The Real Year 2000 Bug

IT IS COMING upon us quickly. The dreaded year 2000. The year when all those checks with the date 19___ will have to be thrown out. The year when all events of your life will suddenly have happened last century. And the year when it is feared that computers will crash down around us, destroying our society completely. While sufficient concern must be applied to this problem to fix it, this is not the "Bug" to which I am referring in the title of this article.

If all of the computers in our country ceased to work completely, never to be restored again, it would be nothing compared with the real Year Two Thousand Bug. Yes, our phone systems would be shut down for a while, but they would come back up, even without computers. Rotary switching systems worked before without computers and they could again. Conference calling and cell phones may be lost but you will be able to call your mother on Mother's Day. Our utilities may be off for a while, but not permanently. Air travel would be slowed down, even stopped for a short time but it too would revive without computers. Stores would sooner or later learn to stock their shelves, and life would go on. Some people might die, but our society would recover.

Compare that, if you will, with the Year Two Thousand Bug which will be feasting on our society in a more permanent fashion. It has been growing already since 1965 and it will not reach its prime until the year 2050 but it is already, and will continue to be in the year 2000, a disaster to our society. It will by way of comparison make anything that could happen to our computers look like a birthday party. If, through computer failure, all the people died who were in the air and in the hospitals at 11:59 PM on December 31, 1999, it would be a small and insignificant loss to our nation when compared with what the real Bug will take from us!

When the 1900s came upon America there was no way of knowing that less than one hundred years would pass before the White race would be the minority in the state of California. There was no hint at all that before another century mark would come, White Americans would stop having children beyond the breakeven point with the death rate, or that all of America's growth would come from immigration, and 90% of that would be Nonwhite. The two world wars of this century took the lives of about 525,000 American men. The Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars took another 92,112.1 This century also blessed the slaughter of 30,000,000+ babies, killed by abortion in America this century.

America could and did survive the loss of all of these important people. It was able to continue to thrive and grow. It even grew to the status of a "Super Power." A standard of living was achieved to be envied. A continuous stream of new inventions were produced that went around the world, including the electric light, television and computers. It seemed that the great nation was destined to ride the heights for centuries before needing to worry about survival.

Yet, during this century, which was the point of the most important ascension of this great nation, were planted the seeds of the decline and fall of these United States. In this century Americans allowed a number of changes to occur, any one of which would be dangerous to our society's wellbeing.

With our race being phased out of America, the culture, the society, and the vibrant essence that once was America is being phased out right along with it. It is clearly happening. George Washington's name has been removed from public school buildings as being unfit for a multiracial school. Every year we hear about how horrible Columbus was on Columbus Day. He was indeed human and therefore not perfect. However, his accomplishment (which is what is really being attacked!) stands as an important event in American history. Without the discovery of America, there could be no United States of America. We are left with only one American today who is considered important enough to have his birthday celebrated as a national holiday.

Who was this most important American? Was he a founding father? Did he do something positive for all Americans? For even the majority of Americans? No he did not. He focused on a small minority of American citizens and cared not a whit for those whose society he was destroying by his actions. Yet, those same White Americans celebrate this man each year, as if he were a god.

At the beginning of the twentieth century none of this could have been predicted. Indeed, the White race was firmly in control of their own destiny in the United States. They had quotas in place to control immigration and they kept the majority of the money that they earned. The government at that time did not conspire to wipe them out through miscegenation and immigration. This country was rock solid.

Now the Year 2000 Bug has crushed that rock foundation, and our house is titling sharply. It leans farther each year that passes and only a few more decades of greatness, at most, are left to this great White nation. The alarm must be sounded. If they wish to survive as a people and as a nation, the Whites in our country must stand up and be counted. If they feel their race has anything to be proud of, if they think that the USA of 1950 possessed anything of which some portion of it should remain in existence in the year 2100 AD, they must act today. It will be soon too late to act at all.


1. 1997 World Almanac

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