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Office Sex

June 14, 2002

A survey conducted by a woman's magazine Top Sante,(1) showed that 28% of working women admitted to having sex with a coworker. This of course is not surprising. As I mentioned in Feminism and Divorce, there is a direct relationship between, extramarital sexual activity, and the number of women in the workplace. Even today, with our decayed moral system, there is still some stigma attached to the "loose woman," and it is therefore almost certain that the survey's 28% figure was skewed low as a result. But even if it were really "only" 28%, that is a sufficiently high rate of occurrence to impact upon a significant number of families. Also, many women who are willing to have sex with one coworker, do not stop at only one coworker, bringing the number of divorce possibilities even higher.

It is clear, to anyone who is not intent on grinding a feminist ax, that women in the workplace absolutely increase the number of family breakups. The above mentioned survey said that over three-quarters of the women admitted to flirting on the job, which is the equivalent of throwing out a fishing line, as opposed to actually pulling in a fish (having a sexual fling).

As interesting as all of this is, there in nothing new here, and it only confirms what I have said all along on this web page. However, there was something that was even more interesting, in this survey, and it bears looking into. A majority of women admitted that they felt that trying to juggle the demands of home and the workplace was "harming their health." They felt stressed out MOST OF THE TIME, and "they feared that their family lives were being driven to [the] 'breaking point.' "

Well, imagine that. Here are the majority of women admitting that their job was harming their family, and very possibly going to break them up. Hardly a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention the last few decades, but it is a tremendous slap in the face to the mind numbed followers of feminist doctrine. This is not some "sexist pig" who is admitting that women in the workplace are lethal to their families; but it is the poor ladies themselves, who are trapped in the feminist nightmare, that are admitting it. These are "working women" who are seeing their own lives being stretched to the limit, and who are seeing their own families being pulled apart by living the feminist life.

I doubt that many of the younger ladies even realize that they are living feminist lives. They have no memory of a time when women were not cursed with feminist propaganda. They think that this is the way it always was, or that anytime before this nightmare began was part of the Dark Ages. The very idea of having separate, clearly defined roles for the two sexes, where women were not slaves to feminist totalitarianism, but were able to be homemakers and still be proud, is impossible for them to even visualize. The very idea of living a life free from the treadmill, with its ever increasing speed, is foreign to them. They hardly have the free time to think, "what if…"

The survey also pointed out that, women who returned to work after having a child found it more difficult than they ever had imagined it was going to be. Yes, the whole feminist façade cannot stand up to even the most superficial scrutiny. As the years go by, and the surveys and statistics accumulate, the feminist lie is ever more exposed for what it is. Now, there is far less trouble pointing out the fallacies of feminism, but there is a great deal of trouble visualizing a solution.

The fall back position of the feminist is, "Yes it is difficult, but we can't turn back the clock." The implication is that things are messed up, possibly even terribly messed up, but change is impossible. We must accept the current circumstances, no matter how bad they are. The feminist has become the "conservative," trying with all his might to retain the status quo, no matter how bad it is.

Fortunately, the feminist is completely wrong on this point, as well as on nearly every other point. Of course we can change. Of course we can rectify this stupid blunder, and we can undo the damage that the feminists have caused. The first step is to finally accept reality and to admit that we made a terrible mistake in the 1960s and 1970s, when we let these misguided tyrants take over our government and our school system; through the undiluted support that they received, and continue to receive, from those who own the media.

Just like with a member of AA, once we admit we have a problem, the solution will come. It is only as long as we live in denial, and pretend that feminism is working, that we will continue to watch our society decay and our families collapse into divorce. Our children deserve to have mothers who are there for them. They deserve it! Women deserve the right to be there for their children and their families, and not have to try and "juggle" their family obligations with workplace obligations. They also deserve it! And as unpopular as it is today to admit it, men deserve a role in the family and in society too. Feminism has attacked each and every member of our society, literally right where they live. It has destroyed our families, left our children unattended, or stuck in day care, and left a wake of unhappy people in its path. It is time we admitted it, and put feminism to rest where it belongs!

1. From a June 14, 2002 story at BBC News titled One in four women 'has office sex'

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