August 3, 2023

IN GEORGE ORWELL'S BOOK 1984, he spent a good deal of time in discussing language in the appendix at the back of the book. He pointed out that language strongly impacts how we think. By changing language, Big Brother's Marxist government directly controlled the minds of the citizens. It became increasingly difficult to even express ideas that were not aligned with the party line.

If you pay attention you can see this going on around you today, and the ones in charge are not shy about it either. If you do not use the allowed words, but instead use the disallowed words, you can be disciplined, fired, or even prosecuted. You will comply, or you will suffer the consequences.

Let's take a few examples.

  • Gender

    This word originally was a grammatical construct, often completely arbitrary, used to assign one of the two categories, of masculine and feminine, to various words, including, but not limited to, pronouns. In many languages gender is assigned to inanimate objects, like pens, and mountains. It is only a construct, and gender is assigned, not inherent.

    The word sex is unambiguous. Prior to the enforced Newspeak change, job applications, medical forms, and anything that was used to define, and to describe you, the word sex was used, not gender. You were never asked for your gender, only your sex. Why? Because you are born with sex, not gender. Sex is clearly defined. You either have male genitalia, or you have female genitalia. You either have one Y chromosome and one X chromsome, or you have two X chromosomes. This is all black and white, clearly defined with no room for quibbling. You are born with a sex; you are not assigned a sex. You do not identify as a sex, you have it, right from conception.

    So, why the change, and when did it happen? If you will look at this Google Ngram graph , you will see when it happened.

    Prior to 1980, almost no one use the word gender to describe your sex. You were either of the male sex, or the female sex, and that was it. But then, the Newspeak agitators trotted out the word gender. For example, there were "gender studies" in colleges, which were really women's studies for feminists. Bit by bit, the word gender crept into places where it had no business being. Suddenly, you no longer had a sex, but you had a gender.

    At first this was just incorrect English. I remember in the 1990s scratching my head trying to understand why these people were intentionally misusing the word. But today you see the destructive method in their madness. They intended to unleash a wave of chaos upon us all. They set us up at the end of last century for the mess you find yourself in today. Today there are dozens of genders and you are supposed to bow down to them all, as if they were real. This would not be possible without the transition from the scientifically unambiguous term sex, into the completely arbitrary and evermore ambiguous term gender.

    Newspeak matters. Words matter. They will limit what you can think and how you can think. If you use the word gender, when you mean sex, you are part of the problem. All the talking heads on TV are part of the problem, of course. All the politicians are part of the problem. Teachers in school are part of this problem. In forty years the change has been so complete, so that today, you will follow the Newspeak changes, or you will suffer the consequences. Big Brother is quite unforgiving.

  • Gay

    When I was born, and throughout my school years, "gay" meant "Happy, joyful, lively, festive, bright, or colourful." Today, thanks to the Newspeak agitators, the original meanings for the word are described by the dictionary as being "Dated; possibly archaic."

    As you can see from the following Google Ngram graph, the Newspeak change to the misuse for the word "gay" came along about a decade after the misuse of the word "gender."

    This insulting switch was immediately apparent to anyone who was paying attention. Suddenly Christmas carols that talked about donning gay apparel, appeared to be perverse. All of the old books and movies, where characters where happily talking about how joyous they were feeling, by describing themselves as being gay, were smeared by the homosexual brush. That which had been good, something to be aspired to, had become disgusting. Just like that, a group with an incredibly high suicide rate was instantly labeled as being happy and joyous. And those who were actually happy and joyous, suddenly appeared to be homosexuals.

    A whole generation has grown up without even knowing that this was done to the language and the word "gay" is forever polluted by Newspeak.

  • Pronouns

    This Newspeak change came in two parts. The first part is the complete destruction of English grammar, in order to keep the Marxists happy. Suddenly, the standard rule for pronouns was cast away and a complete derailment of grammar took over in its place.

    A pronoun is by definition, a word that replaces and refers to a noun. "A man goes to the store, and he buys a hammer." The noun "man" is replaced by the pronoun "he." The grammar rule that covers this is that the pronoun must match the antecedent in number. (If possible it must also match in gender, which is why the word gender actually exists. This is grammar, not biology.)

    If the sex of the noun is neutral, as with an inanimate object, the pronoun will usually have a neuter gender, e.g. it. If the anticedent of the singular noun is a person, but the sex is unknown the pronoun defaults to the masculine, while retaining the proper number: he, him, etc.

    This was the way English was taught before the Marxist take over in the second half of the twentieth century. However, today, all of that is thrown out, so you don't offend the Leftists. Males are evil, especially White males.

    Today, you will hear college professors, and teachers of all stripes completely destroy the English language without batting an eye. If you take a writing course, you will hear something like this.

    When your character takes their keys, and gets into their car, and drives away, they will have emotions that you need to describe.

    These are people whose profession is to teach you how to use words. But they get it all wrong. This is how that sentence should have been constructed:

    When your character takes his keys and gets into his car, and drives away, he will have emotions that you need to describe.

    That would be true unless you know the sex of the character is female. If you are talking about a woman specifically, you would write it:

    When your character takes her keys and gets into her car, and drives away, she will have emotions that you need to describe.

    These are people who are teaching you how to use English. It is like a dental expert teaching you to pull teeth using a sledgehammer, because the Leftists prefer it that way.

    This is everywhere today. In the media, in the schools and wherever language is used. It is another change that was forced upon society to keep its citizens mentally in line. Forget history. Forget grammar, and stay with the herd, comrade.

    Today there is a part two to this wrecking ball the Newspeak crowd has unleashed. Now there are "preferred pronouns," that are made up on the fly by dainty little fools who tap dance around reality in hopes of making their fantasies come true. If you haven't figured this one out on your own, there is no point in talking about it.

  • Normal

    A few years ago I put up a YouTube video that was demonetized because I used the word "Normal" in the video title. Today the Newspeak police don't want there to be anything that can be considered "normal." Why is that? It is clear that normal is the societal standard that is expected. Before the 1960s Marxist revolt, it was normal to be White. About 90% of the American population was White and that was normal. The other 10% tended to live in their own areas of town and I could go through many days, even weeks or months and never see a Black face. The history books in school used the phrase, "The first white man to..." as a phrase to indicate the first American to discover something, see something, or do something. White was American, and nonWhite was not American. In school. In history books. This was America in the 1950s. Math problems, if they used names at all, they were always American names, White names.

    TV shows in the 1950s were the same. Going to town was the same.

    Another bit of normal was when you went to a doctor, or a lawyer, etc., you went to see a man, not a woman. Women, normal women, were at home raising the three or more children they had given birth to, and normally, fathered by their husbands. Normal families were made up by a working man, his stay-at-home wife, and their children. Advertisements of the era used this normal arrangement constantly. Highway billboards promoting vacation spots, cars, camping trailers and outside barbecues all showed a husband and his wife, and the children all having a great time together. This was considered normal.

    But today none of that is considered normal. In fact there is no normal at all in our society, because our society is being dismantled each day, by removing more and more of the structure, which was used to build it in the first place. When our civilization collapses, these Newspeak agitators will be ready to swoop in and set up the INGSOC government in its place.

    Suddenly the idiots who have been playing along with the anti-normal crowd, will find that they no longer have the right to do anything. They only have the obligation to do what the government tells them to do. This is what the Leftists have in mind for you.

  • Sadly, at this point, after living in this society for over seventy years, I don't think anyone will do what it takes to take down the Marxists. For over sixty years they have moved nearly unchecked, as they strove for their goals, and they have checked off nearly every box they originally had on their list, and have attained a lot of additional items they thought up along the way.

    You will never vote your way out of this, because all politicians, of every stripe are going to stab you in the back in the end. None of them can do anything against the ones in charge. If a man wants to thrive in politics, he must follow the party line. If he crosses the line, he will be crushed in the end.

    Some people think that Donald Trump is different. But is he? Did he ever do one thing that was specifically intended to help the majority race in America? Did you ever hear him claim to have done so? Of course not. That action, or even making that claim, would have pulled him down immediately. White people have flocked to him, not because he is pro-White, but simply because he is not openly anti-White. But White people today have been so beaten down, that they can't even conceive of a world like the one that existed in the middle of the twentieth century. Most of them honestly think that the White America that existed back then was evil, racist, sexist, and homophobic. Words. Always words, and labels. They control how you think. Believe it, because your enemies certainly do.