The Onslaught of the Eunuch Makers

A SERIOUS, AND EFFECTIVE ATTACK IS BEING WAGED against White America and its culture. Serious enough to destroy the land of my birth. Serious enough to pull the greatest nation down, from the pinnacle of the earth, to the depths of a third world country. Today, even as we speak, we have people striving hard to destroy this great land: and the saddest part of all is that these villains are often Americans themselves.

For a culture to continue to exist, it must pass down its basic tenets to its children. If the children do not learn the culture, then the culture dies. Herein lies the point of attack. The traitors to America have zeroed in on the children and have taken over their training from the parents. This is as deadly to America as any possible invasion could be. It is accomplishing the very same things as any physical attack would hope to. If our children are not trained to be Americans, then there will be no more Americans after this generation dies. Oh, the people living on this soil will call themselves “Americans,” but there will be no Americans left.

What are the children of America being allowed to forget? Here are a few items:

Since America is a country created by Whites, any general attack on Whites is an attack on America. When schools and official policies support languages other than English, or take White taxpayers money to pay for programs for Nonwhites, that is wrong. To support illegal aliens with food stamps and medical care, that is wrong. But the word ‘wrong’ is not nearly strong enough is it? It is an act of aggression in the highest degree. It is an act of war! We are being invaded and the government today is giving comfort to the enemy by way of food stamps, medical treatment and even free citizenship to the illegal alien.

To say that America is a racist country, when compared to other countries, is absurd. Especially today! But never in its history has the United States been especially racist. A White country would of course favor Whites. Japan favors Japanese and where is the outrage? There is none, nor should there be. If a country was built by the Asian race, then they would have the right to favor the Asian race in that country. In America, we have the right to favor the White race just as much as Japan does to favor the Asian race. I would not respect Japan if it did not do that! I also do not respect the attempts of those in America to strip the status and wealth of the race who created this country, while at the same time belittling, ridiculing and denouncing the very White people who made such free speech possible. I am disgusted by the people who call themselves liberal, and support the castration of the White race.

Castration has two major effects upon a man:

  1. It removes his manhood. He is weakened and made effeminate. He will no longer have the drives that a man normally has, and if it is done early enough he will never develop any manly features at all.

  2. It removes his ability to reproduce. If a man is castrated, he will have no children, his line of genealogy is ended.

The liberals have made a very strong attempt to castrate the White race in America today! They have made it politically very difficult to even speak of White power, solidarity, or pride. All attempts to point out the truth, are first ridiculed, and then, if that does not shut you up, prosecuted. White supporters are held up as crazies or worse. There is no effort at all by the media, nor the school system to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of the White race, while they celebrate the smallest things other races have done. That cuts the White race off from its rightful place in the world, and in this, our own country. This weakening of the White race’s ability to act as a unit, in self defense, has accomplished the first effect of castrating the White race.

The end of the White race is in view, accomplishing the second effect of castration. Today the average White family is just staying even with the death rate. [While this was true in 1998, when I wrote this, in 2015, there were fewer Whites in America than in 2013. Our absolute numbers are actually shrinking with each passing year. We are not even holding even any longer. ~Alpin] There is no real growth of the White race in America or most places in the world. When compared with the other races on earth, the White race is being smothered. (Additionally, the other races all seem to want to come to the White countries to partake of the milk and honey which the White race has made out of a once inhospitable land. Whites are not going the other direction in the same numbers. Why is that? Why do only the White races produce countries and societies which everyone wants to live in?)

Again the liberal has been at work. In America they have been preaching that families must have small numbers of children. I heard a moron, touted as an expert on the news the other day, saying that families should only have one child! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH WHITE PEOPLE? Excuse me for shouting, but this is outrageous! Whites are keeping their birth rates down while all others are not. Follow that out to the logical conclusion. Where does that end?

Take South Africa for example. This could well represent where America will be in 50 to 100 years from now. A small White minority, which built the country into something special, being attacked into oblivion by the other races. You do not hear much about South Africa now that “justice” has been served do you? Now that Whites are being murdered and raped in unbelievable numbers there is no longer an outcry for the victims of South Africa. Now, even the blacks of South Africa, are moving quickly away from the best standard of living in all of Black Africa, and sliding down into the same dregs as the rest of that dark continent. Now, everyone is happy. Take a close look. That is where we will be when the end of the White man comes to America. That which was once great, will be left destroyed, with nothing remaining but a legend to be forgotten.

By allowing the USA's destructive immigration policy to continue, Whites are demonstrating their emasculation, by their inability to defend what they have earned. By continuing to keep their birth rates low, they have effectively lost the ability to reproduce. The White race has been castrated. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

While we have sat by and watched, those who hate us have defined hate as an exclusively White emotion! In the meantime, what is happening to the White race throughout the world?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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