The Great White River

THE RIVER FLOWS. It flows from higher elevation to lower. It flows around mountains, through canyons, with the ocean as its constant goal. The river has great power. It can produce electricity in great quantity. It provides a transportation route through forest, desert and jungle. Rivers are the reason why most cities have been placed where they are today. A river provides a home for fish and many other forms of life, all along its entire length.

If a river should suddenly become blocked, what will happen? At first the water will back up behind the blockage, creating a new lake. The water will continue to collect behind the blockage until one of two things happens. As an example of the first, let us look at the Dead Sea located in the land of Palestine. This lake accepts water in but has no outlet. The water sits and stagnates. The high air temperature and the dry climate pull tremendous amounts of water from the Dead Sea by way of evaporation. In fact the amount pulled out is the same as the amount put into the Dead Sea by the Jordan River. However the chemicals (mostly salt) brought in by the Jordan are not removed by evaporation. They accumulate and now make up about 25% of the entire Dead Sea, which is 7 times saltier than the ocean. Nothing can live in the Dead Sea, hence its name.

The second possibility is shown by what is now know as Lake Missoula. Here the Clark Fork River valley, near the Montana and Idaho border, was blocked by ice sheets during the last Ice Age. A huge lake was formed, covering over 3,000 square miles, and was in places 2000 feet deep. It is estimated that between 300 and 500 cubic miles of water poured through when the ice dam gave way. The devastation that this release of energy caused is still visible today, even though the dam gave way for the last time over 10,000 years ago! The water poured over the Spokane, Washington area and created riverbeds, water falls and coulees. One of those waterfalls is now known as the Dry Falls, just outside Coulee City, Washington. This waterfall was the largest waterfall that has ever existed on planet earth! It discharged over forty times as much water as the Niagara Falls. The water continued down to the Columbia River Gorge, backing up to 1000 feet high as it forced its way through the path the pioneers of the 1800s would later use on the Oregon Trail. By the time the water had passed the Cascade mountains and opened up upon the Portland and Vancouver area, its level had dropped to 400 feet, which would have completely obliterated those lovely cities if they had existed at that time.

The white race is a river which has been dammed in its natural course. The liberal movement which has control of our media, government and schools, has but one serious goal and that is to shackle the white race and destroy it. They hope the entire energy of the white race will be dumped into a Dead Sea, where they will no longer have to deal with its power. They fear, however, that they have channeled that power into another Lake Missoula which will at some future time break through the barrier that they have created and destroy everything in its path. It is clear they have that fear because they attack with complete abandon, all efforts to redirect the White Race River into its natural course.

What is the reaction, from the average White American today, to any positive statement about the white race? Think about it. Automatically it is believed that the person who made the statement is evil, and treading on forbidden ground. It is clear that nothing can be said specifically in favor of the white race because the concept of race is evil. Now you have that concept firmly in mind, study upon the fact that we have a Black History Month which is sanctioned by the very same people who say that white racial knowledge is evil. The children are directed to specifically look at and note that certain people are to be praised and admired at least partially because of their race.

These two examples highlight the fact that our government, the powers that be, are trying to enhance the flow of the Black Race River, while doing all that they can to dam the White Race River. Note how any drop of white water that sneaks by the dam is instantly scooped up and put into the lake of the "Racists" where it is separate from the main body of water. This is not by accident. Such completely different ways of dealing with people, based solely upon race, is by design and in your heart you know this to be true!

The backbone of the dam across the great White Race River, is the total misunderstanding of the white people in America of what is happening to their country and their race, and that misunderstanding is being orchestrated by the liberal establishment. The newspapers spew forth the hate propaganda against white America every day. The television shows constantly portray pro-whites as unfeeling, thoughtless, and heartless jerks who only hate. The legislature continues to pass laws which throw more and more debris in the path of the old channel of the White Race River.

The crew working on the dam is working double shifts and weekends. If a white man says he wants his country to stay as white as it has been in the past, he is attacked as if he had said he wanted to go out and kill babies for fun. If a white man wishes to hire a white employee simple because he is more comfortable with a white employee, he is mauled with aggressively corrosive publicity and then he is financially devastated by law suits. In school our children are taught that Columbus made a mistake coming to America. They learn that the over four centuries of pre-diversity Colonial and American history were a mistake, and that things would have gone much better if we were not so white during those amazing years of progress.

Take a look. Look closely at what has happened over the last four decades. If you don't remember, go to a used bookstore and rummage around. Find books and encyclopedias of that time and see what was going on. The amount of crime was very low. The number of divorces was low. The number of racially motivated crimes was extremely low. A man could earn a paycheck with only an elementary school education behind him that would support his wife and kids, pay for a car and make a house payment. Kids went to school to learn, not to do drugs. It was extremely rare that a child would seriously harm another child and rarer still that he would actually kill him. If a white man were to create an image of a perfect society and then measure the difference between that and the America of the 1950s, and then again against the America of today, he would find that in nearly every category, his ideal would have compared far more closely with the 1950 model rather than today's. The few areas of progress, such as medicine, which have been made in spite of the destructive changes in our society, would have actually been further advanced by now, if the liberals had not destroyed the 1950s America. ( e.g. Look at all the money which has been diverted away from cancer and heart research in order to deal with the homosexual HIV plague.)

What we have had happen to our nation, is a group of people has taken over our society, through the influence of the media, government and schools. They have extremely large amounts of money to throw around. This puts them in control of all our elections. Contemplate for a moment who it is that actually gets elected. He gets elected, who can mount the best propaganda campaign in the media. When the media supports a position, that position flourishes. When they attack a position it dies. Is it any wonder that only politicians who refuse to stand up for the white man are elected, when the media constantly puts out anti-white propaganda? White Americans no longer vote for candidates because those candidates have the best interest of the white voters in mind. Instead, white voters vote for candidates because the media has painted a nice image of the candidate they end up casting their ballot for.

What is the effect of this control of our elections. It moves great blocks of concrete into the path of the White Race River. How can we proceed with those things which will enhance our security and happiness if we cannot pass laws which support our race? How can we flourish when laws are passed that support other races at our expense? Of course we cannot flourish and when a race cannot flourish it will sooner or later die.

This control of our elections is a major portion of the dam which is blocking our river. In order for a candidate to ever make it to the big time he must bow down to the god of the media. He must demonstrate his willingness to sacrifice the interests of the white man in order to promote the interests of all other races. He must show extreme reverence for the liberal causes of diversity/integration, feminism, homosexuality, and he must support the anti-Western Civilization philosophical position.

There has not been a single candidate elected to major office in the last two decades which openly and strongly opposed all of these sacred cows. You will see the pretenders who claim to be against any one of the positions but they do nothing to change the direction we are actually heading on these issues. They say they oppose feminism, while supporting female candidates for office and filling their staff with females. They seldom oppose the legislation which promotes the feminist agenda at the expense of the American family. They say they are against diversity but seldom create or even vote for legislation which would halt our mad dash for white destruction through immigration. They claim they oppose homosexuality but never did they lift a finger to move the government towards isolating HIV cases, closing the HIV breeding centers called bathhouses in the homosexual parts of town or even allowing those cases to be reported correctly to the medical authorities. Instead they let the old laws against homosexual behavior lapse while the disease ran its course, and the homosexuals contaminated the blood supply, killing thousands of innocent hemophiliacs. And where is the candidate today who will openly oppose the concepts of Black History Month or the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday?

The control is total, and therefore, so is the blockage to the flow of our river. No candidate can freely speak his mind today for fear of the media. If a candidate cannot freely promote his ideas, then what is his real value? At the very least he has been pushed into the ineffective background, where no full-fledged support from the people can be generated. He has been removed from the field of play. His contribution to the flow of the river has been completely diverted away into a dead tributary.

With control of the media, comes control of the government. From that control comes the control of the schools. If you look at our schools today, they are federally controlled propaganda centers where all the little boys and girls are trained to be good little liberals. They are taught how wonderful diversity is, without any mention of the horrible negative side effects. The same is done with socialistic concepts all across the board.

The same folks that brought you the Bolshevik revolution are training your kids to hate American ideas and ideals. Once a child is indoctrinated it takes a great deal to shake him out of his brainwashed trance. Of course his education will be continued in the television shows and movies that he will watch each and every day, right through his adulthood.

The White Race River is dammed. It is blocked by liberalism and polluted by diversity. It is backing up and spreading out forming a lake. Will it reach an equilibrium as the source of its strength is strangled through birth control and miscegenation, extinguishing itself into a Dead Sea, becoming nothing but a drying puddle, completely destroyed by the liberal machine which has always had that destruction as its primary goal? Or will it break through the hateful attack against it and slam aside the obstacles to its natural course?

What do you say? Let's blow the dam!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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