The Common Good

Young volunteers leave for Paul Garbonden’s field near Springfield in 1944 to pull weeds.
With many Oregonians off at war, Garbonden’s beet crop “would have been a total loss”
without the help, said the farmer.

THE ABOVE PICTURE AND CAPTION WERE SHOWN in an article in a special section of the November 1, 2001 edition of Portland, Oregon's Oregonian newspaper, covering the topic of Oregon’s “Sustainability.” The article was called, “Have We Lost the Common Good?” and was written by Bob Rost.The article was for the most part, a half-hearted, communistic plea for giving up all that you have in order that the “Common Good” might flourish. However, I was left with the feeling that the author did not believe that our society could ever again have a strong sense of the “common good,” and he didn’t care all that much if it were true. His agenda was met and that is all that matters to most leftists. If our country is racially diverse, and it collapses, they consider that a worthwhile trade.

In one paragraph I found the following:

Our pluralistic society. We are a nation of many people with different needs, wants and ideas. According to some philosophers, the concept of a common good is not consistent with the kind of pluralistic society that the United States has become.”

Imagine that. The diversity of our land, forced upon on us by a hateful few at the top, has made the whole concept of “the common good” passé. We are left with a mess of twisting and turning groups of people, racially diverse and each pulling in its own direction. It is pulling America apart, and the greatness that this country had for many years is being torn asunder by the process. Here is a clear statement, by a leftist, that the process of celebrating diversity has made it impossible to have a people pulling together for a common good. What is the solution?

The only real solution is to remove racial diversity entirely. Then, and only then, can a people pull together as one, with a real feeling for “the common good.” But what is the leftist’s "solution?"

“Not all share the burden equally in sacrificing for the common good. For example, making employment opportunities more equal may require that some groups, such as white males, sacrifice their employment chances.”

There you see the leftist plan of attack. Equality stops at sacrificing. We are not all equal here. The White male must sacrifice his land, his children and his opportunity, in order to support the “common good” as defined by the anti-White racist who wrote this article. Whites must sacrifice more than others. Is it because they are less deserving? No. Whites provide the vast majority of the business opportunities in this land. Fairness would dictate that Whites have the greatest opportunity in sharing what they created. Whites created the nation in which we live, through the sacrifice of their efforts, their capital, and their very lives. When you create something, you have the right to everything associated with what you created. Fairness would dictate once again that White should not have to sacrifice their opportunities for others.

Yet, here bold as brass, we are told that the common good demands that Whites be driven from the workplace, out of theirs schools and neighborhoods, in order that the leftist “ideal” of the common “good” might be met.

In his closing statement Rost states “People will act together for a common goal, but they must feel a strong attachment to what they are building, or protecting, or to put it another way, a sense of community. Maybe if we can find that sense of community we will also find a sense of the common good.”

The hypocrisy that coats everything the people in the media put out on this subject is so up front and in the open, that it is surprising that the average White guy misses it entirely. Just a simple look at the picture above will tell you where the old sense of community, that we once had, but have now lost, came from. All those eager helpful faces, who had that strong sense of community were White. All of them were White. Why don’t people care about a planet but they care about their neighborhood? It is because they have nothing in common with most people around the globe -- all those same people whom the leftist has arranged to be imported into this land in huge numbers. You care about those with whom you share common genes, attitudes, and history.

All of the things that diversity attacks, are the things that make for a strong sense of the common good. The “solution” to this law of nature, provided by the ones who are attempting to override it, is to force all those White folks who built America, to put on the chains of servitude to a false and destructive concept, mislabeled “the common good.” White folks must give up their nation, their neighborhoods, their businesses, their schools and even their women, to the new god of diversity. Why? Because the leftist has decided that it was to be that way.

Think on that a bit. It was not the constitution, which forced this change, for the constitution predated it by over 150 years, and the men who created that marvelous document did not subscribe to the worthless idea of celebrating diversity. In fact the founding father hated the idea of diversity! (See A John Jay Jewel.) It was not the will of the people that forced this change upon us, because the government had to call out the National Guard in order to enforce it. The vast majority of Americans were dead set against the leftist attack upon their way of life. Since the cause of this disaster was not the Constitution, and it wasn’t the will of the people, what was it? The one and only cause of what happend to the USA, was the enforcement of the will of a small group of people who are telling you and I what to think, what we will be able to do, and how we should run our country.

If you see what is happening, you cannot miss the fact that this process is not democracy at work. We do not live in a democracy, or even a representative republic. We live in an oligarchy where those who are in power dictate their will upon the masses. The result of this process has been to destroy the America which existed in the 1950s, and now they are using all of the valuable parts of what was our hard won nation as raw material to construct a country that is destined to join the third world, filled with racial strife and completely free from a sense of the “common good.”

If we really want a society that is filled with a spirit of the common good, we must have a racially homogenous society, as we did in the era when the picture above was taken. If instead, we wish to create a nightmare of strife and poverty, we only need to keep doing what we are doing. As was stated in the Rost article, “The concept of the common good is not consistent with the kind of pluralistic society that the United States has become.” We have been conquered and invaded, and the anti-White leftists are continuing to engineer the shape of our society. They don’t even mind telling you so.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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