Chopper Down

November 2, 2003

IT HAD BEEN A ROUGH COUPLE OF MONTHS, but finally the GIs were getting a break. They could stand down and take a few days off from trudging around in the sand, and dodging hate filled stares. They would have a few days of well earned R & R. In his mind's eye, each of them could picture a tall glass with a cool drink, droplets of condensated water clinging to the side. They could picture the beautiful women, and relaxed atmosphere where death would not be peering out of every car, window, or hole in the ground that they would be passing.

They threw their gear into the chopper and, jockeyed for seats, laughing at each otherís stupid jokes. Hey, the fun was just at the end of this flight. The helicopter pulled off the ground and headed out. But this flight was not destined to arrive. Instead a SAM would hit the vehicle and knock it down into burning pieces on the ground. Fifteen of our boys would be killed and 21 would be wounded.

Americans are dying every day in Iraq. They will continue to die every day as long as we continue to occupy the land. What does anyone expect? You invade a country that did not attack you, and you occupy that country with your troops. What do you expect the occupied people to do? Cheer?

But what really galls me is that these American soldiers who are dying, are doing so not for America's interests, but for Israel's! America is not going to benefit from this war and occupation. We are only going to stir up more hatred towards our land and its people,(1) and reinforce the image of America as a puppet under Israeli control. We kill Arabs simply because they threaten Israel's plans, and that fact should anger all Americans! We are letting Mexicans, and other non-Whites invade our land, without lifting a finger to stop them, while wasting our resources protecting Israel.

The helicopter occupants were not the only US men to lose their lives this November 2nd. A grenade was tossed into another group of soldiers elsewhere in Iraq. Snipers and suicide bombers are a perpetual threat, and meanwhile our president tells the Iraqis to "bring it on."

Well, they are doing just that, and they will continue to do just that. The more we humble and terrorize the Arab lands, while supporting the cause of Israel, the more universal will be the hatred that we create in the Arab peoples towards Americans, and the more likely it will be that we will see more terrorism on American soil in the future. And it is a very significant fact that we have lost many more troops since the war itself ended, than we did during the actual war. Occupation is clearly far more dangerous than battle.

I spent more than a dozen years in the US Navy, and I am appalled every time I see one of our soldiers fall in support of Israel. American blood spilled in such a way is an outrage. Especially when our own borders are being overrun by thousands of invaders every single day. When an American fighting man gives his life in the defense of his country, that is a noble act, and he has died in honor. But when he dies for Israel, he has unwittingly died in the cause of the enemy of the American way of life. He has ignorantly died to promote the people who are at the heart of the invasion of our land. What a bitter pill to swallow this is. My heart weeps for these fallen Americans.

At some point, America is going to have to pull out of Iraq. If we leave a democracy in place as we go, the majority, which is overwhelmingly Muslim, will elect a Muslim government. Since we are openly and stupidly under the control of Israel, who has no respect for Arabs or Muslims, we can rest assured that any government that is elected, will ultimately be antagonistic towards America and our aims. This is basic psychology at work.

When are our soldiers going to be put to work protecting our borders? When are we going to throw out the illegal aliens and their children from our land? How long are we going to waste our resources on protecting the outlaw nation of Israel while letting our own nation's defense fall into nonexistence? How many more of our soldiers will have to die in foreign lands, for people who hate us, while our children's future is allowed to evaporate before our eyes?

Most of those soldiers in that chopper were in high school not very long ago. They were playing sports, dating girls, and carrying their books, papers, and pens between classrooms. They are never going to visit Disneyland or a McDonalds again. They will not get to watch their own kids grow up. They paid the ultimate price for their commitment to this country, which callously threw their lives away in order to support an alien and hateful nation. And they will not be the last of our young men to die occupying Iraq.

After the chopper went down, the Iraqis were standing around celebrating the deaths of our soldiers. They ran about and collected burnt pieces of the helicopter as souvenirs of what they consider to be a patriotic strike at an enemy. They were happy to point out to the media reporters that this was something that they were proud of. They were very hopeful that it would inspire others to do the same thing to other American troops in the future.

For years Israel has been finding out that Arabs do not make good lapdogs, to be kicked, and tortured without reaction. Bombs continue to go off in Israel, and they will not stop going off in our lifetime. They will not stop going off in Iraq either as long as we remain on their soil.

What are our boys dying for? It certainly is not to protect our borders, our people, or our way of life. It is time that Americans finally got that straight!


1.    The Death of the Towers

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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