus was nothing but a genocidal maniac? If you do, what is your excuse for this? Could you stand before a council of your White ancestors and truly expect them to accept your excuse for what you are doing ?

Where are our White men when a NonWhite gang takes a White girl, gang rapes her, tortures her and then kills her? How is it that Blacks will riot and burn down their cities when members of their race are mistreated, but Whites could care less? Where are the White men today?

Our country is being invaded by NonWhites every day. Their numbers are growing rapidly, while ours are shrinking. What is the correct response to an invasion? It certainly is not going to work every day and acting like nothing is happening! It is certainly is not burying our heads in the sand and hoping that the NonWhites will not effect our neighborhood. Would the Vikings have tolerated that sort of thing? Where are our White men today?

In the 1800s the American continent lay out before the White man. He took it and tamed it, fighting the elements and the Indians all of the way. Today the United States goes "from sea to shining sea," because the White man made it happen. The White man built roads and cities all across this land. He built bridges, dams and canals. He built schools for his children and farms to feed not only his own people, but many people of the world. He created the greatest nation that has existed upon this earth and he did it for himself and his children. He would not have stood for multiculturalism. He would not have stood for diversity. He would not have stood for Black "History" being taught to his children. He was proud of being White! Imagine that. He was PROUD OF BEING WHITE! Where are our White men today?

I want to tell you something else about the White man who created America. He was not a feminist. He would never have sat still for a second, listening to the lesbian driven drivel produced by that group. White men have treated their White women better than any other race has treated their women. White women have always been special, until now. White women were the center of the home, until now. White women were protected from gang rape, until now. White women were protected from murder, until now. White women were protected from even having to listen to masculine public obscenity, until now. If a White woman were raped in the past, you better believe that the perpetrator was going to die when he was caught. If the law did not do it quickly enough, it often was a lynch mob that did it. Today, neither the law, nor the mob provides justice. Where are our White men today?

There was a time when White men would fight to the death to protect their homes, their women and their countries. Today the White man is ashamed to admit that he is even conscious of the fact that he is White! He will not fight for his race, or even verbally defend his race. Can this be the same people who manned the long boats and crossed the mighty Atlantic Ocean all the way to the New World? Can this be the same people who were the fierce and feared fighters of the North? It is completely unbelievable that we could have fallen so low! Where are our White men today?

It is amazing that such a simple ploy, a clear lie, and a not particularly clever deception, has shackled and humbled the once proud race of Napoleon. A little trick of the mind and the race of Alexander the Great has become a race of sheep. The White race has been completely conquered by a single word: RACISM. Two syllables which have taken down the greatest race of fighters known to man. While there are organizations in the US which are blatantly racist and even call it out in the names of their organizations, we have White people who honestly believe that race does not exist and has no meaning to true Americans. While the NAACP, the Negro College Fund and the Anti-Defamation League are all clearly focused on the Negro or Jewish races, White people are told that if they should be aware of their own race, it is racist. It is as if you walked into your own dining room, and there uninvited, sitting around your banquet table, were many people gorging themselves on the food which you paid for out of your own pocket, and through large mouthfuls of meat they are telling you that it is absolutely wrong for you to sit down and have any of the food yourself, or God forbid, you should throw all of the thieving interlopers out! Where is Odysseus when you need him, and where are our White men today?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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