June 22, 2005

ON MY WAY TO WORK THIS MORNING I WAS LISTENING TO Revilo P. Oliver's Informal Talk on Communism, where this great man was expounding on the characteristics of the Communists. He pointed out that Communists have no detectable principles. They will support any cause, or position to further their cause. Their approach is to search out any and all conflicts existing in any society and make them a focus of contention, whereby the society can be disrupted and weakened. They often will fight tenaciously on one day for a particular point of view, and then the next fight just as hard for the opposite point of view, whenever it will assist their aims. What I was struck with sharply is that what he was describing was the living fulfillment of the official motto of the Israeli Mossad: " By way of deception thou shalt do war." But that should be no surprise to one who has been paying attention of late.


Step right this way ladies and gentlemen and see the show that we have prepared for you. Yes, all you have to do is sit back and we will perform feats of magic before your eyes. We will improve your schools. We will fix your families and make them better. We will remove the flaws in your society and make it oh, so much better!

Don't hold back my friends, come aboard now. The tour will start momentarily, and you will be surprised how much your society will be improved. Step right this way. Er.. that was not a request. MOVE IT! You are going to take this tour, ladies and gentlemen. Trust us, it is for your own good.

Do you remember the hype the Media pumped out about how everything was going to be better, because Americans were having their "consciousness raised," and their prejudices removed? We were going to move into a happy rainbow world of perfection.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," said the Wizard of Oz. And that is just what the Media Lords want from you as well. If you look behind the curtain you will find that you have been had by a colossal swindle, and if you don't reject its source entirely, you and all that you hold dear will be gone.

Just hear their lying words as you try to awaken:

Have your schools appeared to worsen? Nonsense! Look how much more diverse they are. Just see how tolerant the children are who are attending our new and improved schools. Reading, writing and arithmetic are overrated! Besides, we can hire foreigners to do the complicated work that our fine tolerant students here can't handle after they graduate.

Do your families seem to have disintegrated? Come on, families are overrated. Before we fixed things with our feminism, women were just stuck in bad relationships. I don't know where you are hearing these stories about rape and abuse of children by step parents being so much higher than by biological parents, but it certainly was not through our very well filtered media outlets. We would never let that sort of information leak out.

Women are so much better off today now that they can kill their unwanted children before birth, and work in a self-fulfilling career. And the single mothers are happily working at a job, rather than dealing with the drudgery of taking care of their families. Now they have purpose, and are so much happier than the women before.

What's that you say? Oh, never say that. Never use the term "trapped" when speaking of the single mother. She has been liberated, how can she be trapped?

How, I must ask, can you not see that your cities are so much better today with your old flaws removed? You say that crime has exploded? Yes, but you are no longer racist. Whites have been driven out of the cities that THEY built? Yes, but they are no longer racist! Your world class schools have been turned into third world, useless, drug and crime infested cesspools? Yes, but you are no longer racists! Your flaws have been corrected! Your society has been improved! No?

Well my friend, you better hold on to your seats, because the ride is going to get a lot more bumpy from here on in. You will very soon be experiencing the joys of a monster economical depression. You can look forward to race riots in your city streets. You and your children will experience first hand what it is like to live through a bloody civil war. And please note, your master's hands never left your sight throughout the entire Mystery Tour.

Do you want your nation back? Do you want to reverse this horrid process, and scrap the Mystery Tour once and for all? Then it is time to face the enemy and to be aware of what he is capable of doing.

Truth and falsehood are completely identical to him. He will support any position at all, and at any time at all, to further his cause. It doesn't matter how outrageous or insane the position may appear. It doesn't matter if you think no sane man could possibly take that position. He will support the position with energy and zeal, as if it were the most logical and sane position on earth. Truth does not matter to him, AT ALL.

Debate is NOT a method of persuasion for him. It is instead a weapon of confusion, where he will argue one position today, and the exact opposite tomorrow, and not feel the slightest discomfort by the hypocrisy and the utter mendacity he exhibits. The result of these activities is to destabilize the opinions of anyone who might be settling down to the idea that we have been had. No clear path is left open to him, because he is confused. For example, he will probably not act to save himself, because he is fears he might be somehow wrong to defend himself and his people.

Revilo P. Oliver pointed out that these agents of deceit are quite capable of fanatical support of a group of humanity today, and be perfectly willing to "machine gun the lot of them" tomorrow to further their cause.

The enemies of our people use people as weapons against society, to destabilize and destroy. They have no feelings of compassion for their tools, and they nearly always make the lives of their tools worse through their actions, even while mouthing words of great love and appreciation for the ones being used.

I am sure that you have noticed that our enemies cannot be appeased in the slightest. No matter what ground they win, their clamoring for change just intensifies over time.

Be clear on this: No improvement is desired by our enemies, so naturally none is achieved! There will be a smoking hole in the ground where once the greatest civilization that ever existed once stood. Look at the results of their efforts:

Be aware that the 1960s were not just a "bump in the road" of our history.

The changes that happened then were orchestrated, clearly planned in advance. They were supported zealously by the mass media's propaganda. They were aggressively forced upon us, and have been fanatically defended after the fact. They have been reinforced by aggressive follow up campaigns for further and more outrageous change. No opportunity is given to the majority in America to recover its losses.

The American people are under constant attack with new disruptive ideas. Their entire attention is taken up with the latest outrage. The ground that they have already lost is completely forgotten as they struggle to avoid losing more to the constant onslaught.

Our society is being completely destroyed, reshaped into a weakened and crippled parody of itself by a group of about 2 percent of the whole of our population. That means that 98% of the population is being manipulated and controlled for the pleasure and advancement of an extremely small oligarchy in power. The mouse completely has the elephant in its power. Just because the number of our enemies is small doesn't mean that the problem is.

We must reverse the process!

The conservative today is actual helping the enemy. He only gets active over the latest enemy's outrageous ploy. He does nothing to undo the old damage! He only tries to stop anything new from happening. How stupid is it to be driving around with a "One Man + One Woman = Marriage" bumper sticker? What will that do to set things right?

He actually now buys into the lethal ideas that were force upon us in the 1960s. He thinks loving his White race is actually evil. He thinks defending White lands from non-White invasion is wrong. He thinks that men and women are interchangeable in most roles. He thinks moderation and being in the "middle of the road" is a virtue in itself, no matter where the current "middle of the road" actually lies.

By taking the stands that he takes, he removes himself from the group of people who actually do love traditional America and who want to preserve her far in to the future. He doesn't own the media, so he is at their mercy as to what the next fight will be over. The media set the agenda and in a knee-jerk fashion follows their lead.

He is not capable of even imagining going to war to defend his real people or their way of life. Instead he waves the flag in support of whatever war his mortal enemies pull his country into.

As he wastes his time on the latest side issues, he dose not work to undo the damage to the core values he should be willing to die to protect.

The survival of his race. The way of life that White Americans created. Solid White families. Strong White men. Safe Effective White schools Creating racial pride in his children.

In fact, he has grown to view these ideals as racist and dirty!

Instead we need a radical patriotic approach.

Forget the noise and side issues that the media use to drown out the real issues. Attack the core! Using the 1950s as a model (not an ideal but only as a rough approximation) aggressively go after every change that has been forced upon us.

Another way of staying nearly the same thing: Aggressively attack the primary agenda items that are promoted in every movie or book that is allowed to pass through our enemies' media filter:

Feminism, emasculating the White male, and murdering millions of our children in the womb.

Racial diversity displacing and destroying our people and tour society.

Homosexuality - disrupting our value system and our foundation view of our families.

From this day forward, we must strive to build pride in our children, pride in our comrades, and pride in ourselves for our people and our way of life.

Set our goal to restructure our society in to a state where White people are once again free to live in a White society and be proud to be who they are.

Our enemies must be identified, pulled out form under the protective rock of their media control, and exposed for who and what they are.

The destructive changes that have inflicted upon us must be undone!


1.   For a discussion of our problem, see The Problem We Face.

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3.    The Jewish Supremacists, put the interests of Israel, and all interests of the Jewish people, ahead of those of the USA and other White nations of the earth. They are people who are set on ruling over the other races of the world, and are the only significant group of actual racial supremacists on earth.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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