Defiled Wild West

WE JUST CANNOT SINK ANY LOWER. That is what I keep telling myself. Our sensibilities just cannot be offended any more than they have been already. But it appears that there is still much room for offense to blossom.

A case in point is the new movie The Wild Wild West. I have not seen it and I am not going to see it, but I have seen the previews for it, which were shown at a theater where I watched the new multicultural delight: Star Wars Episode I. (I will save that movie for a later discussion.) It is clear that this movie, designed to draw in our youngsters, is filled with all of the things which will assist the White race towards its suicidal plunge into extinction.

  1. Miscegenation. We have a black lead who, it appears, will have White women fawning all over him throughout the movie. This will have the effect of programming our children in this critical area towards this racially suicidal practice. The little boys watching the movie will be programmed to think that it is just great to for White women to mate with Black men. The little girls will learn that it should be their goal to mate with one of these exciting and intelligent Black men. Both sexes will learn that Black men with White women, is a normal, good, and acceptable thing.

  2. Historical Absurdity. A Black man, even if he would have been intellectually capable of performing the job, would never have been hired to be the government agent that James West was in the old television show. He could not have moved around in White society in that era as an agent would have needed to. This historically absurd idea is promoted in order for kids to be confused about history. The White American heritage is to be muddied up, made unclear, in order to plant a new and false history into the minds of our children. Our racial heritage is once again the target of the Media Lords.

  3. Racial Improbability. As is becoming ever more the case, we have a Black man portrayed in a role where he is more intelligent, more dashing, more mentally quick on his feet than all the White actors around him. Blacks make up about 13% of our population. If you look at society in any area where quotas are not in place, the numbers of Blacks who are able to participate in high IQ professions is far less than 13%. To put a kind word on it, this movie is completely misleading. Over and over again in movies today we have Blacks shown as geniuses, or exceptionally intelligent, when compared with the poor stupid Whites around them. They fill the roles of doctors, lawyers, electronics or computer whizzes, thinking circles around the slower Whites. While there certainly are very intelligent Blacks, their numbers are very small compared with the numbers we see on the big screen. The true intellectual makeup of the different races is quite different than what the movies portray. Once again this is to confuse our children, and as many adults as are willing to be deceived.

  4. Outright Insult. Here is a movie based upon a television show which millions of Americans watched and enjoyed. The White character of James West was a very bright, exciting and virile man who beat the bad guys and won the ladies. To take a well known White character like that and suddenly change his race to Black is a mental shock, the equivalent of a mental earthquake for most White folks. James West was a real mover with the White girls. Now the Black man will be mentally associated with the same activity. James West was very intelligent and a strong defender of the White government of the US. Now the Black James West will invade the White government, and draw a multicultural picture for our kids to incorrectly think of when they study the historical west. This is an insult to our White history and our race.

  5. Distorted Role Model. Our boys are taught that they should look up to Blacks by this movie. What are Blacks to our young kids? Rap artists, drug dealers, and gang members! Our kids are already trying to copy the lowest of the low by listening to "Gangsta Rap", wearing their caps backwards, putting on the baggy pants and other paraphernalia of the ghetto dweller. This movie will just make that whole process more effective in destroying the White pride and awareness in our children. Of course smart White parents will not allow their kids to watch this kind of filth but you can rest assured that their kids will be hearing all about it from their friends, whose parents are too stupid to care what their children watch at the movies. When it comes out on video those friends will be dragging your kids over to their house to watch The Wild Wild West there.

If you look back over the years it has been a steady progression of more and more multiculturalism in the movies. The only reason it has taken as long as it has is because that most Whites still have a residual racial awareness and they have had to be brainwashed in stages. They have been slowly moved along to the point where today they can actually watch a movie like The Wild Wild West and enjoy it, hardly cringing at all as their race is moved closer to the cliff of racial suicide. If a movie like this makes you physically ill, you should be glad that you are still alive from the neck up. But remember that what they have done to us during the last 40 years is nothing when compared with what they have planned for us during the next 40 years: extinction pure and simple.

Today while we still hold 72% of the population they are willing to create and distribute to the "mainstream" movie houses, a racially disgusting movie like The Wild Wild West. When we reach the point of being less than half the population, Whites will be looking back on this deplorable movie with fondness for how restrained it was. In fact The Wild Wild West will probably be banned because it had way too many White actors in it.

Each year that passes, the White nation of the United States grows sicker. The morals are evaporating along with our people. The law is becoming less effective, and our society is becoming less civilized. The children are less well educated, and the number of children murdered goes up. The cause of all these problems is easy to see, and yet the major media spend millions of dollars for reporters who are always asking what is wrong, but who never will tell you what is really wrong.

To chop down a large tree takes many cuts. Especially when the tree is a huge Redwood like the USA. The Media Lords have been hacking away for many decades and the tree is beginning to get shaky. Each new movie or television show which goes just a little bit farther towards breaking down our taboos, and our societal norms, is another chop on our tree. No tree can stand forever against a determined lumberjack. Neither can ours. Either we get rid of the lumberjack, and allow our tree to heal its wound, or we will one day find our entire nation lying dead on the ground.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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