When The World Goes On
Without You

THE ORGAN MUSIC WAS LEFT BEHIND IN THE FUNERAL PARLOR, and now your box is being lowered into its final resting place; a hole in the ground six feet deep. Your ability to care about your mortgage, your home, or your family has been ended, and they are covering your remains with the earth you walked upon all of your life. It is over. And if your brain was still working, in your dead body, you would realize that life, and the world, were both going on without you.

The world, it seems, was not created just for your personal happiness. It is a living environment that will destroy life as well as produce it. Most species have already become extinct and when you die, and life continues on without you, what will impact the future is whether or not you did your part to procreate your subspecies, and what you did to make that biological group stronger or weaker.

In reading The History of the White Race, I was struck with the tenacious spirit of our White ancestors. White people exploded out of their birthplace and conquered a huge area of the earth. Over and over again, in wave after wave, they streamed over the land, reinvesting their genes, and their creative abilities, wherever they went. As long as that continued, an old and dying White society would be replenished with fresh White genes and rejuvenated. The only time that a White society fell permanently into poverty, and into an unimportant historical role, was when it lost its genetic roots, and became a non-White land.

America was one of those White lands, a late arriver, but one that was repeatedly infused with the White genes from its original homeland. White Europeans came here from several White nations, and transformed this land from a savage wilderness, into a great and powerful nation, populated from ocean to ocean with White men, women, and children. As long as that process continued unabated, America stood in the sunlight, and its future was open to the stars. If that healthy process had continued, America would already be on the road to colonizing space, and would be standing strong and self-sufficient.

Not only has America ceased to grow as a great White land, and instead is being transformed into another once great non-White land, but our very European homeland is quickly being invaded as well. Should current trends continue, there will come a time in the future when there will be no White nations left on earth at all. As has happened in the USA, the great White cities of Europe are, or are rapidly becoming, predominantly non-White. The genetic pool, which keeps the White race in existence, is being wiped out.

If you think that a world free from White people is a great thing, and that all people should live like they do in Africa, South America, and Asia, you are probably celebrating the potential termination of the White race. However, if you think that the race of Mozart, Shakespeare, and the men, who actually put a man on the moon, is worth preserving, you are going to be made sick by this idea.

Most White Americans are neither happy or sick over this coming catastrophe, because they are ignorant of it. They go from the cradle to the grave, watching television for their "education," never realizing that those who run that source of misinformation (see Who Rules America?) do not care about the White gentile folks in America, or anywhere else on earth. As the invasion of our lands continues at a frightening pace, Whites are told very little about it. They are shown movies that put out the propaganda message that all is truly well with diversity, even though history has proven that theory to be as wrong as the theory that the earth is flat. History is managed, and rewritten. Fables are elevated to the stature of "history" and ignorance is thereby carefully fed and nurtured in our people. As the future of their people is being unmercifully extinguished, they worry about who is going to play in the Superbowl, or some other completely unimportant fact of today's trivialities.

Think about ancient Rome. Do you care about what charioteer won a championship in the Coliseum on any given day? Do you care about any of the results of their games? Of course not, because that is totally unimportant to the long-term history of your people. What matters about Rome is the culture, language and ideas that they passed on to their descendants. What matters is that there is a White race that actually cares about the ideas from past White civilizations enough to perpetuate them.

When the dirt was thrown over the corps of the Roman Empire, what it left to us was twofold: 1) a wonderful body of culture, ideas, and law and; 2) a White race that was spread all over Europe that had been exposed to the works and ideas of the great Romans. The first created something worth saving, and the second gave the method of saving it.

This stands as an example to us as individuals. When the dirt is thrown over our dead remains, we too should leave these two things: 1) a culture worth preserving and; 2) progeny genetically and mentally capable of preserving it.

The first item has to do with our obligation to our ancestors. We do not individually create a culture all on our own, but we do embrace the one that our ancestors passed down to us. We can contribute our own abilities towards enhancing that culture, and we can defend it as required.

The second item has to do with our obligation to our descendants. It demands that we reproduce in large numbers, in the face of the great wave of non-White births in our land, and all around the world. We must help to debunk the idea that a low White birth rate is somehow a wonderful thing. Either we have White children, or we cease to exist. Those born during the last White "Baby Boom" did not even produce enough children to equal their own number. Now, thanks to non-White immigration, even though White are not having enough children to even maintain their population size, the US population is growing faster than it would have grown if we had all gone out and had large families. We are dealing with absolutely crushing rush hour traffic, and all of the other negative aspects associated with rapid population increase, but we are not reaping the benefits of having our own children growing up to replace us, in the cultural environment that we should be trying to preserve. Our children are instead being overwhelmed by the children of other lands, and of other peoples. Our heritage and our future is being wiped out by this process.

Not only do we need to produce children, but we must raise up the children that we produce to share in our culture. That means we must train them to reject other cultures, and to embrace our culture first and foremost. This is our task. We cannot turn it over to those who run our media. Those people hate our culture and us. They think that the 1950s were hell on earth, because America was then still White and proud of it. We therefore must sever the tie between our children and the mainstream media. Any hope that we have for the future rests firmly upon our being able to inculcate into our children a love of our people, and a love of our culture.

It is not easy to force our children away from the media's dictates, but it is our obligation nonetheless. The fact that other White parents are failing in their obligation only increases the need that we do not fail in ours.

And just think of the benefits of doing this, not only to the future, but to the present as well. Our children, who will not waste their hours in front of a television or video game screen, will instead be reading, and playing with other children; getting healthy exercise for both mind and body. They will develop strong minds, strong bodies, and a strong devotion to our people and our culture. Even if we were not planning for the future, but only for today, avoiding exposing our children to the mass media makes perfect sense.

A final thought: A thousand years from now, when Y3K has come and gone, what will your descendants have that you passed along? Will they still be of our race? Will they still love our culture? Or will they be indistinguishable from an entire world of dark third-worlders? When the day comes for us to be laid to rest, may each of us have as our epitaph; "He did his part."

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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