Where Are All the Men?

June 28, 2002

After 4 decades of stacking the deck in favor of women, and feminizing our educational system, the leftist media, which are more responsible than any other group, agency, or organization on earth -- including the N.O.W. -- for creating the problem, now have the gall to ask, concerning our college graduates, "Where are all the men?"

In a recent article in the Washington Post (1), it was stated that of the 860 graduates of Morgan State University this year, two-thirds of them were women.

The entire article was an attempt to make it appear as if the Washington Post, an organ of leftist feminist doctrine second to none, actually cared where the men were. As a result, there were some hints in the article as to what has happened to our schools.

"There is still the notion that men should be making their own way," Morgan State University President Earl S. Richardson said. "If they come to campus without money, they want to find a job."

Note the phrasing that Richardson used. It sounds as if it were bad thing for men to want to "make their own way." How dare they avoid dependence upon the government, which the female students embrace so readily? What a quaint and old-fashion way to look at things. Sounds like another action item for the feminists. If only we could take away that independent spirit from men, the problem would just go away. Poses the feminist, "Why can't a man be more like a woman?"

From what Richardson said we can see that women are not forced to pay their own way, to the same extent that men are. Women have financial benefits given to them like candy, from the government, industry, and from their parents. The feminized parents of today are actually more proud of a daughter who graduates from college, and then ends up not using that degree, effectively displacing a male student in the process, than they would have been if she had become a good wife and mother, and helped to create a happy and healthy family. She may now struggle through her life, get divorced, produce a child or two that she can't care for properly, and work in some field other than her degree would have prepared her for, but they are exceedingly proud of her nonetheless.

One of the points that the article did not consider is the fact that we are NOT filling our most technical positions in our companies with these women, who are taking up two-thirds of the college slots. No, we are filling them up with foreign men who are imported because our government has, through the help of feminism, affirmative action, and other leftist tinkering, destroyed our own male population's educational opportunities and institutions. Anyone who works in the high tech fields knows this. Take a walk through any engineering department. You will still see American males there, but their numbers are dwindling. There are a few token women in the departments, but the lion's share of the work is being done by imports from India or Asia. That is what feminism has done to our nation's industry.

And why are women filling up the colleges? Is it because they are actually more interested in becoming scientists and engineers? I find the candor of one professor who was quoted in the article, to be quite refreshing:

"I hesitate to say this, but it seems that women have an orientation not only toward achievement, but also toward being good and pleasing others," said Linda Sax, a UCLA education professor, who is writing a book about how women and men develop differently in college. "I think that accounts for some of women's higher achievement rates."

Note the lead-in comment, expressing the fear that all people have who have to deal with the feminist education machine. They speak the truth with hesitation. They hold back the truth if it is really unpleasant, and anything that is only slightly off beam with respect to the feminist dogma gets expressed with qualifications and soft-soap. Even so, here we see that it is the opinion of a female education professor that women are pouring into colleges and doing well because they want to "be good" and to "please others." What in the world are we doing? We are driving our real work force right out of college, and replacing them with women who should be "being good" and "pleasing others" by doing what they are best at, instead of playing school, and then dropping out of the workforce in the critical fields our nation needs filled right now.

The net effect of feminism has been that we have lost our homes, the mothers of our children, and the two parent families that our children need to grow up happy, healthy, and productive members of society, and in trade for this disaster, we have women flooding our colleges, displacing men, and then dropping out of the areas where the men would have filled, forcing companies to hire foreigners to fill the positions. We did not only get one serious negative effect out of the corrupt, and destructive feminist movement, but we have received many. These effects are not "side effects" either. They are the primary effects. The side effects, the ones least important, are the small, and nearly undetectable, positive changes created by feminism.

Here is another item from the article:

Women began making substantial educational improvements after the passage of Title IX, the 1972 law that barred sexual discrimination in educational institutions that spend federal money. But even now that women outpace men in receiving bachelor's and master's degrees, they still receive fewer doctoral and professional degrees and continue to lag in a handful of well-paying fields, including engineering and the sciences.

"Title IX has promoted substantial opportunities for women and has been responsible for a wide range of improvements," said Jocelyn Samuels, vice president of the National Women's Law Center, a Washington, D.C., advocacy group. "The job is not yet done."

Notice that the unconstitutional Title IX intrusion into our educational system, which is an example of what caused the very problem the hypocritical article is pretending to care about finding a solution for, is skimmed over in a slipshod summation, and referred to as if it were something positive.

Then the point is made that since women have taken over the colleges, they have gobbled up the degrees, and some even went for their masters, but when it came to the top educational degrees, the ones that would drive our science and industries, they fell off. And even in this article, which purported to be worried about the lack of men in the colleges, there is the obligatory quote from the blind feminist, stating that more government intrusion is required to stamp out males wherever they may thrive. These man-haters will not be satisfied until there are no men left anywhere! As this particular one stated in the face of the fact that two-thirds of the new college degrees go to women, "The job is not yet done."

As more and more of our society is forced into decay, and is rotted out from the inside by feminism, and as more and more of our industries' top engineering and scientific jobs go to foreign imports, I think that it is time for Americans to wake up to what has happened to their nation, and its educational system. We have been invaded, and face it, we have been conquered. We can no longer create permanent marriages. We can no longer raise children without the government intruding into the process at every step. We can no longer educate the American men we need to fill the jobs only men can perform well. (See THE BOTTOM LINE.)

In the 1950s, we had the very best schools in the world. Our men were graduating with excellent educations, and they went on to put men on the moon, create computers, and establish several high tech fields of commerce. It was not until the leftists came into our schools and started tinkering that we started seeing our SAT scores fall, and our men start to fall behind the men of other nations in their educational levels of achievement. It is time to stop playing "let's pretend" with the feminists, and to start getting back to what has been proven to work.

1. Degrees of Separation; By Michael A. Fletcher Washington Post Staff Writer; Tuesday, June 25, 2002; Page A01

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