Who Loves America?

I THINK IT WOULD DO THE AVERAGE AMERICAN SOME GOOD to take a close look at what is going on right now in his society. Have you noticed the glaring trend? I asked my wife the other day if she notices anything special about the people who were wearing tee shirts and ball caps with the American flag and patriotic slogans on them. She got a thoughtful look on her face and then replied, "They are all White."

Look about you and see if it is not so. Look in your local mall for who it is that is wearing the patriotic paraphernalia. Look and see who is driving the car with the "Proud to be an American" sign in his window, and who has Red, White, and Blue streamers hanging from his antenna.

This very morning I was doing just that with the cars I was passing on the road. I thought for a minute I had finally found an exception. In the car ahead of me, the driver was a man who had close-cropped dark hair, and a relatively small head. The morning sky was heavily overcast, and the light was very poor. The man appeared dark, perhaps even black, but it might have been shadow. In his rear window, there was an American flag taped up. I was intent in finding out if I had actually found a patriotic Black man. When I finally was able to pull up beside him and check for sure, guess what? It was a White guy! The lighting had been so dim that it had made it impossible to tell before.

Now I am sure there are some non-Whites who actually appreciate America, and who are waving flags with the large number of Whites who are doing so, but nearly all those who love America, and are eager to support her, are the very ones condemned to extinction by her. It is the White American who holds this land up on his shoulders, even as he is being whipped with affirmative action, and robbed through nearly unlimited taxation. While his once exceptionally good school system has been taken from him, and replaced with a propaganda center, overrun by non-Whites and hopelessly inefficient in teaching useful skills, and even while he has been chased from his neighborhoods by the governmentís forced integration policies, the White Americanís heart still fills with love and warmth at the sight of Old Glory, and at the thought of building up the country that it stands for. It is very much like a mother who has gone through dealing with a child, who grown to adulthood, hates her, and reviles her. He is abusive, and steals from her, and even threatens her very existence, emotionally ripping her heart out, and still she loves him and is filled with warm feelings when she sees him. He is her child, and America is the White manís country.

And where are the non-Whites at this time when America appears the most to need them? They are still wearing their backwards baseball caps and their hateful sneers. They still are filled with hate for the race that built America and they still would love to kick Whitey's behind. They look at the White folks with their flags and slogans, and you can see the loathing in their eyes. Now is a great opportunity for White folks to wake up. All they have to do is look at what is going on around them in their own country. The non-Whites are not Americans. They do not want to be Americans. They donít want the flag or the country that it stands for. All they want is the luxury of living in a land with a high standard of living. They celebrate their Cinco de Mayo, and their own new years and holidays. They celebrate their un-American heritage with gusto and ignore what is at the heart of being an American. All of this is out in the open and easy for any White man to see today. He just has to open his eyes.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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