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Have you ever noticed how people who can’t win with facts and logic always resort to name calling? The feminists are no exception. Here we have a group of people who have labeled all dissenters as “sexist.” The word is fairly dripping with disgust when they use it. Anyone deserving of such a name must be a low life subhuman scoundrel. Indeed, we have to look all the way back to the days of the troglodytes to find anyone as undeveloped as a sexist. You can see men dodging quickly to the political left to avoid the stigma of being called a (dirty, rotten, worthless) sexist.

Other terms that are used as weapons are “male chauvinist,” “Neanderthal,” “woman-hater,” and the ever popular and all encompassing “bigot.” These names, contrary to the children’s poem, do strike with great force today. In fact, sticks and stones may have less of an impact when you consider that the courts have taken the ridiculous negative connotations of these terms seriously! The ground gained by the feminist movement has been driven by shaming men into acting unnaturally. Anyone who is privy to discussions between men about women knows that men have not changed their opinions about women a bit, despite their mouthing of all the right PC terms when women are present. Many men have tried to think like the feminists want but then another short skirted honey walks by and all their good intentions are out the window.

The world is sexist, from the lowest insect to the most intellectual of men. You will find that in the animal kingdom, males and females have roles that are very different. In the human realm, the same is true. The feminists have forced an unnatural condition to exist in America today, through the courts. It is unnatural, and therefore doomed to be only temporary. The only reason one has for opposing such a short term problem is that feminism destroys families. ( See Feminism and Divorce) America cannot exist as a free nation without families, and so feminism is destroying America with every step that it takes in advancing its hopeless cause.

On average, women are weaker than men. This is a fact that cannot be denied by any rational person. Men are more aggressive than women and have held the large majority of the leadership positions of every human society that has ever existed. These facts are born out throughout history and around the world. Women have always been more nurturing than men. Children throughout history have clung to their mothers’ love as a universal constant, giving them something that fathers never could. This is basic and rooted in the biological factors that will survive long after all those living today are gone. Those who accept these facts are called sexist. They are of course! All people are sexist and can be no other way. Wake up and smell the coffee! Sexism is as natural as the sunrise and therefore is a good thing. To make sexism a dirty word is twisted and pathological!

Every time a woman puts on a dress, makeup and high heels, she is sexist. Every time a man puts on a business suit he is sexist. When a man shaves his face or a woman shaves her legs, it is sexist. When a man and woman make love it is sexist and when a child is born from a woman it is sexist. When a mother nurses her baby, that is sexist. All of life is shaped by sexism because sex is a reality of life which shapes all humans from the moment of conception until death. It is not avoidable and should not be.

What of male chauvinism? Can that be avoided? No! In America we have demonstrated both negatively and positively that male chauvinism is necessary for a strong nation. With male chauvinism firmly in place, our country grew from a handful of colonies to the greatest nation on earth. Women were treated better here than ever before in history. Society expected a man to stay with his wife and raise the children he sired, through financial support and leadership in the home. Divorce was something for the minority not the majority of families. Children grew up living with and respecting both of their parents and learned the difference between right and wrong in the home environment.

Now, through brain washing the children in school and rulings of the court, male chauvinism is considered bad. What has been the result? The obvious statistic that jumps out at you is that the vast majority of children are not raised by both of their own biological parents. Children are neglected by their single working mothers or having great psychological difficulties dealing with step parents.

Men have been “liberated” far more than women have by the removal of male chauvinism. Men are not expected by society to take a leadership role in the family. Since that is the only role nature has equipped them for, they have no role in the family. Therefore they leave! Women are trying to be the bread winners and even that role is gone from the men. What is left but to become single and go on the prowl. Men do not get married as early in life, if at all today, and women still are having babies. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand the implications of that fact. Women are having their lives ruined by single motherhood and removing male chauvinism is why.

A man will be “king of his castle.” Either it will be with a wife or without her, depending on whether or not she will support him in his kingship. Biology has dictated this. Whether you or I like it, agree with it, or loath it, makes absolutely no difference. Just like the law of gravity, you may not like it but you will have to deal with it anyway.

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