June 22, 2005

LEVEL FIVE ACTIVISM Ė Leadership. Total commitment to making the solution happen.

The Level Five Activist has crossed a threshold. He is no longer working anonymously, but is out in the open, for the entire world to see. He has placed his name and reputation right on the line to further our cause. Every Level Five Activist has the potential of helping scores, if not hundreds, or even thousands of others to awaken to our plight. These are the ones that form the stuff of heroes in every sense of the word!

There are two things to remember at this point: 1) Level Five Activists are our warrior/hero class. They are rightly looked up to, and they serve a tremendously valuable function in our struggle to survive; and 2) The other levels are just as valuable, because who would the leaders lead, if there were no one to follow? Where would the future generations of Whites come from if there were no White families having those White babies? Patton and Rommel would have both been useless geniuses if it were not for the competent troops that were under their direction.

I reiterated this fact, that all levels of activism are valuable, because I have seen activists ridicule other activists who were not at Level Five Activism. It is not only wrong to do so, but it is destructive to do so! We need every single White person that we can get, to be active at whatever level he can be active at. If he is not at Level Five Activism, there is a reason for it, and yelling will not change that reason. However, it just might de-motivate him right out of the movement completely, since he is being made to feel that his contribution is insignificant. That is not leadership; it is negligence!

The Level Five Activist will pick a direction and eagerly pursue it. He will search for activities that might be effective, and then will try them out. If they work, he keeps doing them. If not, he looks for something else.

Here are a few of the many possible alternatives open to him:

It is impossible to list all the possibilities, but you will get the general idea from these. A very creative couple in Idaho, Richard and Deon Masker, have created a portable billboard that they have mounted on a trailer, which they drive around town with pro-White messages on it. That is a great idea!

These are the levels of activism available to us today. Each individual will find a place in this list where he can do at least something to help his people survive into the future. You can do your part, and whatever that part is, it is important! Join the movement, and activate your beliefs, WE NEED YOU DESPERATELY!


1.   For a more detailed discussion of this problem, see The Problem We Face, and of course the rest of this web page.

2.    Who Rules America

3.    The Jewish Supremacists, put the interests of Israel, and all interests of the Jewish people, ahead of those of the USA and other White nations of the earth. They are people who are set on ruling over the other races of the world, and are the only significant group of actual racial supremacists on earth.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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