The Boy Who Cried Wolf

THE FOLLOWING WAS SENT TO ME by a young man who has been thoroughly conditioned by his upbringing, and his associations into believing that the extermination of the White race is a "so what" kind of event.

Blacks commit a lot of crime, I say, so what? 60 years ago it was the Irish who committed a lot of crime. We had a class on diversity a few months ago, one of my friend's grand-father's came into speak to us, he's Irish Catholic, we can just call him O'Learry. I come from a small town, very white, very Protestant. Many people, including my grand-father weren't happy when O'Learry moved in 50 years ago, they had meetings to discuss the "Irish-Catholic menace". The KKK from a nearby town came in with statistics showing that Irish had low IQ's, and were prone to crime and violence. The elder O'Learry had to put up with a lot of s___, not the least coming from my own grand-father, something I will never forget. He had trouble finding work, and someone burned down his house (twice) but he persevered, and he's still here. O'Learry said he sympathizes with today's blacks, they're the new "micks" and they're the targets of all the bigots of the world.

Here is the story of a White man who was attacked by the KKK. We are told that the KKK produced statistics to show that the Irish are dumber than other folks. This email is intended to "prove" that all of the statistics about Blacks and their crime rate are merely made up, like the ones about the Irish. And of course the primary intent is to try and justify the disaster happening in America today, as if it is just a figment of our imagination, like a hostile Irish invasion was to an earlier generation. The KKK it is said, cried, "Wolf!" about the Irish and so anyone pointing out the facts today is guilty of the same thing.

Let us analyze this reasoning. First of all, in the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Aesop, who lived 600 years before Christ, spoke of a young lad who decided to have some fun at the town people's expense. The boy was put in charge of watching the sheep and the arrangement was that if he saw a danger to the sheep, such as a wolf approaching, he was to call out to the townspeople, and they would come running to aid in driving off the danger. The boy decided that it would be great sport to yell, "Wolf!" and watch all of the people come running out, all worked up, even though there was no wolf there at all. Doing it once, was bad enough, and the people were really upset with him, but this kid was really stupid and he did it several times. The result was that when a wolf finally did come, and he yelled, nobody came and the wolf had a great meal.

The story highlights the importance of not running around crying "Danger, Will Robinson!" when no danger exists. However, it also highlights the fact that real danger can, and does, exist and action is required when that danger presents itself. Another important point is that if the bad little boy was relieved from his duty, as he should have been, and a different child, or even better yet an adult, took his place, and he then cried, "Wolf!" the townspeople would have come running at top speed and killed the wolf.

Now, notice that the 18-year-old gentleman, who sent this email, said he attended a class on diversity. From other things that he has written, I am led to believe that he was a high school senior at the time of the class. Why is a class on diversity a necessary thing? What could it accomplish? Notice that he did not say that the class produced wonderful statistics and historical information that showed diversity really worked in other times and places. Instead, its only feature was to try and disarm the self defense mechanism of our neighborhoods. It was aimed at saying that our neighborhoods, our cities, and especially our country have no say whatsoever in whom they are going to allow in.

There was no discussion of real data, only the feelings of an offend party who did not like the standards of a community he came to live in. I think that burning a man's house down is abominable behavior and I certainly would never condone such action. And if the KKK felt that way about the Irish at that time, I think they were confused, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with what is on my web page, and here is why:

  1. I am not a member of the KKK and I have never been affiliated with it. Therefore, what they did or did not do has nothing to do with me or what I say on my page.

  2. The origin of the statistics on Black crime comes from the FBI not the KKK.

  3. The data on IQ differences comes not from the KKK but from independent studies and tests.

So, what we have is not merely another pro-White organization creating these statistics, and not the KKK which was accused of crying, "Wolf!" about the Irish creating these statistics, but instead, an official agency of our government, a government dedicated to the idea of there being no racial differences, producing statistics on crime that show Blacks are 10 times more likely to commit violent crime than are Whites. But in spite of the fact that it is a different source from which the data came, the diversity class was intended to destroy the credibility of all sources by painting them with a KKK brush. The absurd assertion is being made that the KKK cried, "Wolf!" and so the FBI statistics are lying! And they did it to our kids in school as if they were teaching mathematics or English.

The Irish are good people, and many of the Scots, who produced my ancestors, migrated from Ireland over to Scotland. So, I have no bone to pick with this fine and brave people. Yet, it should be noted that while race always divides, there are other factors that can as well. Religion and nationality can split people up and cause hate and bloodshed. In the case of the Irish migration to America, both of those factors were at work.

It was the potato famine of the 1840s that first brought the Irish to the United States in large numbers. They carried with them the bitter memories of starvation and centuries of humiliation and suppression under the heel of the English.(1)

Ireland did not achieve independence from England until 1948. For centuries they had lived under the yoke of foreign rule. They grew to hate the English, and the majority of Irish who migrated to the USA did so, long before 1948. They had never lived in a democracy before and they had some adjusting to do, to acclimate. They reacted to their newfound freedom as a minority group, voting as a block, and usually for liberal Democratic candidates. Even today there are many Irish in Massachusetts who continue to vote like a minority for their Irish Senator Kennedy, even though they know he is a worthless scoundrel at heart.

Many Irish came to America with a burning hatred for England and those of English stock, which the USA was filled with. Many of the activities of the Irish were of the type, of cutting off their own noses to spite the faces of their "English" neighbors. They voted for liberal causes because it would harm or at least anger the "English" around them.

In addition to that, the Irish immigrants were almost entirely Catholic, and not just superficially so. The Catholic Church has been a great supporter of the Irish through the many dark days that they had to go through in their past. Now, these avid Catholics, moved into a Protestant land. As has always been the case in the past, the two groups, each believing that the other is going to Hell because of their beliefs had some very harsh encounters.

All of this was part of the cooling off process for the national anger the Irish had for the English, and that the Protestants in America had for Catholics. Such things take time, but the Irish are becoming more and more assimilated into the American majority. In many areas of the country nobody gives Irishness any special thought whatsoever. "Oh, your ancestors were Irish? Mine were German. What do you think about the weather we've been having?"

There is one new source of hatred for the Irish, now that the rest of America has accepted them as part of the White American majority. Last Saint Patrick's Day in the city of Boston, which has a huge Irish population, there was a request for the Irish in certain parts of town to not display Saint Patty's Day paraphernalia in their windows. They were told that the Blacks felt threatened by these White symbols and there might be trouble. That is a true indication that the Irish are proud White Americans: They are hated for their race!

I am proud and happy to welcome, and embrace the Irish as White kinsmen. It is clear that those who hate the White race have no more love for them than they do any of the rest of us, and why should they? We are all from the same racial stock, and we are therefore kin!

A final stab at White folks was made in this diversity class when the man who had unjustly been persecuted tried to equate Irishness with Blackness. "They're the new 'micks,'" he said, "And they're the targets of all the bigots of the world." How can the Blacks be the new "micks," when the Blacks were here as slaves right from the start? The Blacks, once freed, were a minority that could never be assimilated into the majority. An Irishman could choose to be a mainstream American at any time. Many did and were not bothered at all. Many chose to maintain a minority mentality for a while, and a few still do today, but for the most part that is becoming a thing of the past. They do not think of themselves as Irishmen who live in America, but Americans who happen to have Irish ancestors.

Blacks, on the other hand, are really no closer to assimilation than they ever were. They are filled with anger at the White man for being White and acting White, and they look at their own race as their brothers and sisters. The very words "brother" and "sister" can mean Black. This is a people that cannot and will not assimilate. They are not "micks" who are just waiting for the cooling off period to pass, so they can move into the mainstream. They are for the most part physically, and mentally different, and not capable of being assimilated.

There is no place in our society or our movement for the cowardly act of burning a man's house. It is our city halls, our state legislatures, and our federal government, and those who wield the power of that government, who are at fault. They are the ones who must be replaced, for they are the guilty ones. They have destroyed our schools, and our neighborhoods. They have opened our borders and are exterminating our people through displacement. While diversity classes program our youth to be accepting of our destruction, we see our paychecks being stolen by taxes in order to finance even more diversity, and the associated brainwashing to make us accept it. That must stop!

1. The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson Pg. 131

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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