Total Confusion

THE FOLLOWING TWO ITEMS WERE RECEIVED during an email discussion I recently had.

just let it be known that racism is the one and only matter in this world that will turn me to kill a man, so let it be so that i am out to end racism on all levels and that you are at the top of my list for the first to go at the chance of human extinction. thank you for ruining everybody's life and future happiness. may lessons be learned and peace prevail. (1)

Yes, i hate you because you hate other people. WWII was justified for that very reason but not any other war/conflict. You deserve my hate, and you will recieve it.(2)

There are times when it is very difficult to see how anyone who knows enough to turn on a computer, and type out an email, could be so deficient in brainpower as to be unable to think at all. Notice what this guy purports to be interested in supporting and/or promoting:

And at the same time, just mentioning the subject of race turns him into a potential killing machine. How did such effective brain programming come about? How could this young man have become so controlled? Let's look at the absurdity of his statements.

Everybody's Life

Taking the United States during the last 50 years it is clear to any rational and unbiased observer that we have moved rapidly from a place where 90% of the population was living in a golden age, with very little internal strife threatening the nation at any point (in other words, where nearly "everybody's life" was going about as well as could ever be hoped for), to an age of hate, racial conflict, extensive crime, and an ever shrinking percentage of the population having a safe and sane life. Promoting the "anti-racist" hate message, and forcing it upon America has worsened the life of at least 90% of those who would be included in the term "everybody."

Everybody's Future Happiness

Looking at the 1950s (The Leftist and the 1950s) we see an era where the future looked bright for at least 90% of the Americas. We dominated the world in finance. Our factories were out producing every other nation on earth. Our schools were the very best on earth. All looked rosy on the horizon. Then the so called "anti-racist" haters took over and our future has slowly but surely been dragged into the dirt. Our economy is balanced on a knife-edge, teetering this way and that every time Alan Greenspan sneezes. We are now almost completely changed over to a service economy and we have closed the majority of our factories. We have produced integrated schools that program the children to "think" like the guy who sent the above email, but who can barely read, write, and do arithmetic. We have to import college graduates from other lands because our schools are no longer capable of producing the quality of graduate that we need.

Thanks to these "anti-racist" haters, what America was, has been destroyed, and it has been replaced by a simulacrum of the Soviet Union, where sharing the party line is more important than a bright future and a full stomach. We have imported huge numbers of non-Whites into our society, knowing full well that it was destroying our future. History has shown consistently that you cannot put large numbers of different racial and ethic peoples together and avoid racial strife.

We have set ourselves up for a future civil war, constant bloodshed, and poverty; leaving little hope for recovery once we fall from greatness. For anyone who cares even a little about "everybody's happiness" what the "anti-racists" have done is a horrific crime against us all. (It isn't just the White folks who will suffer in the upcoming American Dark Ages.)

Peace Prevailing

And what about "peace prevailing"? Seriously, no man who thought about what we have done to America could possibly think that we are closer to peace within our own borders, let alone around the world, than we were in the 1950s. Thanks to traitorous elements within our society in the 1950s, the Soviets were given our nuclear technology and that created the only real threat that we had in that decade. Today we have the entire Arab world as our potential enemy, thanks to that same traitorous element.

Looking inside the USA, in the 1950s, the citizens, nearly universally, were peaceful and law abiding. The crime rate was extremely low by today's standards. People could safely leave their houses unlocked, and the keys in their ignitions in their cars without fear of being robbed. It was a peaceful utopia compared with today. Thanks to the hypocritical anti-racist crowd, within our borders, peace has been ushered out the door.

World War II

What exactly was so special about the Second World War? We crushed Germany, and put in its place the greatest monster the earth has ever known. Joseph Stalin slaughtered 100 million of his own people. His government was responsible for the deaths of millions of Germans after the war was over, and the rape and murder of innocent German civilians should have been an outrage to any civilized human being. We turned half of Europe over to this monster, thanks to our contribution to the Second World War, which set in place the groundwork for the destruction of the White race, through creating a mindset throughout the world that being pro-White was evil. The Second World War may very well have started the dominos falling, which will ultimately end Western Civilization and the White race forever. Without a doubt it was the greatest tragedy that European man has seen up to this point in his history.

In spite of this, the average student in school is led to believe that WW II was a "good war" and that it was the only "good war."

It might be important to notice that this "peace loving" man reacted to the topic of race with violence immediately on his mind. He was not interested in facts or reason, or discussing anything "peacefully"; his first thought was about killing. That is what you get from our school system today and it is only going to get worse as our nation slides further into the pit of poverty.

While I want to restore the pre-1960s nation which was at least 90% White and possessing a golden future, where racial strife was minimized and peace prevailed, I am castigated as if I wanted to do just the opposite, by those intent on destroying our land, our way of life, and our race. They are brimming over with hate, and barely repressed violence, towards the traditional America that I love, and therefore towards me. And they hypocritically proclaim that they are walking the high moral ground.

This young man said that “racism is the one and only matter in this world that will turn me to kill a man...” Note that defending his country, his people, or his way of life are not worth fighting for, only the Leftist ideal of diversity can create within him the urge to rise up to arms. In other words, the cause to end the survival of the White race, is the only thing that he will kill for.

Creating within our children this anti-White mindset is the entire purpose of the United States' educational system today, and unfortunately it is all too effective. There are far too many mind-dead clones like the one who generated the thoughtless nonsense quoted at the top of the page. They spout the propaganda message as if it were something they had actually generated themselves. Once adopted, propaganda is internalized to the point where the individual feels that the ideas are as much a part of him as his own body is. If facts are brought up that show the propaganda to be false, he only sees an attack, not the facts. As this poor brainwashed young man has demonstrated, the propaganda message is more important than the truth. He wants a good life, peace, and a good future, but attacks those who are promoting ideas that could bring him the things he wants, and at the same time he promotes ideas that will remove any chance of producing what he claims to hold dear.

His mental state appears to be a form of insanity, but it is actually the unavoidable results of going through an intensive mind manipulation process provided by the controlled mass media, and his school system. After being lied to for his entire life, he has no respect for the truth.

1. Taken from his first email.
2. Taken from his second email.

If you would like to see a web page that this lost soul is associated with just Click here . [Fortunately for the Internet, but unfortnately for our discussion, the site ( that was run by this warped mind was taken down. Its title referred to killing children, as I recall. It was disgusting enough to keep me from directly quoting it here.] I don't think I have ever seen a title of a web page that is more inherently vile than this one is. What started the discussion was when I found that he had listed my page as a hate page under the following statement:

No Tolerance For Hate

Visit these sites and express your objection as openly as possible for them. Flood their guestbooks and e-mail with your disgust for their intolerable ideals. Because actions start with words, and we need to educate others before they go forth into motion of their own hate. If you know of any sites for hate groups of any kind, send them to the above e-mail address so I can post them up for all to see.

I emailed him, to let him know that my web page address had changed (I don't fear having my page listed anywhere), and to point out the hypocrisy he was displaying by having a web page with that title, and then claiming that "actions start with words." The items at the top of this page came as a result of this.

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